Comments for Nalates’ Things & Stuff Second Life and Virtual Worlds Tue, 25 Oct 2016 22:45:06 +0000 hourly 1 Comment on Second Life – Sansar – VR – Hy-Fy – Liberals by Nalates Urriah Tue, 25 Oct 2016 22:45:06 +0000 Regarding “…Luckey was funding racist troll memes…” You seem to have missed the point. Find one of the mimes posted by Luckey that is racist. Many are funny and most are rude, but racist? Don’t try to show me where people have said they are racist. There is plenty of that but, what propagandists say and the facts are quite different.

Soros and Clinton have been caught funding groups that have instigated violence. Look through the raw Project Veritas footage. Trump is still just talking. Which is a bigger problem? Talking or doing?

Remember. segregation, Jim Crow, ‘separate but equal’, and pro-slavery positions are all basic long time Democrat dogma. Some of the leading Dems in the 80’s were still high members in the KKK. While the Dems claim they are for the little guy and minorities, the areas controlled the longest by Dems have the worst living and education conditions for minorities. It appears to me they have not changed. They have learned to talk a better line and the media helps them but, they are still what they were.

To say Trump has called for violence is a matter of inference. Chase down the actual words and in-context-video. But, Hillary’s paying for people to pay and bus people in to start fights is NOT inference.

Bankruptcies… which ones failed and why? Did you look it up or take someone’s words on it? Is he bankrupt now? No. So, obviously, he knows how to recover from a bankruptcy.

America is very close to bankrupt. It is part of all socialist plans in a free market country to bankrupt the free market system and take control. Why else would Obama add $10 trillion to the US debit and double the number of people needing well fair all while opening the borders and bringing in cheap labor?

Trump has plans economy. They are on his web site. So, who did you believe that lied to you? They are similar to Kennedy’s and Reagan’s plans that improved the American economy.

On the sexual stuff… Hillary jumped to Bill’s defense when Lewinsky claimed to have had sex with Bill. Called her names and did all she could to discredit her. Did Hillary ever apologize when DNA proved Lewinsky was telling the truth? No.

How many times has the opposition been caught after the election to have been telling lies and bringing out fake witnesses in the last 2 months of the election process? People still fall for it.

My point is the Left side of our politics only talks moral high ground, tolerance, diversity, and racial equality. They demonstrate having solidly adopted Alinsky’s ‘the ends justify the means’. Alinsky even brags about misleading those he was organizing. So, lying is no problem. Why would you believe what they say?

Luckey took a position unsupported by the media. The media tramples his free speech rights and people go along with it. …and the majority of Germans followed Hitler. It should be obvious were the ‘progressives’ are taking us. Freedom will be a thing of the past.

Trump’s redeeming quality is he is outside the political establishment. Dems and Repub’s don’t want him in. So, it will be the people that put him in.

Comment on Second Life – Sansar – VR – Hy-Fy – Liberals by petra rosen Tue, 25 Oct 2016 13:03:02 +0000 Hi Natales thanks for all the news

There are copyright differences it seems when you set up your own server.
If i did understand it correctly using your own hosted Hifi server would for instance allow you to use unity asset store content. Mind you just the mesh and texture side since scripting is very different.

Kind regards

Comment on Second Life – Sansar – VR – Hy-Fy – Liberals by Aki Shichiroji Tue, 25 Oct 2016 01:57:04 +0000 Particular to your comment on Palmer Luckey, it does not help that Luckey was funding racist troll memes – HOWEVER – I feel that conflating the success (or lack thereof) of one VR product with another, particularly with respect to Luckey’s own indiscretion, as was touched on in the NWN post – is rather shortsighted.

More generally, I agree that Clinton’s campaign is also quite problematic and if I lived in the States & had the right to vote there, I would likely have voted for a more progressive candidate, however these two main candidates are who the US is stuck with at this point.

There are going to be people who support one side or the other for a wide variety of reasons. That does not make them bigoted, intolerant or racist in and of itself – HOWEVER – these lines do get blurry when the candidate being supported is openly and actively espousing xenophobic, anti-immigrant, mysogynist agenda.

Trump has himself publicly called for physical violence against others from his own convention attendees, saying he would pay their legal bills should they arise. He has implied that ‘Second Amendment people’ should take things in to their own hands, should an undesirable election result occur. He has discounted allegations of sexual assault, in some cases by denigrating his accusers’ appearance and diminishing their claims because of it. I could go on and on. All of these cases are widely documented – he said these things during live coverage of his primary convention and now official election campaigns.

As a human being, even if all eight sexual assault accusations were proven to be false, this guy fails, hard.

Even if you believe that his bigoted, intolerant and racist behaviour can (or should) be divorced from his proposed policies (which are general at best and horrific at worst), he does not have a solid plan in place to make positive change happen and has on six occasions demonstrated that he is incapable of managing business to avoid bankruptcy. How then, can he promise not to do the same to his country?

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Comment on Second Life: Scam at Play by Samsara Sun, 23 Oct 2016 22:16:15 +0000 Timely post that all newcomers should read.

Just one other thing – it’s not always chat links that can cause drama; oddly enough, even the latest SL viewer comes with a phishing link firmly attached to it that my internet security always had conniptions over….but since flushing the SL Viewer completely and using only Firestorm’s Viewer, it’s happy once more.

Funny about that, isn’t it?

I do think LL could do more for the residents it’s been fleecing for over a decade, like offering a simple $5 authenticator the way certain MMORPG’s do, but then again, LL would probably want to charge 5 times the price for it and make it as ineffective as possible, so there goes that idea down the drain!

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Comment on Second Life: Firestorm & Linden Viewers by Ormond Lionheart Mon, 17 Oct 2016 22:48:03 +0000 I agree that I rarely experience a crash and if I did that would be in an extreme situation. And I have used multiple viewers and try to do extreme things for the most part re: settings etc. That being said I always have my SL cache on a RamDisk. You generally run the viewer with the default settings? What does your memory use by the viewer look like in Task manager. Does Windows Event Log reference anything at the time of your crashes? Does it crash if you use a Linux OS? (try with a Live USB) .Seems like you have reserved yourself to it being normal but I think not. And can’t be your hardware. I can even run the rez Full Texture option and it still won’t crash. I record video in SIMs with 70+ avatars and still no crash. I do have some issues in heavy SIMS rezzing one or two mesh avatars due to alphas so if you don’t have that issue maybe that’s why you crash and I don’t? Seems like you are not alone re: crashing so maybe those people have a similar issue re: OS (I use Win7 and have telemetry updates removed). Maybe you all use the same Firewall or modem?

Comment on Second Life: Firestorm & Linden Viewers by NiranV Dean Mon, 17 Oct 2016 20:15:18 +0000 I rarely have crashes on exit (mostly when i was working on the UI and left the preview UI floater open) not exactly sure what’s causing them but it appears to be a singleton destruction e.g something that is suppose to be only there once and is being references by the Viewer all over the place, the Viewer always uses that one instance instead of creating more or multiple. It could just be a shutdown order problem i caused myself or something imply doesn’t shutdown properly (such as voice which was recently changed by Firestorm to shutdown much faster by cutting the wait-for-voice-shutdown timer, which might have led to your increased logout crashrate)

But overall i haven’t been crashing a single time for other-than-out-of-memory reasons, out of memory is basically still the last thing that makes me crash and with the 64bit Viewer, LL is going to get rid of that too unless they introduce new crashes that is.

I really don’t know what to suggest to you since it seems to be a Viewer issue regarding Firestorm but then again i haven’t used Firestorm long enough to witness a crash… nor did the LL Viewer for me yet.

Comment on Second Life: Firestorm & Linden Viewers by Shug Maitland Mon, 17 Oct 2016 18:45:06 +0000 That some people have crash issues and others don’t have always been a puzzle to me. You and I have comparable, new, high-end computers yet I can not recall the last time Firestorm (or Linden) viewer has truly crashed on me. I sometimes get network timeouts but that is an entirely different thing. I can only assume it is some kind of network issue. Crashing is not a universal problem with either viewer.