Project Sansar: World or Platform?

The seventh in Canary’s list of Second Life™ anxieties is about whether or not Sansar be a world or a number of small independent island like worlds? For the list jump here. This is a good question and I haven’t completely decided where I am on the answer. So, while I see this as mostly a fear of the unknown, it isn’t necessarily a false expectation.

Neva River VII

Neva River VII

One of Ebbe’s recent interviews revealed that the World Map is not a paradigm we are likely to see in Project Sansar®. That indicates the Lab is thinking more platform than world. But, this is sort of what the Lab originally thought for Second Life™. So, we have to consider how much weight we want to give this point. After all, there are those arguing whether SL is a game or development platform.  Continue reading

Sansar Privacy Anxiety?

The 6th item of Canary’s list of anxieties is about privacy in Project Sansar®. Will we have privacy in Sansar? A separation between our in-world persona and our RL identity?

For the list see: Are Second Life residents anxious about Project Sansar? For an answer on privacy read on.

Trompe Loeil - Autumn Cottage

Trompe Loeil – Autumn Cottage

The answer to whether we will have privacy in Project Sansar® is yes and no, at least from what has been revealed so far. It will be a bit like it is in Second Life™ but, different.

Sansar is going to have a slightly different account style. We have been told there will be a base account. We will need RL ID and financial information for the account, if we plan to move money and upload content. Government protections on money laundering and terrorist funds require the Lab have RL information for anyone receiving money. But, to jump into sansar and visit with a minimum of abilities it appears we will need to provide very little personal information. Continue reading

Scary truth about Project Sansar?

You’ll have noticed I am working my way through Canary’s list of Anxieties of Second Life™ users. See: Are Second Life™ residents anxious about Project Sansar? This post is about item 5: Fewer people in SL.

Fewer People?

Several bloggers and podcaster as well as in-world meetings have touched on this sensitive point. If one wanted something to say Canary’s list was not in the order of most worried about anxiety, this might be the one to point to.

To see the lonely man

To see the lonely man

I first covered the worry in: Second Life: Sansar Fragmentation Anxiety… and misspelled the title. I hate it when I do that.

However the fragmentation I write about there is not quite the same as the anxiety in Canary’s list. Or at least I don’t see them as the same. In ‘Fragmentation’ I was writing about how Sansar was sounding like it might be a more fragmented world than the Second Life world. The Canary anxiety item is more about Sansar pulling people away from SL.  Continue reading

OMG! Can I get laid in Sansar?

I think this is kind of funny. But the second anxiety Canary Beck came up with is just that question, not worded quite that way, but not being PC I don’t have to ‘imply’ it. I can just say it. See Canary’s: Are Second Life residents anxious about Project Sansar?



Canary indicates 60% of Second Life™ residents use SL to engage in adult activities. Not all adult activities involve sex. Some of the Zindra groups worked, or may still be working, to make people more cognizant of that point. But, engaging in some sexual activity is a large part of the adult activities in SL.  Continue reading

Kiss your Second Life inventory bye?

Canary’s list of anxieties Second Life™ residents has as items 3 and 4 a fear of losing their SL inventory and that they won’t be smart enough to use Sansar… See: Are Second Life™ residents anxious about Project Sansar?



I covered the loss of inventory in Second Life: Sansar Separation Anxiety. I think this fear is mostly imaginary. But, the issue is hard to define as there are types of loss to consider. It also requires a presupposition or two to think you’ll lose your inventory.  Continue reading

Is Second Life’s Sky Falling?

I suppose in a digital world whether or not the sky can fall is a programming choice. Whether you believe the sky is falling in a metaphorical sense is another matter and a personal choice. Canary Beck has published a list of 10 things that are causing some SL’ers anxiety. See: Are Second Life residents anxious about Project Sansar?

White Fantasy Christmas

White Fantasy Christmas

I disagree with lots of things Canary thinks. That doesn’t make her wrong and I’m not necessary correct. But, our different viewpoints should prompt readers to think.  Continue reading

Does FRAPS work on Windows 10?

I noticed a person in the Myst-Uru community mentioning that FRAPS is not working on their Windows 10 machine. I am on the verge of updating my main machine to 10. So, what is going on?

First: a visit to the FRAPS web site. FRAPS is advertised for Windows up to version 7. The newest version is 3.5.99 released in February 2013… two years ago. Are they going to update it for Windows 10? I can’t find any information to reliably answer that question. I did see some people commenting that the past update rate of several times a year stopped in Feb 2013. Queries using the contact form at FRAPS have mostly gone unanswered.

The June 2015 video shows FRAPS working in Win10 on older hardware. Some searching shows people are having problems with FRAPS on Win10. There is some discussion of the issue in the FRAPS Windows 10 Issues thread at the Microsoft. Continue reading

Is There Climate Warming Fraud?

For support of the UN’s IPCC claim that manmade CO2 is warming the world the UN needs to be able to measure temperature change and show warming. But, what if someone were faking the data? We have a new study of the temperature data records used to show warming and what happens if you compare the current data to 2010 data. What does it show?

Winter Tales

Winter Tales


In February 2015 the US Congress was starting to consider an investigation of NOAA and NASA and their handling of temperature data. We have lots of people looking at recent data and some even recording their own. So, we should be able to see any faking of recent data. But, there doesn’t seem to be any recent faking of data. The fakery is elsewhere. Continue reading