Those old JIRA BUG items that the Lindens left as unreadable… Well, the one that filed the report can mark it readable. So, if you have a bug that has not been closed and want help with it, or feel it should be open to the public for some reason, change it.

This change is only possible for your BUG items. To make the change so it is open to everyone for reading look in the horizontal middle of the report heading where you’ll find an item labeled Security Level. It will likely be marked Triager and Reporter. Change that to Public. Done.

This option allows people to keep issues private. Since it was known the issues were private at the time of filing, it would be rather rude to remove privacy when there was an expectation. This choice to leave it to the one that made the report, allows the privacy to be protected or removed at their discretion. Smart.

All newly filed BUG reports will be PUBLIC by default. But, this gives us a way to open up older reports filed during the JIRA dark period.

SL JIRA Change 2014-10 Update

There was interesting discussion about how existing JIRA items will be handled. They may not be part of the new open JIRA. The open setting may only affect newly filed JIRA items.

I am pretty sure no one but the guys setting up the new permissions know. But, there are some possible privacy issues being considered.

What if, as Simon pointed out, somebody thinking they are private filed a my embarrassing part doesn’t work right type bug report? Now we open all those JIRA’s up? Oops! Continue reading

More JIRA Change

Oz Linden in last Friday’s TPV Dev group meeting was saying they are determined that the JIRA will NOT go back to the way it was pre-2012-Change. There will be strict limits on user-to-user comments.

When specifically asked how the Lab would be enforcing those limits he repeated what we already know from the official announcement.

Oz has pointed out they will be managing the JIRA by the rule set, meaning the JIRA permissions system. There will not be issue-by-issue moderation. I take this to mean they are not wanting to devote engineer’s/programmer’s time to JIRA moderation. But, I suspect the Lindens will take faster action against individuals that abuse the system this time around. But, no Linden is saying that. We will have to wait to see what they do.  Continue reading

BREAKING: #SecondLife JIRA Change 2014-09

We have a major change in the SL JIRA System. Today at 9:55 AM a new post by Linden Lab appeared. Changes to Our JIRA Implementation. I think this is good news.

 All users will be able to see all BUG issues, all the time. YAY!!

JIRA Change 2014

JIRA Change 2014

More controversial is the change: You’ll also be able to comment. Before an issue is triaged, everyone can comment to help isolate and describe the issue more clearly. Do remember, there are some basic guidelines for participation that need to be followed.

Those guide lines have not changed since June 2011, which was before the previous JIRA Change that closed the JIRA. So, this is going to put an enforcement burden on the Lindens using the JIRA.

I think another measure will reduce the problems we had before: Once an issue is Accepted and imported by Linden Lab’s QA team, the original reporter will still be able to comment, as will Lindens and a small team of community triagers – a group that includes some third party Viewer developers and others selected by Linden Lab for having demonstrated skills in this areaContinue reading

Second Life JIRA Change Coming?

In early September 2012 a JIRA update was rolled out. It wasn’t just a software update. How the Lindens used the JIRA was changing and most of that change was in how Second Life™ users used the JIRA. Basically user freedom in the JIRA was severely curtailed. Most SL users can only read JIRA items in the BUG project that they create. Now that may change.

Innula Zenovka got a comment from Ebbe Altberg about the JIRA. It is being widely quoted in numerous blogs.

Funny, both engineering and product heads here also didn’t like that jira was closed and want to open it up again. Proposal for how is in the works! I hope we can figure out how to do that in a way that works/scales soon.

This comment suggests that Mr. Altberg is open to the idea of opening the JIRA up. Ciaran has an article that covers problems and benefits of having an open JIRA. See: Ebbe Holds The Jira Door Ajar. I think I will be a bit more succinct then he was. Continue reading

JIRA Change Follow Up

Back in September how the JIRA works changed. Now we can’t really know what’s going on with bugs and other problems in Second Life™ because most of us cannot read the JIRA. We cannot browse or search the JIRA to see if a problem we are encountering has been reported. So, we just report our problem.

Nor do we know if a problem is fixed. Unless the problem is something we experience almost daily and one Tuesday or Wednesday it suddenly starts working. For users the JIRA Change is a pain.

SL JIRA 30 Day BUG Stats

SL JIRA 30 Day BUG Stats

Various parts of the JIRA work different ways. Some projects are open and anyone can read and comment on the items filed in those projects. Others are closed, like BUG, and people can only read and comment on the items they file and only until they are triaged. Only a few can read most of the JIRA projects. You can read my initial announcement here: Oh CRAP! JIRA Change (Sept 7, 2012).

Continue reading

JIRA Change Update Wk 37

Oskar was asking about the Second LifeTM JIRA Change in the Server Beta meeting and how it has gone for the first week. He asked for pro’s and con’s.

Not Entirely Harmonious

Pro’s are: No duplicate checking, easier to file bug report, and faster for those that can read JIRA’s. The ‘faster’ part being attributed to: removal of whiner and rant posts.

Con’s are: — no one voiced any — that does not mean there aren’t any. But, that no one brought up any says something. What it says is debatable.

Oskar says there are lots of internal conversations with the QA teams about the JIRA Change and how to make it possible for the ‘regular contributors’ to the JIRA process to continue contributing. The key concept being: contributors who are regularly positive and helpful. Oskar wants a larger group of people with enhanced JIRA privileges. Oskar says they are discussing the idea of a QA Contributors group. While Oskar is not sure how it will shape up, he is confident that it will happen in some form.

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JIRA Change Continued

We have lots of speculation on why the Lindens made the JIRA change. I think we have a bit more evidence as to the reason. As I think it was mostly from the abusive posts in the JIRA, I may read too much in this. But, I think I’m pretty much on point.

This appeared in the Deploys thread this week.

p.s. If you are interested in helping test Second Life in beta please join the group “Second Life Beta” in-world. We also have an email list where we communicate upcoming projects and how you can help. (https://lists.secondlife.com/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/server-beta ) Once a week we meet on ADITI to discuss new features, new bugs, new fixes, and other fun stuff. You are more than welcome. Information is here: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Server_Beta_User_Group

This is not a forum thread for off-topic and unproductive ranting. I will no longer tolerate it. This forum thread is to discuss newly found issues in the Release Candidate channels. If you feel the need to have your opinions heard on topics unrelated to new bugs then please start your own thread. If an individual continues to post unproductive and off-topic comments I will take measures to remedy that.

If you are unsure about your posting please read this: “Linden Lab Official:Community Participation Guidelines”

You can make your own call as to whether the Lab has changed things due to abusive people or not.