Second Life Vaginas: The V

by [Session] L$1,190 — $3,200* – Mesh, rigged – Maitreya only – Demos available.  !BOM!


This is the first vagina I have seen advertised as BoM ready. I think that is sort of misleading in this case. The HUD suggests that reality too. The Labia Majora is excluded as it should be colored by BOM. At first, I couldn’t get that to work with the demo. I thought I was probably missing something as these are sold as different skin tones and promoted as BOM… (WTH?) How is that?

✨ Hunt Dolls ✨

✨ Hunt Dolls ✨

Product Image: NSFW

This vagina is interesting enough I contacted the designer and provided my first draft of the review. I got feedback and now think I understand why this model is as it is.

BOM is going to add a complication for those designing vaginas. The UV Map in the crotch of the Classic avatar and most mesh avatars leaves a lot to be desired. Especially when a woman spreads her legs. Angi Manners (anj4) the designer of Session products decided to solve that problem by not using third-party skin on the vagina. No BoM. Doing so makes for just too few pixels in the area. Instead, she chose to use a custom Hi-Rez 1024×1024 texture and materials with a custom UV Map. Otherwise, this part of the avatar would be very low-rez… basically fuzzy and not in a good way.

In the demo there is an attachment labeled The V (T03) DEMO – Maitreya – session edition which I used with my Slink body. This is the mesh vagina designed for Maitreya. There is a skin applier for Maitreya, no use on Slink. There is a Classic or System skin for those using BOM. I assumed putting on a Classic/System skin would change the Labia Majora color. It doesn’t. Which is why I thought the promo was misleading. I still think a better promo and explanation are needed. You’ll likely see that happen in the next version.

The idea is to match the body’s skin color and the vagina’s using skin tones included the vagina package. The vagina isn’t actually going to use BOM. I was not sure whether the designer fully understood BOM. Turns out their understanding leads to the decision that using BOM is going to cause a less than desirable low-resolution result.

One needs to have the Maitreya BOM Applier for the non-BOM Laura body, as Maitreya has yet to release a custom BOM body (11/28). The Maitreya marketplace page explains what the BOM applier is and how to use it. Maitreya has stated what their take on BoM is and where they are going. It looks like they are going to remain a high ACI and script heavy body.

The Labia Minora, clitoris, hood, and vagina interior can be colored via the HUD. The controls are on the second page of the HUD. Also, on this second page are 4 poses involving some amount of leg spreading. I suppose they are to help with coloring the female parts. Or maybe they are there just to add some kink.

There are 8 color presets. But not for the Labia Majora. Only the other parts.

There is a redness thing… It affects the Labia Majora and outer area.

The HUD provides eight states of arousal (opening). And a slider for shiny. Also, a dozen pubic hairstyles plus off, no shiny. The hair and shiny are exceptionally well done. The shiny fades out before it reaches the edges of the vagina pubic area. The result is no visible seams at the edges of the vagina, shiny or not, as there is with some other brands of shiny vagina.

This vagina is the most anatomically correct vagina I’ve seen. The Vajayjay places the vaginal opening way too far forward. The V is more realistically located and well sized.

There are no bells and whistles. No screams of pleasure at orgasm, no body-twitches, no floods of female ejaculation…  You can add all that stuff with accessories from the marketplace.

With my Redux Original body, this vagina is completely hidden. I tried switching to MALE to get the Package-slider and see if I could make it work. But Slink female bodies do not respond to the Male Package slider 🙁 The vagina is designed for Maitreya and the promo material says so. I knew I was reaching when I tried my Slink body. Angi says she is working with Belleza and Legacy. I expect to see those versions released soon. Plus, some addons are coming.

A crotch-alpha reveals it on my Slink body but, the fit is really bad… as I feared and expected. So, it is unusable with Original and Hourglass. I tried both. So… Maitreya only as advertised. I did try the vagina with my Maitreya demo body. Perfect. With a Session’s skin matching the vagina’s skin, there are no visible seams. You can zoom in super tight and then you can sort of tell where the seam is at the vag skin’s end because it is higher-rez. Back off a meter and it is a perfect match.

I’ll WARN you that as best I can tell using any skin other than a Session’s skin will make it a bit difficult to match body and labia skin. I didn’t find a way to tint the outer labia skin to match body skin. I would have to tint the body to match the vagina. Fortunately, Session skins are pretty nice. If you want to use an alternate skin… I think you are pretty well doomed to spending some time matching color. So adding the vagina to an existing body and head is very likely going to require changes to the body and head to get a match.

If you write a review of The V, you can get a 30% discount. :/ I don’t use Maitreya… bummer. I am very unlikely to use Belleza or Legacy. But, a 30% discount is almost enough to pay for a Maitreya body. Hummmm… I might… but Lara’s shoulders are really bad. So…

The HUD (full and mini are the same HUD) has 2 scripts weighing in total 128k. Vagina 3 scripts weighing 144k. This is 272k when in action. That is low…

ACI adds 38k

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