Emerald Viewer

This page is a collection of my articles on the GreenLife Emerald Viewer, which later became just the Emerald Viewer.

In the Summer of 2010 a scandal broke that resulted in the Emerald Viewer being banned from Second Life. The Emerald Viewer was the most popular viewer in Second Life. Lots of drama surrounded the scandalous issues. Exactly what was true or false will probably never be known. That the scandal reached into Linden Lab, that residents were betrayed, and narcissistic personalities were revealed is pretty well known.

The Emerald Viewer was replaced by the Emergence and Phoenix Viewers. The Phoenix Viewer is considered the descendant of Emerald. Some members of the Emerald Development Team formed the development team for Phoenix. Some members of the Emerald Development Team were banned from Second Life.

When I moved my blog to this new site I chose to keep these articles as a sort of viewer history.