VR: Nausea Killing Sales

I think we knew simulator sickness was going to be a problem. It seems to be bigger problem than I expected.

The Death of the King

The Death of the King

At the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Intel was demonstrating VR heads sets with a new chip they are making. They passed out headsets to show attendees. Along with the headsets they passed out barf bags.

See: Sticker Shock, and Maybe Nausea, Hamper Sales of VR GrearContinue reading

Tutorial 2017: How to Make Slink Nails

Mesh development is shaking down into some common methods. This tutorial covers how to make Slink Nails using 2017 information. Section headings will give you an idea of what you can skip and what you need to read based on your experience level.


If you are totally new to Second Life™ there is a lot to learn. I am only touching on the parts needed to make nails for Slink Hands. Other brands of hands are similar.

Make Your Own Slink Finger Nails – 2017

Classic verses Slink Mesh

In 2013 Linden Lab, owner of Second Life (SL), added a feature we call ‘mesh’. Prior to that all things in SL were made of primitives, shortened to ‘prims’. Technically everything in SL is a primitive and made of mesh.

What we call mesh is a particular type of primitive just as a cube or sphere is a specific kind of primitive. While everything in SL is made of mesh (press Ctrl-Shift-R to see it), we only refer to things made in Blender, 3D Max, Maya, and other modeling programs and then imported to SL as ‘mesh’, more convenient than rational. Linden Lab® added the mesh prim in 2013. Continue reading

Second Life News 2017 w01

I wish you a Happy New Year!
The no change window has closed. The Lindens are coming back to work. Servers are being restarted and user groups are meeting. New users are erect and desperately or hopefully… let’s say gleefully shouting, “Wanna have some fun?” Shoppers are crowding the malls, combatants are stressing the sims with 12-rounds-per-second weapons, all while old timers snuggle in their skyboxes and merchants dream of L$.

LeLutka Church

LeLutka Church

I expect 2017 will see steady improvement of Second Life™ servers and viewers. There are no rumors of big changes or marvelous new features. Only rumors of… something… So, we will find out only as the year passes.

I suspect many of us will be distracted, for a time, by Sansar, as it opens to a larger and larger audience throughout 2017. The unknown is scary. Chicken Little will tell us again that Second Life is falling. I expect Sansar to repeat the SL development story. SL started out as a platform form for developing 3D web content. Hopefully the Lab has learned from the problems SL ran into and will avoid the big mistakes. Expect new ones. Only rime will allow us to see how it works out for Sansar and SL.  Continue reading

Second Life Adult: Not Intuitive

SexWe all have our thoughts and beliefs about sex. In Second Life™ we can push the envelope on our thinking. Plus, we encounter people from all over the world that have very different ideas about sex and the roles of male and female.

The Walk

The Walk

In SL I continue to find aspects of life I hadn’t thought of before. For instance, bloggers tend to write reviews of the previous year about now. It is interesting to be reminded of what changed this year. Caroline, of Second Life Adventures blog (NSFW), did a review of the 2016 events and happenings that affected her the most. There is a new meme. See: My Second Life Story in 2016 (NSFW XXX). Continue reading

Dilbert Challenges You to Find 1 of the 97%

I think this is an amazing thing for Scott Adams, the author of Dilbert, to do. Scott is not what I would consider a climate skeptic. But, his challenge is amazingly simple and direct. This is the type of thinking I love. His humor about corporate life and management is often too true.

Dilbert Author’s Web Site

See his: The Climate Science Challenge. My challenge for warmers is to find something wrong with his challenge and explain why it is wrong.

AvaStar 2.0-24 Almost Released… sort of…

Gaia has a new post up on Machinimatrix.org. According to the announcement they have reached the end of design and are going into a user-testing phase. Those that have filed trouble tickets on the Machinimatrix bug reporter will get their copies of 2.0-24 first. The rest of us, later.

There is a load of documentation in this announcement. So, check it out.

There are people using a 2.0 version for their main production tool. However, others are having problems. I think many of the problems are from a lack of documentation. It is hard to keep the docs up to date with an in-development product. Much less make the video tutorials.

If AvaStar 2.0 finalizes we will start to see more tutorials arriving.

Second Life Adult: Magical Mystery

Finding romantic places in Second Life™ requires considerable time to explore the various places. Most ‘SL travel sites’ tell us how pretty a place is and give a few nice still images. Pictures of pretty places are for photo albums. We treasure them but seldom look at them. Once you have seen it, you’ve seen it. Then we are on to new stuff.

So, what keeps us coming back to a place? And what do we want to know about a region before we go there? What is going to get us there? Will we land mark it? Continue reading