Oz Linden Interviewed by Jessica Lyon

The interview with Oz Linden on Third Party Viewer (TPV) Policy came off today. It went better than the last Phoenix Hour. Still, the Treet.TV Stream was over loaded. There were something like 350 users connected. There were 270+ people in IRC. @Howdy says about 25% more were connected to the stream, so 350.

The Interview

The stream was almost impossible to understand. The stream kept buffering. That causes the video and audio stream to pause. I was getting 2 to 4 pauses per minute. Some pauses were long, 20 to 40 seconds. One could get the gist of what they were saying, Buy, any nuances were lost. Sometimes whole sentences were lost. Not a fun listen.

In the hour and half they talked I probably have 10 minutes of video. Most of the time I had a frame rate of 2 or 3 minutes per frame… The connection was way overloaded.

Treet.TV expects to have the video up in 24 to 48 hours.

Jessica did a good job on the interview. I think Oz gave good answers.

The most interesting thing I think he said is that lots of good stuff is coming to Second Life this year.

Stream Problems

Overall there was nothing new said. Most of what was covered was a rehash of what we already know. I’m not at all sure the idea of ‘shared experience’ got any clearer. Oz did phrase it another way: if a viewer changes something in the SL databases, Asset or other, then the viewer is changing the shared experience… I think that adds to the clarity for some. For others it is meaningless. So, I doubt the confusion will reduce.

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