Second Life: What is Project Arousal? (Review-Tutorial)

I keep finding things I either haven’t known about or haven’t taken the time to… study… play with… whatever. One of these is a set of related toys all named Project something. I think Project Arousal is somewhat known. It is the core engine of a series of sex toys with a strong anime flavor, that supposedly makes SL sex more realistic. Sure. Of course. But, is it fun and what is meant by more realistic? What if you aren’t into anime?

When I started this a couple of weeks ago, SoCal was drowning in major rain like I hadn’t seen for at least a couple of years. It was a good day to stay in and play with sex toys.

Back off, humans. Finders Keepers!

What it is…

First, there is the Project Arousal Engine (L$1,000). This is the core of the Projects’ system and is mostly required for all the various parts to work. But some items in the Project family are standalone. This core mostly provides sounds and facial and body animations denoting arousal. The number of body brands supported for some features is very limited. But as a female with a Slink body, I haven’t found that to be a problem. I first suspected it might be for males. But as I learn more, I think it won’t be.

This core part of the system does not need to be rezzed. You simply wear it and your partner wears it. There is a guest HUD in the PA package you get. It is for your partner without Project Arousal. The PA engine can be used in No_rez areas. This is and isn’t true for some of the add-ons. Read the promo material carefully to know which is which.

RLV is not a part of the PA Engine. However, for some of the add-ons to work you will need an RLV enabled viewer. But not for using just Project Arousal.

Project Arousal HUD
Project Arousal HUD

No pose-balls or sex furniture is needed. But it works well with either. I think it adds a great dimension to sex furniture.

Project Arousal is the most interesting touch-to-arouse system I have seen since Xcite! Only you need to be wearing it for it to work. Anyone can touch you to get a blue dialog menu and arouse you from there. Of course, you have the option to decline.

A fun add-on is the <3 ::Caeil’s::~ Partner Anims 2019 (v1.0372) (L$700). The idea here is that if someone gropes your breast the system can animate them to them doing it. It isn’t just RP text chat. This addon has an attachment and an applier. I am not clear how it works with a partner without the PA system. All the HUDs are No-Transfer. There is a True Interactivity Relay v1.2 that is Trans-OK. The instructions say nothing about giving it to a partner. So, the install into your PA system may be all that is needed.

Project Arousal comes with 4 default ‘voice’ packs… these are sounds you would make when aroused, moans and grunts. Not words. Unfortunately, these four are all what I consider amine voices… If you have watched any Japanese porn then you understand WHY I think of the sounds as ‘amine’. I am not knocking the Japanese or anime cultures it just isn’t what I want in the way of how a female orgasm sounds or looks. It is “Squeaky”. It also may explain the use of anime art in most of the promotional images. The product definitely has an Asian-amine heritage.

You can search the marketplace on Project Arousal Voice or Project Voice and find a bunch of other voice packs some VERY sexy. You can probably find what you want. But most are for the anime crowd, male and female.

I ended up getting [ Proj. Voice ] Avianna. (DemoRetail L$150)

There is a voice try out for PROJECT AROUSAL over on CastingCall.Club. I don’t know which if any of those made it into a voice pack. There are some hilarious comments on the various soundtracks.

More pages… links below.

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