Phoenix Firestorm Hour

33:30 – Jessica says if the shared experience rule was in place (the Lab says it essentially was, they just weren’t enforcing) then breast physics would never have happened and Emerald would not have been allowed to release it.

Once again I have to disagree. If the feature only appeared in the Emerald viewer and if while using the SL Viewer I could not see the affect, it would not have broken the shared experience policy. It may be some time before we know whether Jessica or I have understood what Oz and the Lab are saying and intend.

Phaylen Fairchild

34:00 – Emerald attachment points example. Jessica goes through the history of the feature and how the Lab rejected the feature when it was offered to them. She states we would not have it if the Emerald feature had not been allowed. I’m not sure we can know that. But…

36:00 Shared Parcel Windlight. The Lab saw the popularity of Parcel Windlight and created Region Windlight. Jessica feels that isn’t quite what people want, region vs parcel.

37:00 – Jessica gets into how the policy could be beneficial. Jessica points out the Lab is saying they want to work with TPV Dev’s in creating shared experience features.

The idea is TPV’s work with the Lab and develop the feature on the SL Viewer so code will cleanly merge.

39:30 – Over the last 18 months the Lab has been good about working with TPV’s and accepting new features. If one looks back over the last 5 years, one should be skeptical because the Lab has not been good about accepting features. So, will the Lab work with TPV’s and accept features? I would say probably. I think many are very skeptical and some think not. Only time will tell. Jessica is hopeful.

40:30 – Mesh Deformer. Jessica explains the project and what it does.

43:30 – Some of the TPV Dev’s plan to meet with the Lab and try to convince them policy item 2.k is not a good idea.

44:15 – Code crediting. The Lab wants to improve how they give credit to those developing code for Second Life.

44:45 – Proof of concept for features. Jessica and some TPV Dev’s feel 2.k blocks testing features that change the shared experience.

45:30 – Jessica talks about how TPV Dev’s see Second Life as the other users do. The Lindens have a blind spot as they cannot see SL as we do. They are at work coding for and developing for Second Life. They are in the daily management so Second Life rather than in Second Life experiencing and using it.

Jessica believes the Lindens can never truly understand residents. She feels TPV Dev’s can because they are residents. I suppose that she didn’t understand the demand for bouncy breasts doesn’t count… My point is not to diss Jessica, it is that none of us know what others want or need. Freedom is import for that reason. Its why governments trying to manage social issues and an economy fail so miserably. Its why the Lab has problems and whether the TPV Dev’s see they are not free from those problems or not, they too have those challenges. Jessica is fighting for innovative freedom. Whether we are fighting for freedom for the same reason is less important than the actual fight and freedom.

47:00 – The FS/PH TPV Dev’s listen to users. They cannot provide all the things users want. Some are technical problems, some would make too much lag, some are… I’ll say just too dumb, but the Dev’s are liberal with adding new features. They are probably better at understanding why some features are wanted than the Lab.

At this point they are hoping the Lab will be more liberal and they are giving them the benefit of the doubt.

49:00 – Question and answers start – break for commercial. One of them is for Designing Worlds. If you have yet to experience one of their programs in-world on Mondays, check it out. It’s another show  seen on Treet.TV. I don’t make to the studio as often as I would like.

52:30 – Resume

Q: Are viewer ID tags important to you, meaning Jessica and TPV Dev’s in general?

Jessica thinks it si about 50/50 with some liking them and some not.

Q: What motivates TPV Dev’s?

Jessica thought tags were beneficial because they allowed people to see what was out there. Somewhat a repeat of an earlier explanation on viewer ID tags.

54:15 – Q: What about tag colors?

They get broken. Jessica feels they have value. A code contribution has been submitted for allowing people to change the color of tags they see. The hope is the Lab will accept it.

55:30 – Q: Regarding Online Status scripts, will online status boards I own show my status since I did not write the script?

This answer is out of date as the Lab is now considering how to provide for legitimate needs of users to know online status.

56:30 – Q: Will temp uploads be affected because that is not a shared experience?

Temp upload does have a shared experience factor. The temp upload texture when worn is baked into the avatar composite texture and others see it. This will break. But, not from the policy change. Rumore is the bake process is being improved by the Lab. A side effect of changing the bake system is temp upload will break.

The rumor is the bake process will be moved to the server. This eliminates the problem of the viewer downloading clothing textures, the viewer baking them, uploading them, and re-downloading the composite and displaying it. Which means the viewer can’t bake using a texture that is only on your computer.

Jessica says the Lab does not like temp texture upload. May be…

But, there seems to be a work around. Open the Build Tool a TPV. Open the texture browser in the tool. There is a local button one can use to browse to textures on your hard drive. You can apply a texture to a prim. This feature is being added to the SL Viewer.

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