AT&T US$10 VR Headset App

Hypergrid Business is pointing people to a $10 VR Headset App being sold by AT&T. See: AT&T offers $10 VR headset, app. You may want to wait until we see more reviews. Plus, we may see some good free apps appearing.

Remembers It All Too Well

Remembers It All Too Well

The headset being offered in addition to the app is a Google Cardboard thing.

Of course you could get one of the 10,000 free Cardboard VR headsets offered by CM Products, LLC. Hypergrid has a funny video to go with that offer…

Ebbe Altberg Interview Week 30

Jo Yardley points us to an interview with Ebbe on Linden Lab Looks to the Future of Online Experiences. There are a few interesting bits in the Interview. this is an article ABOUT the interview not a transcript.

233 Dance studio

233 Dance studio

Age limit: 13… really!?! Yes… Ebbe says the Lab has the experience to know how to separate content and keep the young safe. I suppose that means regions/experiences will have a rating and those will work with the viewer to limit access and exposure. Since users will be less anonymous by the time they have significant build rights this should an enforceable concept.

This also tells us we are going to have sex in Sansar, aka SL 2.0. Continue reading

Second Life: Dr. Phil?

Oh noooo… everyone is writing about Dr. Phil doing a show on computer gaming. The show aired on CBS this Tuesday (7/14 – 3PM PT – I was working). For Second Life residents the big deal was to be some coverage of Second Life and an interview with Ebbe Altberg, the Linden Lab CEO.

Hurry and see the video. I’m not sure whether CBS will allow it to remain. 1/5/2016: Some have been removed others have remained. This one replaces the one I originally used.

Drax is said to have helped setup the in-world parts.

Dr. Phil visits Second Life and 1920s Berlin

Dr. Phil Features Second Life in Show on Game Addiction

I Met Dr. Phil in Second Life! – If you only have time for one, read Strawberry’s. She has a play-by-play of the show on Plurk.

Second Life in the NEWS

Massively Overpowered has an article by Bree Royce, I think she wrote it, titled SEX, LOVE, AND MMOS in the Working as Intended column. Second Life™ is mentioned but is not the focus. The image used for the article is from Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Save Your Advice Cause I Won't Hear

Save Your Advice Cause I Won’t Hear by [ ], on Flickr

Bree is on about the hypocrisy of those diss’ing those that role play sexual encounters in games. Also, the ridiculous concepts of putting down those RP’ing sex while playing as mostly nude female warriors slaughtering their way to the next level.  Continue reading

OpenSim News: Hypergrid Market 2014-12

You probably know that in the Open source world of OpenSim they have a thing called Hypergrid. The basic idea is one can live in a grid and visit other OpenSim grids. The really neat thing is your avatar and it’s stuff go with you. So, if I put on my red dress in OSGrid and go to Kitely I look the same in both grids. My dress, skin, etc. came with me to the other grid.

OpenSim - OSGrid - By:  Linux-Screenshots, Flickr

OpenSim – OSGrid – By: Linux-Screenshots, Flickr

IBM and Linden Lab were cooperating on building the Hypergrid. The problem was they could not find a way to protect Intellectual Property Rights. So, they gave up. As much as novices think: there must be a way, there isn’t. After 25+ years the movie and music industry have not been able to find a way to protect digital content from theft. They have spen millions trying to figure out a protection scheme. They have failed.  Continue reading

Good Coverage of Second Life

Inara Pey has an article up titled: The Verge: an astute look into Second Life. Inara is discussing the article and pointing out its highlights. The article was written by Chris Stokel-Walker, have no clue who Chris is. But, Inara points out and I agree it is a well written article fair to Second Life. If you want to show someone what Second Life is about this is a good article to point them to. See: Second Life’s Strange Second Life.

The Verge (the blog publishing the article) seems to be a tech news blog or may be more accurately a techie’s news blog. I haven’t seen it before but it does look interesting. They do some fun stuff with the images in the article.

I find it interesting that Caliandris Pendragon came from the Myst games. She started with Riven advanced to Myst Online: Uru Live (MOUL). She came to Second Life when Uru closed the first time in 2004. I have a similar background. But, I came when Uru closed the second time in 2008.

There are two or three groups that players from the Myst games hang out in. The group I prefer is the D’ni Refugees. They do karaoke and have lots of parties.

I find the article amazingly well-balanced. Check it out.



Why Games Succeed –

A researcher working in the game THERE has written a thoughtful article about her findings. For those of us interested in what makes a game tick and succeed or fail it is a great read.

In-Depth: Requiem For A World

For those of from the Myst-Uru community it has special interest as Celia studied the community of Myst-Uru that fled into THERE when Uru closed. The result was a book: Communities of Play: Emergent Cultures in Multiplayer Games and Virtual Worlds