The Stuff

There is lots of good stuff in this blog. Some of it has a long life and is worth reading months and even years after it was published. Other articles are time sensitive and matter less and less with time.

In an effort to get stuff out where it is useful I’ve created The Stuff and sub-pages. This is the top page in that group. Hover you mouse over the menu item to see the sub-pages I’ve created.

Note: There may not be any sub-pages until I get some tags and custom tags changed.

2 thoughts on “The Stuff

  1. Theres a small glitch viewing your site in Chrome. When you mouse over “the stuff” the drop down appears about 2 or 3 mm (on my screen) too far to the right, leaving a gap so when you try to mouse over the specific section (eg servers) you lose the drop down. Its fine in Firefox.

    • There is little I can do about browser problems. If I can reproduce the error I’ll send and error report to Chrome. Thanks for letting me know.

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