Second Life Bits Week 36

Loki Eliot has an article up on why we aren’t hearing much about Experience Tools or seeing much in the way of ‘Experiences’. See: Where are the Seamless Experiences?

SL Streaming

In an earlier post I wrote of YouTube Gaming. Below is a recording of someone using it and streaming motion-capture into Second Life™. Hamlet has a mention of it too: Motion Capture Dancing Streamed Live Into SL! The video is an hour and 42 minutes… I have video starting the stream where you can see the avatar following Jessyka Richard  as she does her thing.

All the details you need to connect up a system and do this are pointed to by Hamlet in another article: How to Connect Kinect Motion Capture to Your SL Avatar. It leads you to: Kinect, Rinions, and Second LifeContinue reading

Second Life Server Week 36

We got a roll to the main channel this week. This is the package with Simulator Fixes and a fix for BUG-9504. There is nothing else available about those improvements.

WB BarDeco in Kekeland or Kekeland in BarDeco !! Awesome

WB BarDeco in Kekeland or Kekeland in BarDeco !! Awesome

The RC Channels will get one update on Blue Steel. The other channels, La Tigre, and Magnum, will continue running the package that rolled to the main channel. So, all regions except Blue Steel will be on the same package.  Continue reading

My Second Life and Prejudice Rant

Canary Beck is looking at people’s prejudices in Second Life™. She is writing about being on a panel discussing prejudice in SL. Seems prejudices are alive, well, and popular in SL just as it is in RL. She is thinking of studying the SL version of prejudice… but her preliminary questions seem superficial, uninformed, and narrow to me. What annoys me is prejudice is seen as the problem, it isn’t the problem, it is the symptom. So, I take exception to some of her thoughts and ideas.

HelaMiyo - Puppet poses

HelaMiyo – Puppet poses

In this day when political parties and activists have teams of psychologists and marketing types tailoring their messages and delivery systems based on the Lenin/Alinsky model. Looking at any behavior in this limited context is likely to miss the causes of our behavior. But, see Canary’s article: Real versus virtual prejudice comes down to choice in Second LifeContinue reading

AvaStar Passwords

Don’t lose your AvaStar purchase information. Gaia has announced that starting now they will not be assisting people to recover their purchase ID’s. Apparently too many people were losing their keys and using up too much time.

Kaelyn's B-day party

Kaelyn’s B-day party

Gaia has provided various ways to recover your purchase ID. So, one really has to spaced out not to be able to recover their information. You have to have forgotten which email you used, which avatar name, and the purchase date. Continue reading

YouTube Gaming and Second Life

If you are wondering what YouTube Gaming is, click over to Ciaran Laval’s blog and see: YouTube Gaming Launches And Second Life Has Its Own Channel. The short explanation is this is Google’s answer to Amazon’s Twitch… and if you don’t know what Twitch is… well… you are hopelessly sheltered. To pop your bubble… Twitch is a site that allows gamers to stream their game play. People can watch a video stream of a person, in-game, playing in almost (?) real time.

The recent news is Jimmy Kimmel thought it was a funny idea and made fun of YouTube Gaming. As they point out, considering how poorly TV is doing these day he hasn’t much room to talk. But, I thought the video funny.  Continue reading

Second Life Fashion Week 35

Second Life™ has fashion. From outrageous high fashion to clubbing to street slut and into the depths of humiliating bondage there is fashion in SL… whatever your taste or lack of… I’m more into what Kate del Castillo or Jessica Biel might wear, Latino and an American actresses, respectively.  There is a look I go for… whether I achieve it or not is debatable.

Dolls and Demons - Feedly Page

Dolls and Demons – Feedly Page

So, while I’m not a fashion writer, I am a bit of a fashion follower. So, finding the blog Dolls and Demons is like finding candy. Alles Klaar is the blogger and says:

This [Dolls and Demons] is a place of virtual fashion dreams and the occasional nightmare, with lots and lots of quirkiness in between. It’s a place that I call home and one that I hope you will visit too.

Continue reading

3 Reasons VR is to Fail Challenged

The Road to VR has an interesting article challenging 3 common ideas about why VR will fail. Well written and with rational challenges to the 3 common ideas about VR. See: The 3 Most Common Arguments Against VR and Why They’re Wrong.

Possibly Maybe...

Possibly Maybe…

One common thought about VR that I think has some merit is ‘gesture based’ control like Kinect is going to fail because users do not have enough room/space… or patience.  Continue reading