Third Party Viewer Devs Meeting 2016 w30

This meeting ran 38 minutes. The last 12 being mostly a search for the Simple Inventory Management Viewer. A 2010 project in the version 3.2 era. Not information most of us care about. Kitty Barrnett was hoping to use it as a starting point for a inventory related project.

Don't think you knew you were in this song

Don’t think you knew you were in this song


Second Life Maintenance Viewer version – Updated Friday. It is looking good as likely to promote to main viewer in week 31. It depends on how it does over the weekend. As of Friday Oz was cautious optimistic it would promote. Continue reading

Firestorm Viewer Release? 2016 w30/31

Firestorm is expected to release a new version Sunday, 7/31. But, it may get delayed a week. Everything depends on developers and QA testers.

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel

I haven’t seen the rash of wiki changes that usually proceeds a release. So, other than the source being generally reliable, I have no other evidence the release is happening.

But, one is due and soon.

New Photoshop CC… ugh

Adobe updates their software often. Recently they updated Photoshop (15.5.0). I just got the previous version figured out… now things have moved around again.

Nalates - July 2016

Nalates – July 2016

This image required I clip me out of the picture and put in a shadow and background. The entire refine selection process has changed. I had to go find a tutorial. Here is the tutorial that got me started on the right foot.  Continue reading

Misunderstanding the Second Life Lindex

A lot was written a few weeks ago about the instability in the Second Life™ Lindex. Darrius Gothly wrote: The Math Behind the LindeX. It has enough misconceptions I am moved to provide a counter point and more accurate information.

Marionette - 3

Marionette – 3

I’m moved to do it at this time because of a recent post in the forum. Some one thought selling L$ at L$265/US$1  on July 29 was setting the price to high… high!?! No that is pretty low, for a seller.  Continue reading

What is the 2016 Titan X Pascal?

A few days ago NVIDIA released the GTX1060. The 1060 is the mid-range video card for gamers. The GTX1080 has been out for some time and it was the top end video graphics card for gamers. Now 25% faster than the 1080 is NVIDIA’s 2016 Titan X (Pascal) Video Card nearing its release date, August 2, 2016. (NowInStock)

2016 Titan X - Coming 8/2/2016

2016 Titan X – Coming 8/2/2016

The cost of a GTX1080 is in the US$700 to $800 range. The 2016 Titan X is rumored to have a MSRP of $1,200. That is 50% more in cost for 25% more in performance. Not the most GPU per dollar but, it is fast. For the enthusiast this is sort of like comparing a Geo-Metro to a Farrari using cost per pound (kilogram) or top speed. Incomplete comparison. Continue reading

Now in Stock – The Trick to Buying it NOW



I’ve got to tell you about a great site I learned about. It is so handy. Love it.

In the process of building my new computer I hit a purchasing problem. As I often buy things from eBay I’ve become accustomed to knowing when I can get an item. Things are ‘Buy It Now’ or the remaining time in the auction shows. I can control my wait time. But, getting a GTX1060 was proving to be a problem.  Continue reading

Second Life News 2016 w30


There is no roll out to the main channel this week. There is a package rolling to the RC channels Wednesday. This package is described as: Minor internal logging changes.

Sensual Summer

Sensual Summer


The main viewer is version No change since last week.

RC Second Life Maintenance Viewer version – This is a new version. Last week

Second Life Project Bento Viewer version – No change since last week. I doubt we will see any change until Vir Linden returns from vacation.

Second Life Project VLC Media Plugin Viewer version – No change.

Second Life Project VOB Viewer version – No change.

Rumor is there will be a Firestorm Viewer update yet this month.