Second Life Losing the Linux Viewer?

The fate of the Second Life Linux version viewer is now up to the Linux community of Second Life. In the Third Party Devlopers’ meeting Oz Linden spoke about the Lab’s Linux support for the near term future. Basically the Lab is going to provide less Linux support.


Identity by Jewel Appletor aka Karalyn Hubbard, on Flickr

There are two reasons; one is the Lab’s limited resources and second the new projects they will be starting in the next months or so, which I take to mean late May or early June. Continue reading

Second Life TPD Viewers Update

Oz Linden in the Third Party Developers’ meeting mentioned that the Tools Update Viewer made it to main viewer status. That means the Lab is now fully committed to building viewers with VS2013.

Fantasy Faire 2015 - Ichi-go Ichi-e - I

Fantasy Faire 2015 – Ichi-go Ichi-e – I by Caitlin ‘Caity’ Tobias, on Flickr

Since the Tools viewer got promoted the main viewer is less crashy then previous versions 2% less. That is a significant improvement. While 2% may sound like a small number, it is a significant improvement.  Continue reading

Second Life Viewer Managed Marketplace Update

At this weeks Third Party Developers’ (TPD) UG meeting Brooke Linden provided an update on Viewer Managed Marketplace (VMM).

gentle bride

gentle bride by mmm lisichka, on Flickr

The VMM beta has launched on the main grid. They are limiting access to the beta for now. Also, VMM is currently only in English. In a couple of weeks the localization (multi-language support) will be in place. You can get more information about VMM in the wiki’s VMM FAQ. Additional information is in the Knowledge Base: VMM. And there is technical information on the VMM API here.  Continue reading

Second Life: EBody Review

Looks like we have another mesh body out, EBody by ABAR. The Mesh Addicts blog has a review of the body. See: New Mesh Body Review – EBody by ABAR. The actual review is on another page, I’m not sure why they did that, unless it is the nude avatar…

EBody 2015 ARC

EBody 2015 ARC

They show the nude body, HUD, and list compatibilities. But, they include no ARC comparison, which is a shame. I got the demo so I could look to see how dense the polygon mesh of the body is.

I started with my nude base avatar with hair, ear rings, Slink hands and feet. It has an ARC of 54,127. Adding the EBody and alpha layer the ARC jumps to 131,391. In my article Second Life: Mesh Body Revolution I used a bas avatar with an ARC of 44,571 (9,556 less than the current base). A Slink body pushed that to 59,251. Maitreya’s mesh body pushed the ARC to 94,381. On this 44k avatar EBODY would come in at 121,835. So, EBody is the highest ARC of the four.

Second Life: Viewer Managed Marketplace

VMM or Viewer Managed Marketplace, is getting close. There is a recent wiki page that was created in November 2014 that has just updated. The beta testing information is still there. It instructs one on how to get involved in testing and refers people to the LS Knowledge Base for more details on using VMM.


Princess by Iris Okiddo, on Flickr

See: Viewer-managed Marketplace (Beta)  Continue reading

Second Life Games: The Bushido Challenge

Second Life has a number of in-world games… we probably need a better word than game, which is nebulous and ambiguous. Whatever the case, Honour McMillan has found, what I’ll call, a puzzle-adventure game called The Bushido Challenge.

~Modern Punk~

~Modern Punk~ by Luaflor Moo, on Flickr

She has photos and a bit of the story. It should give us something to do while we wait for UNIA to open. You’ll find this game in-world in Soyokaze.

It is a challenging game. If you like puzzles, like the Myst game, this will be something I think you’ll enjoy. I have yet to figure out how to use the talking monkeys to get hints. Its fun. I have yet to solve the game.

There was one player solving the ladder puzzle. He could see and find the parts but not the assembled ladder. I assumed he needed to relog. I suggest you wait to assemble the ladder until you find the hint about monkeys…

My Blog Week 17

Yesterday my Internet was down. It will be down again April 29 to May 3. I’ll still have access to the net via my phone. I even have the WordPress plugin that lets me manage and post from my phone. But, it is far too tedious to type or dictate articles on my phone. So, it is unlikely I will be posting during that time.

The Fantasy Faire 2015

The Fantasy Faire 2015 by Tessa, on Flickr

Also, I’ll be traveling this week and next week. So, my posting will be intermittent. It will probably be May 8 or so before I return to more regular posting.

This morning I’ve updated the WordPress software and database. It has lots of nice changes for WP admins and authors.