This page lists all my articles on the Firestorm Viewer.

The Firestorm Viewer is a descendant of the Phoenix Viewer. Firestorm is a Series 2 viewer based on the newer Second Life Viewer 2 code. Firestorm as a Series 2 viewer will eventually replace the Phoenix Viewer a Series 1 viewer.

The viewer has many features not found in the Linden Lab viewers. The viewer can be considered a power user’s viewer. It is certainly a Second Life Power Builder’s viewer. Still it is a very good general use viewer. Phoenix has been a favorite among SL’s combat gamers. I suspect Firestorm will just as popular in that group.

For those transitioning from Series 1 viewers and the Linden’s Series 2 viewer Firestorm has a unique user interface that can be customized to be more Series 1 or 2 like.

The viewer is primarily for use on the Second Life grid. Its support of OpenSim grids is shaky and a secondary priority.