Second Life News 2018 w07


Monday Caleb Linden posted the Deploys notice. The main channel is getting a restart. But will continue to run the same server version, # The restarts are said to have started rolling across the grid at 3AM PT.

Blue Steel may get a new package Wednesday. The Deploys notice says they have not yet decided.

Heart Shaped

Heart Shaped

Le Tigre and Magnum will continue to run #, the package they ran last week. I doubt they will get a restart…


The main viewer is now This is the upgrade with fixes to the voice features. The previous version released in week #2. Continue reading

Second Life News 2018 w05


The main channel is now running version # The version ran on all three RC channels last week. It is reported in the wiki as having Internal Changes. Mazidox Linden described it at the Server Beta UG as, “This week we promoted a couple of things to RC on Agni including DRTSIM-367 (internal fixes) and a version of the service that handles avatar bakes, built with the new version of our OS.”



The bake service is not actually a simulator change. It is a change in a backend service. The server and service have to work together. So, there is probably some simulator change. But, maybe just in which API it uses to bake the avatar.

The Linux Operating System (OS) the Lab uses in its server gets updated every so often. They have been (are?) in the process of another OS update. Continue reading

Firestorm Updates – Finally

Firestorm released version The download is here.

Controversy and Confusion

There are some controversial changes in this version of the viewer. I think the controversy is from confusion which is from ignorance.

The issue is about the Level of Detail (LoD) setting RenderVolumeLODFactor found in the debug settings (Ctrl-Alt-D=Menu Advanced->Debug Settings). The Firestorm Team has explained why they are making the change. See LOD and The Upcoming Firestorm Release The What and Why. It gets all technical, but it is an accurate description of how SL works.

Gate Of Hell

Gate Of Hell

The TL:DR is that high RenderVolumeLODFactor settings have your computer spending time drawing complex things which are so far away they only take up one or two pixels on your screen. Does it matter if a jacker has a dozen buttons if the whole jacket is so far way it can be drawn in 4 pixels and is just a tiny tiny spot on your screen? If you can’t see the buttons, why draw them? LoD is about making these optimizations and providing better performance.

Doing all the useless drawing of thousands of pixels to average them down to 4 pixels for your screen lags your render process and slows the SL system because all that detail has to be downloaded. Dumb move. Continue reading

Second Life: Third-Party Viewers 2018 w2

There is some interesting news. Not much but a bit.

The Alexy Ivy Viewer was updated in week #2. This is very likely its last update in the RC stream. The next step for Alex Ivy is a promotion to the main viewer.

Oz Linden expects that to happen in week #3. Of course, this depends on not finding any show stoppers in testing.

When Alex Ivy promotes, Oz plans to publish a blog post to encourage people to update to 64 OS. The difference in crash rates is HUGE.

Cold Coffee

Cold Coffee

The Maintenance Viewer is there…

The Voice Viewer has no known problems. So, it will be the next likely to promote after Alex Ivy.

The 360-Image Viewer is out there… Oz says it is verging on becoming an RC version.

The Animesh Viewer is expected to move to RC status in a couple of months. If you are following the Content Creation UG meetings you know not much new information is coming out. The project is into the ‘make things work correctly’ phase. So, no changes or additions.

The Rendering Viewer is fixing render bugs.

Oz tells us will be a new media update branch. Things like CEF will be getting updates.

Also, another round of tool updates is planned. The Visual Studio version the Lab I suing is 1 version behind.

HTTP, when Alex releases the Lab will be depreciating all non-HTTP API’s. Older viewers not using HTTP will lose functionality.

The Lab will start work on ACI in a couple of weeks. Oz says they plan to fix bad incentives. Some things are calc’s to cost too much and some cost too little. So, they’ll be tweaking the ACI.

No word on a Firestorm release date. But, Firestorm is limiting LoD settings to <=4. Higher values will NOT persist. Plus, they are adding warning and advice not to change because of some notecard advice in the Debug Settings.

Oz says they found backend problems in the group notices system. Partially fixed. Memory leak. Restarting the servers solved most issues.

28:30 – Oz talks about Linux 64-bit viewer. TL:DR – There is one, but it doesn’t work.

EEP – Rider Linden is making the EEP assets. Once done, test regions in Aditi will come up. So, the project is progressing.

New Skies for Firestorm

Hamlet has an article about Stevie Davros’ enhanced skies. In 2011 Firestorm added a feature that allows replacement of Second Life™ clouds. Thank you for the computer code, Cinder Roxley. Back then Vincent Nacon was creating new cloud images for this feature.

Stevie Davros Dramatic Skies

So, this feature is not new nor limited to Firestorm. JuicyBomb wrote a tutorial NEW CLOUDS FOR SECOND LIFE, May 2013, for those using the Linden Viewer. The instructions are good for any viewer.

Not much has changed since then. I just checked in the Linden Viewer 5.1.0 and there is still no provision for selecting a different cloud texture. So, it is still a manual change. Continue reading

Second Life Bits and Pieces 2018 w01

Crap. I’m coming down with a cold… sniffle, sniffle, hack, hack… need more chocolate. So, I’m browsing through the Second Life™ related blogs finding things I think are neat.


Strawberry Singh has a nice article up titled 10 Years of Second Life Fashion. Damn. She has always looked good.

10 Years of Second Life Fashion

10 Years of Second Life Fashion

Click the image and jump over to Flickr. Read the comments. Check out her albums.

…and you do know she does videos from Sansar? HMSS Videos


Sansar News Blog has the article, Special Torley-Inspired Scavenger Hunt Edition of Atlas Hopping with Berry and Drax, Saturday, January 6th at 11 a.m. PST. Yeah, that whole thing is the title.

Seems Torley is connecting with Drax and Strawberry to pursue a hunt in Sansar. I suspect they will be streaming it to YouTube. Continue reading

Second Life News 2017 w52

Christmas is sort of over. We are on to the post-Christmas battery buying days and OMG, why-did-they-think-I-would-wear-this returns…

Second Life is in a ‘No Change’ window. Many Lindens are off work this week. So, there is little news. There is however a Friday post from the Lindens in Featured News: Unboxing 2017 and Looking towards 2018 in Second Life! Worth a read.

without thinking of anything

without thinking of anything

Other than saying they will make Second Life™ better in 2018, they don’t say much about what is coming. If you have been reading here you know of some things.

I used to do reviews of the events of of the year. It is a bunch of work. So, Inara is doing her year-in-review: 2017 IN REVIEW – PART 1. I’ll leave that work to her. I am thinking of doing a review in video… If it proves fun, you’ll see it. If it turns into work, I’ll probably abandon the project. Continue reading

Second Life News 2017 w51

I think the Server-Scripting UG meeting is about the last UG meeting of the year.


There is no Deploys thread as of 10:45 AM. Nor has my region in the mainland been restarted. The last main channel restart was 12/12.

Simple pleasures

Simple pleasures

From the UG meeting we are told no new updates this week or next. So, all is quite… until 2018. Next UG is Jan 2. But, without a package on the RC channels a main channel roll is unlikely.

Simon tells us he is working a new shiny that we’ll see next year. O.O what a tease…


The main viewer is still version It last updated in week #49.

Second Life Alex Ivy Viewer version – Last updated in week #48.

Second Life Maintenance Viewer version – Released December 13, week #50. So, this is a new item in the viewers list.

This viewer caries the Nalewka code name, a Polish drink. Nalewka is bringing you the next sweet batch of fixes. It’s what you’ve come to expect – we fixed some crashes and memory leaks, threw in bugfixes and improvements for a smooth and pleasant experience.

A little over a dozen bug fixes. Release Notes

Second Life Voice Viewer version – This is a new version released 12/12, week #50.

Second Life Wolfpack Viewer version – Last updated in week #49.

Second Life Project 360 Snapshot Viewer version – no update since week #27.

Second Life Project Animesh Viewer version – Last updated in week #49.

Second Life Project Render Viewer version – This is a new version arriving late last week, #50. I plan to try this one over the holidays.

Third-Party Viewers

No sign of a Firestorm release. So, it is looking Like Whirly had the inside line and we won’t see a release until after the first of the year.

The rest of the third-party viewer field is quite too.