Bits and Pieces Catch Up


JuicyBomb has a poll running on whether you wear a mesh body; never, some of the time, always. Check it out and vote: POLL: MESH BODY.

I’m thinking about getting one. I have the Slink demo. My thinking is there are not enough clothes yet. So, may be latter.

Dolphin Viewer

There is a beta release of the Dolphin Viewer out. The viewer still does not catch up with the SL Viewer, notably lacking the SL Share features. But, how often do you use that feature?

See the announcement: Finally! The first public beta of the new Dolphin Viewer 3!


This picture turned up on Twitter.

The Lindens - 2014 from Ebbe Altberg Twitter Images

The Lindens – 2014 from Ebbe Altberg Twitter Images


Strawberry Singh has an article that links to some Second Life Facebook pages I hadn’t seen. See: A Second Life on FacebookContinue reading

Second Life News 2014-31


The main channel gets a rollout Tuesday. It will get the maintenance release that has been running on all three RC channels. This release has a fix for some temporary attachment problems and adds the ‘description’ field to L$ transactions.

Moma Chan's - 2014

Moma Chan’s – 2014

RC Channels

This week there are no new packages coming out. All regions will be running the same server software this week. In this case the RC channels do not need to roll, so no rolls in RC land this week.  Continue reading

Oculus Rift DK2

The DK2 (Developer’s Kit) is shipping and people are making videos of their experience with it. The increased resolution has them excited, as if it were possible to create more excitement than the DK1 did.

The motion tracking is impressing. Being able to move forward and backward, leaning rather than moving, is apparently an impressive change adding to the sense of presence. Technolust is a virtual world/game demo that is revealing the color and presence that the OR delivers.

All is not perfect with the DK2. The motion tracking camera has limits and it is reported that when you reach the end of its field of vision the motion tracking stops, which reviewers found disconcerting.

There are still some visual artifacts and motion blurring here and there. But, the DK2 seems to be a big step forward.

Road to VR has numerous links to different ‘un-boxing’ videos and initial tests and reviews.

The Move

I am mostly moved into my new place, boxes still everywhere and it seems whatever I need at the moment is in a box at the bottom of a stack. But, the Internet is up and while AT&T’ U-verse is only 3mb/sec here, Second Life runs with no apparent loss of performance.

I'm Back - By: Christopher Sessums - Flickr

I’m Back – By: Christopher Sessums – Flickr

California’s weather decided to imitate Florida’s. So, 80-90F (32C) with 80-90% humidity and showers the last day of the move. Friends helped but I am still sore from lifting and carrying and tired. We partied Friday night.

I crushed my 7 month old S4 phone during the move. :/ So, I was totally without tech for a day. That was an expensive mistake/accident. But, I got a new S5, which is supposed to have a better camera. I did NOT like the S4′s camera. I haven’t decided if the S5′s is better, yet.

Now, to get unpacked and do some catching up on Second Life.


For the next 10 days or so I’ll be moving. I don’t know when my office will be back up. I’m moving from country life, as much as California has such a thing, into a small college town (50k 2010). Still inland San Diego area and I’ll have larger towns around me. Unfortunately no fiber optics, so I’ll be going with ATT Uverse wireless. I have no idea how well that will or won’t work. But, vacancy rates are 3% in SD just now. So, while I didn’t get what I want, I at least found something.

By Beverley Goodwin @ Flickr

By Beverley Goodwin @ Flickr

I won’t be in world much during the move. Nor will I be posting as my system will be down. I’ll have to see how the move goes before I’ll know when I’ll be back online.


Second Life’s Corn Field Reopens

Yesterday about noon the Lindens posted that Experience Keys can be tried out in the Corn Field. You can now try out the new features, at least from the user side. If you are into the creative side and have asked to participate in the Beta then expect to get a Key for use in creating your experience.

The post is here: Check Out Experience Keys in… The Cornfield!

You can get a viewer that is updated to use the new Experience Tools (XP Tools). The Project Viewer is here: Project Viewer version aka: Project Experience Tools Channel. It is now on the RC and Project Viewers page too.

Once installed you need to head to the Corn Field (SLURL). This used to be a place where people were forcibly teleported by the Governor’s Enforcement team and locked in for some time. It has history. The Lindens, or more specifically the Moles, have remade it to test the XP Tools.

I’m still trying to get into Hair Fair.

Second Life & Beyond

Designing Worlds hosted a discussion on how to support Second Life™ now that we know SL2 is on its way. Some are giving up on SL1, which some of us think is silly. The discussion focuses on sustaining SL1.

I covered this discussion in an earlier post. The video just came out.

See the video here: Second Life & Beyond.

Second Life News 2014-29


Maestro Linden is going on vacation. But, he did post the Deploys post Friday. It is planned that the Experience Tools package will be promoted to the main channel Tuesday, thus making it grid wide by late Wednesday.

Music Concert 2014

Music Concert 2014

There are no noticeable feature changes using the current SL Viewer. One needs the Experience Tools Project Viewer to use the changes provided by the server update. There is no official link to that viewer on the Project Viewers page, yet. Once the beta testing proceeds to Experience User testing we’ll see that viewer appear. For now testing is with Experience Creators.  Continue reading