Second Life: Open Source DJ Software

MIXX DJ Software

I came across this in my daily reading. KirstenLee Cinquetti started posting in the KirstenLee blog. There are two new posts apparently the first since 2015. Whatever, there is this interesting software for those DJ’ing in Second Life™.

See: K’s Software Pick of The Week! This is an article about the software MIXX. See it here: DJ Your Way. For Free. I don’t DJ in SL, but it looks way neat…

Fantasy Faire 2017 Warning

Fantasy Faire (FF) is always awesome and it certainly is this year. I enjoy trekking through the regions. But, that is a challenge this year. Trying to walk from region to region is almost always failing, stripping off scripts, reducing ACI, and checking the population in my destination region are all failing.

Fantasy Faire 2017 – Morbus

I can walk across the region boundary but, then I am on one of those no-control-rubberbanding-walks. Before I ever recover the system logs me off.

My solution has been to use the world map to teleport into each region when I reach the boundary. So, far it seems to work way better. I can now see why so many are using the Fairelands Portals.

I am also finding the scripted things in many regions seem to not be working. I’ll hope for a Tuesday restart and revisit.

Second Life: Moo-ish Opinions

Penny Patton often writes about getting the best experience in Second Life™ (SL). Smaller textures, fewer polygons, to scale building, RL sized avatars, and more. Penny also participates in the SL Forum. There she is often misunderstood as evidenced by people mis-phrasing her positions. So, she wrote The Penny FAQ to keep the record straight.

Size Comparison

Penny is what I would call a Second Life Technical Conservationist. Her political position comes across as Libertarian, Lazier-Fair. So, letting people do what they want without a lot of fascist rule enforcement seems to be her usual position, at least of those I’ve seen. It’s an education versus dominance stance.

Second Life: New Estate Control

The server side of the new Estate Owner and Estate Manager (EO & EM) is on the ADITI (Preview) grid. It was being discussed at the Server Beta UG meeting Thursday.

Arcade Express ..Wonderous Love

Arcade Express ..Wonderous Love

This new feature is in server version DRTSIM-343 in ADITI. We know it as version in the main grid (AGNI), which is the current RC release running on all three RC channels. But, we don’t yet have a viewer with which to access the changes. That is ‘work’ in progress.  Continue reading

Second Life: How many Avatars can you fit in a region?

The Lindens have posted Improved Region Capacity and Access in the forum. They are raising the number of avatars a region can support. Not by a lot, but who can enter and when is changing a lot. I think for events this will be a big deal. If people actually kept up on Second Life development news, I think we would hear screams from the snowflakes.

Fireworks... when it's all over

Fireworks… when it’s all over

Once the feature is rolled to ‘your’ region owners and estate manages will be able to enter regardless of the current avatar count. OK, that makes sense to me and shouldn’t have much effect on us non-owner-manager users.  Continue reading

Second Life: Finding Photographers

I keep looking for ways to find great photos of Second Life™ in Flickr. I am slowly learning how to find artists I have no clue exist.

Regrets in a lost world

Regrets in a lost world

I’ve been trying to see how one sees the new images in groups I have joined. I’ve Googled and dug through the Flickr HELP. No joy. People seem to think it is not possible. May be those that know how think it so basic everyone knows. Continue reading

Second Life Bits 2017 w12

Second Life™ Photo Contest

Inara tells us about Filling the Cauldron, a photo contest open to everyone. See her article for the details.

City corners 3

City corners 3

In ‘cauldron’ related news Prim Dolls provides information of a more personal nature. Elicio Ember’s father is fighting to recover from a stroke. So, there is a benefit event. See: Ember’s Cauldron: Welcome! Stores from all over the grid are involved.  Continue reading

Second Life: Interesting Forum Bits

As I learn my way around this new forum I am discovering odd little bits here and there.

Avatar History

Did you know there is an Second Life Avatar Vanity thread? It started in early 2011 and is 305 pages long today. It is an interesting collection of avatar pictures over the years.

2011 Avatars

Looking at the thread you’ll find the forum only allows you to jump ahead 6 pages at a time. To jump more you have to tweak the URL. Look for or add the text: /?page=300 to jump to page 300 – Oct 2014 or change the page number to whatever.  Continue reading