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I have often found that figuring out whether a cause is worthy is just a matter of looking at the people supporting it. It is definitely a consideration for whether I’ll participate or not. I had no problem deciding to oppose ISIS at every level. A quick, but stomach churning, look at the search results for ISIS killing pictures should do it for any sane person.

The philosophy of a group of people sets the limits to which individuals in the group will go. Yet, every group has its wackadooles, the crazy out of touch people we find annoying but not overly dangerous. Groups also have some number of fanatics and radicals that range from crazy annoying to deadly dangerous. So, painting any group with a broad brush is usually misleading.

Christian charity workers help people all over the world. That doesn’t prove the existence of God, the accuracy of their beliefs, or provide a guarantee of each Christian’s character, but the general quality of the people and their devotion to a cause and how they treat people suggests they have a generally beneficial belief system and cause. It begs the question what is it about that belief system that leads so many onto caring about their fellow man?

Pic from - Actual image used by ISIS.

Pic from – Actual image issued by ISIS.

On the other hand I am reading of ISIS fighters beheading and burning alive people… All this in the name of God and the goal of world domination. I can find no merit in the cause of these people and how they treat other humans. I question the quality and thinking of such people, their philosophy, and the core belief system that seems to eliminate any care about fellow humans. This also begs the questions, what is it about their belief system (especially their personal belief systems) that leads so many toward conquest, slavery, rape, and brutal killing? What kind of people are these? 

But, ISIS no more represents or proves anything about Islam than the Westboro Baptist Church (which plans to picket Picket Leonard Nimoy’s Funeral) represent or prove anything about Christianity, other than that humans can fall off the pier and misuse or abuse anything.

So, when I see reports of those supporting CAGW (Catastrophic Anthropomorphic Global Warming) suggesting the beheading and killing of those that disagree with them, I begin to wonder about that cause and the kind of people supporting the ideology.

Fortunately CAGW’ers aren’t killing people. But, to even suggest killing those that disagree with your ideology seems to be going down a sick, dark path and of course that begs the question, what is the belief system of the type of person that, like ISIS, recommends killing any that disagree?

The people prove nothing about the science and hypothesis of global warming. But, knowing who is backing a cause and paying for it and where they fit in the spectrum of people and behaviors suggests a lot about what we can and cannot take at face value.

See: The Guardian: Matt Ridley wants to gamble the Earth’s future because he won’t learn from the past by Dana Nuccitelli. Check out the comments. Moderators are removing the more vile comments. Breit Bart and others captured some of the conversation before the moderators woke up. That capturing of posts before removal has subsequently revealed even more about those in the spotlight.

Those that made the more vile comments, that got removed, started denying they ever made them. After all the moderators had removed them. Who could prove they said that? But, this is the Internet. Nothing ever really disappears from the net and they are easily caught.

The Breit Bart story goes into more of the gory drama.

The thing is in several arenas of debate we are seeing portrayals of very lopsided behavior. The warmers are having scandal after scandal, being caught in lies, fraud, character assassination attempts based on fake documents… It all seems to be blowing back on them.

How closely do you look at the groups you support, stand with, or believe?

And Danna’s math is misleading in the article, but one has to understand “anomaly calc’s” verses “measurements” along with the data sources being used to recognize or debate whether she is being misleading or not. But, it isn’t the accuracy of her thinking I question. It is those commenting on the article that leave me wondering and questioning.

The image I used is an actual image says is being used by ISIS propagandists. If you think Global Warming is, as Obama says, the world’s most serious problem, I suggest you search for ISIS killing pictures. You can’t unsee those images. But, you will get a sense of the daily slaughter commented by ISIS.

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