Second Life’s The Wastelands

So, what is The Wastelands? It is a game within Second Life™. It is a bit different. It uses a somewhat typical post-apocalyptic setting. The 10 regions making up the game area are all Moderate rated. Full nudity is prohibited and no sex… O.O

Also, the game has been around since 2006. Making it definitely an SL classic.

This video was taken as I begin to explorer The Wastelands. I happened to be there when the monthly meeting was announced and The War Zone game started. Luck. I don’t plan to video the meetings. This is a one-off type thing.

I clipped out parts of the video and sped up parts I left in. So, reading the chat as it scrolls by won’t get you a transcript of the meeting. So, I have a transcript below.

The War Zone game as I understand it is a control the flag game. I have seen it played and heard the rules explained once. The flag is radio-active. So, carrying it will kill you. As you run with the flag the other team is trying to kill you. You are going to die. But, games have the ability to resurrect you. At the end of the game whichever team controlled the flag the ‘most time’ wins. And… you have to stay in the region.

There is a fans’ mobile ‘bleachers’ that follows the flag. You sit on it to follow the moving game. That is kinda neat. It is jerky. So, that is what you see in the jerky parts of the video. It isn’t my computer stuttering. Continue reading

Pine Lake – November 2017

Pine Lake is a post-apocalyptic build in Second Life™.  I’m not that much into doing travel guide stuff for SL. But, occasionally I find a place that is like… Wow! Pine Lake is such a place.

PineLake_001 - Landing Point

PineLake_001 – Landing Point

You can get a kinda lame idea of what the place is like from their Flickr Group. The images there today do not do the build justice.

It is the attention to detail that impresses me. Wow! Just wow. The amount of detail is incredible. Continue reading

The Odd AFK Sex Thing…

Sex in Second Life is strange, to begin with. But, the big thing right now seems to be AFK sex. There is a growing number of AFK sex places. As you probably expect, they range from sleazy to high end classy and all in between.

The basic idea is one strips their avatar, adds the genitals, and plops her/him on a sex pose-ball… or whatever we call the no pose-ball things, in a sex bed. Then we go do whatever… away from the keyboard – AFK. So, overnight while sleeping, you can have your avatar working servicing horny avatars.

AFK Sex Base Island – OCt 2017

Those that want visual sex without the role play can jump on the bed and have sex with the AFK avatar. The idea is they will tip for the favor. The house takes 0 to 20% and the avatar keeps 100 to 80%. Some see this as a great way to earn Lindens. I’m not so sure. I see a lot of avatars getting banged and a zero-sum in their tip jars. So, they are really getting screwed.

And as you might imagine there are sexbots… entire empires of bots working the AFK sex shops. So, there is a battle between the shop owners, wanting to make their shops open to ‘real’ avatars rather than enriching a bot mogul, and the moguls. I’m not sure it makes any difference to the people wanting sex.

WARNING! R rated pictures ahead.

Continue reading

Adult Places Info 2017 w43

The adult scene is continuously changing just as everything else is in Second Life. Some things I’ve noticed recently.

Abducted by Aliens has closed. A financial thing. If you joined the group, stay in. Rumor says they will be back. (reference) I thought it fun and funny. 🙁

Alien Art – Click for MP

Dirty Rhythms is an adult region advertised as;

Adult sex and swingers resort and nude beach. DR has everything for discriminating adults. Hot sex with all the best gear in SL. Make your fantasies come true. Hot nude beach and sexy party spots for you and your friends. Be sure to visit Teasers!

You may not know it recently moved. I had to update my Land Mark (URL) a few weeks ago. It was a busy place, a good pick-up place. Now it is deserted, very few people there. So, bring your own stock of preferred sexual preference. Continue reading

Second Life: Dragons as Art

I’ve seen several people write about “From Here On There Be Dragons.” It is an art exhibit in Second Life(TM). Follow the previous link to find a SLURL and visit. The exhibit closed January 31, 2017. I decided to check it out.

Still pictures don’t do it justice. Since I’m learning Adobe Premiere Pro, I decided to video the exhibit and use it as another project.

Exploring the exhibit is a reoccurring ‘leap of faith’ trek. There is a lot if invisible flooring to walk across. Continue reading

Second Life: Finding Virtual Sex

How does one find adult places in Second Life™? There are several blogs that write about places in Second Life. But, the places covered on the blogs are mostly found in the Second Life™ blog articles published by the Lindens titled: Highlights from the Second Life Destination Guide. They are interesting places. But, for those looking for something of a more adult flavor, none are likely to meet their desire.

[Hot List]

Hot List

The regions covered Linden Lab® are mostly PG rated regions. In the last article of September, the regions highlighted were rated; 3 General 17.5% (PG), 11 Mature 65% (R), and 3 Adult 17.5% (X?). Remember. Adult is not always a sex thing. Violence can push a region into an Adult rating. Since it is October and Halloween… 2 of the 3 Adult rated regions appear to have gotten their rating from violence, gore, or may be just being built on Adult rated land. The three regions are:  Continue reading

Second Life: Halloween 2016

October is almost here. Halloween is near. The Highlight’s page in Featured News is listing lots of Halloween oriented places. Soon there will be rotting virtual pumpkins all over Second Life™. Oh… wait… even more scary, those evil pumpkins never die.

Botanica’s Halloween Haunted Cornfield Maze

Botanica’s Halloween Haunted Cornfield Maze

Check the Featured News and the Destination Guide often as new places will be appearing almost daily. Those listed Friday are:

  1. Angel’s Haunted House – fun, actually scared me a couple of times
  2. Dark Sewers
  3. Slaughter Creek
  4. Medieval Fantasy Manor
  5. Deadman’s Island Haunted Sim
  6. Haunted Home of Frankenstein
  7. All Hallows at Moochie – pretty place
  8. Shenanigan’s Spooky Halloween Cemetery
  9. Screaming Woods
  10. Oh the Horror Cart Sale & Hunt
  11. Skeleton House – Halloween Store

Halloween is becoming a huge economic thing in developed countries. Almost as big as Christmas. I dress nicely for Christmas parties but, I DRESS UP for Halloween.

Second Life Servers – Week #50

There hasn’t been much server news. Last week no updates rolled out as QA had found problems. Nor was there a roll-out to the main grids primary channel this week as the RC channel packages were having problems.

Winter Fun Sledging

Winter Fun Sledging

This week we did get a roll-out to the RC channels. All three channels are getting the same package. That roll-out came Wednesday.

The package is a maintenance release. The release notes tell us the package consists of crash-fixes and a fix for BUG-10192 Feature Request: llGetObjectDetails() constant OBJECT_OMEGA.

It is hard to tell if little is actually going on or there is secret stuff going on.  Continue reading