AvaStar 2.0-Alpha-3 Update

AvaStar, the Blender add-on for Second Life animation, has released a new update. The details are here: Avastar-2.0-alpha_3_blender-2-77. This is not a version for regular use. It requires that you use the Project Bento viewer to upload the animations made with it. You can upload to either the main or preview grids.

This release has a new avatar and the latest Project Bento skeleton. I suspect that there is a free updated skeleton somewhere. But, I have not yet gone looking for it.

There are some bugs in this version. Read the article at Machinimatrix for the details. Most of the problems have work-arounds.


Photoshop Updates

Those of us subscribing to the Adobe CC have received a set of updates. One of which is the latest version of Photoshop.

They have moved things around. So, some of the features I regularly use are not where I expect them to be. Annoying. But, once I get used to the changes, it will be better. Less clicks. And there is a new feature for masking and selection.

Photoshop Updates

Photoshop Updates

Second Life Tutorial: RLV, Mesh, and Folders – How it works, How to Use

What RLV is…

RLV = Restrained Love Viewer, formerly Restrained Life Viewer. But Linden Lab® thought that use of the word Life in the name infringed on or put at risk their Second Life™ trademark. So, they pushed on those developing RLV and it changed.

RLV in the Adult Hub

RLV training in the Adult Hub

What RLV is, is a set of tools built into a viewer that extends what we can do with Second Life™. The RLV capable viewers have a way for users to program/control each other’s viewers. Just as the Lab’s Advanced Experience Tools (AET) allow a programmer to; attach a HUD to your viewer, teleport your avatar, and do other things without the normal user interaction. So too, RLV allows a programmer to do similar things with your viewer and avatar. The difference between AET and RLV is in the flavor and amount of control the user gives  to a third party.  Continue reading

Second Life: UKanDo Viewer – Going on the shelf?

Connor Monaron has posted about the state and status of the UKanDo Viewer.  In short, due to real life work calling Connar away, the viewer has not and is not updating. Nor will it be updated in the new few months. See: Updates. Or lack of?

On a Prayer

On a Prayer

This is not the end of UKanDo. Once Connor’s work allows him to be home, we will see a new version of the UKanDo viewer. At least that is the plan as of now.

Seraphim HUD

Strawberry Singh has recently released a video on the Seraphim HUD and website. If you are into Second Life shopping and like to catch the shopping events you want this HUD.

If you are a merchant participating in events you are going to want to figure out how to get your event added into the HUD. Jump to the SeraphimSL website. I was curious how they find out about all these events.  Continue reading