Firestorm Q&A on #SecondLife’s Future

Wednesday morning at 7AM PDT at the Firestorm Auditorium a Q&A meeting was held. Oz Linden and Peter Gray were answering questions. For most of the meeting Jessica was asking questions I think she took from previously submitted ones and that she or she thought the community was interested in.

And I’ll be proofing this after it is posted… so…

Toward the end they opened it up to audience questions.

The meeting was recorded so you can see it at several places; SLArtists, YouTube, and other places… sound is better on the SLArtists video, but it is hard to jump around in that player.

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Second Life TOS News 2013-43

There is a post in the SL Forum by Toysoldier Thor about a letter Linden Lab® sent in response to the United Content Creators of SL. See: PeterGray @ LL Responds to UCCSL RE: LL TOS Concerns.

There is a point that is obvious to users, which the letter now suggests is the official policy of the Lab. It is the idea they are not going to be debating the merits of the change. They, the Lindens, have been very silent on the subject. You may have noticed that Lindens in general will not discuss the TOS change. I think we can safely speculate that it is official policy for staff to keep silent in regard to TOS.

Peter gray, the PR person for Linden lab, leaves little if any about whether or not the Lab will discuss this issue with users or user groups. Continue reading

Oz Linden Interview Summary

Wednesday Jessica Lyon, of Firestorm/Phoenix project Manager, conducted an interview with Oz Linden, the director of open source for Linden Lab. After a previous crash prone four region Phoenix Hour the week before, Jessica conducted the Interview on a private region with no audience.

The Interview Arrived made the heroic effort to stream the interview. With something like 350 or so people connecting, there were problems. But,  was able to make a recording of the interview and it is now available on See: Specials -> Episodes to find it. LINK

I’ve written a review of the audio tape. I paraphrase wording. Transcribing is tooooooooo tedious for me. May be I can find a masochist in the SL community that will do that… Whatever, be warned that I listen, decide what they said and then write what I heard. I try to be objective and accurate. But, I have my biases and prejudices. So, I include the time marks so you can listen to the parts important to you.
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Oz Linden Interviewed by Jessica Lyon

The interview with Oz Linden on Third Party Viewer (TPV) Policy came off today. It went better than the last Phoenix Hour. Still, the Treet.TV Stream was over loaded. There were something like 350 users connected. There were 270+ people in IRC. @Howdy says about 25% more were connected to the stream, so 350.

The Interview

The stream was almost impossible to understand. The stream kept buffering. That causes the video and audio stream to pause. I was getting 2 to 4 pauses per minute. Some pauses were long, 20 to 40 seconds. One could get the gist of what they were saying, Buy, any nuances were lost. Sometimes whole sentences were lost. Not a fun listen.

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Phoenix Firestorm Hour

Well after all the tech problems at the Phoenix Hour, now the Phoenix Firestorm Hour, I finally got to see the video of the meeting. I’ll paraphrase it here. As usual I’ll provide time marks so you can listen to the parts that interest you. I try to be accurate, but I have biases and preconceptions so I can hear things differently than they are intended. So, you’ll find the video at: New Linden Lab Policy.

Phoenix Firestorm Hour

I’ll point out here that the paraphrasing I have here is 5,000+ words. The meeting was an hour and 45 minutes not counting time out for crashes and region restarts and the 40 minute delay in starting. If I had stuck it out from my early arrival to the end I would have had more than 3 hours in the meeting. I really think some of the changes talked about here are FAR less important than the fact they regions didn’t stay up.

If you’re in a hurry, there are 250 words at the end that pretty much sum things up.

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#SL Online Status Update

As many know the various online status boards, pagers, and subscription devices were expected to break and stop working when llRequestAgentData() was changed. That change was expected to roll to the main grid in a couple of weeks. That feature change is now on hold.


This is the JIRA item where the details and issues of the change were being collected. The JIRA item now has quite a few legitimate use cases. There are still lots of people that have yet to figure out the JIRA is not a forum for discussion.

The large number of legitimate use cases apparently surprised the Lindens. They are now considering how to provide for the legit use cases and still disable the griefer aspects. See: SVC-4823. Oz Linden has made a couple of posts in the JIRA and several Lindens have been following it.

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Oz Answers TPV Policy Questions

Innula Zenovka post a link on SLUniverse to an Question and Answers page where Oz Linden answered residents questions about the new TPV Policy. Cummere Mayo start the thread here.

See: Questions about new TPV policy. (Questions only please.)

The most controlversal and misunderstood part of the policy is the idea of what is meant by SHARED EXPERIENCE. So, the number one question is: What is meant by shared experience?

The pertinent part of Oz’s answer is:

A shared experience change is one that modifies the definition of the elements that make up the virtual world, or how they behave, in such a way that users on other viewers don’t experience the same virtual reality.

This rule does not affect changes to rendering, user interface, or the controls a viewer offers for interacting with the world.

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#SL Viewer Policy Change Meeting

An audio recording of the Third Party Viewer (TPV) Developers’ meeting where the Viewer Policy Changes were announced prior to the blog posting of them has made it to the net. The audio is about 2 hours long. The following is my summary of it. I was mostly interesting in the policy changes. I’ve tried to convey the meaning of statements accurately. I don’t quote but paraphrase.

You can use the time marks to find the related items. I’m not sure how well the Windows Media Player handed the time marks. Once I started moving back and forth through the recording, I think they messed up. But, I’m not going to spend two hours checking them. Also toward the end I was burning out and the discussion was less interesting for me.

You can find the original recording here: TPV Dev’s Meeting 2012-02-24.

I know the main speaker is a Linden. I’m just not sure which one. I am guessing  Oz Linden. He leads the Open Source group and some references within the recording suggest it is Oz. But, I’m not certain. So, I’ve used (? Linden) as the name in the following text. Whoever it is, they do an excellent job of facilitating the meeting.

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