OSGrid Down

Hypergrid Business has an article up on problems over at OSGrid, my favorite OpenSim grid. It seems that Tuesday or maybe Monday some time the asset servers went down. The word coming from OSGrid peeps is that the RAID drives in the asset system failed.

The content of the asset servers will have to be restored from backups. There is typically a huge amount of data in an asset system for a virtual world. So, this will take some time. They are giving no estimates of when they think OSGrid will be back online.

Not knowing how big the data collection is for OSGrid or what the backup media is or how it is connected we can’t guess at the time needed to move the data. But, it could be days, hopefully way less.

Second Life Bits 2014-34

India on Second Life

There is an article in India Times’ Economic Times on a company making US$16k/month from virtual animals, Fennux. It seems there are 1.2 million of the little guys in SL.

Fantasy Fair 2014

Fantasy Fair 2014

We find they think there are about  4,000 users logging into SL from India. I am not sure how they know that. Also, that they spend 67,000 hours in SL. I wonder if the Indian government is logging their Internet activity?

See: A Tumkur start-up VentureNext earns Rs 10 lakh a month by creating virtual creaturesContinue reading

New TPV on Linden List

I see that Oz Linden added the Alchemy Viewer to the Third Party Viewer list. They describe it as: An experimental Second Life™ viewer striving to be at the forefront of stability, performance, and technological advancement in the open-source metaverse viewer field.

Derivative of Henry Jose's image - Flickr

Derivative of Henry Jose’s image – Flickr

Sovereign Engineer is the lead in this viewer’s development. The blog is here. The downloads are here. The blog still lists the viewer as a beta version. There are only 32-bit versions, AFAIK.

The list of people working on the viewer is shown as:

Drake Arconis (sovereign.engineer) | Project Manager | Lead Developer
Cryo (luminous.luminos) | Linux Developer
Cinder (cinder.roxley) | Mac Developer
Lirusaito (inusaito.kanya) | Feature Fox

The blog appears to have started in June 2013. Inara did a review of the viewer in April 2014: Alchemy: cooking up a TPVContinue reading

Myst-Uru Update 2014

The Myst™ series of games peaked, I think, with the creation of Myst Online: Uru Live® (now free to play), an early MMORPG and contemporary with then startup Second Life™. Since peaking Myst is heard from less and less with almost no news coverage now. The core fans still love it and post 20 to 50 comments in the forum each day.

Myst: Uru Live - By ddb174

Myst: Uru Live – By ddb174

In-game play will see a few concurrent players but there are times with maybe 50 concurrent players. That may change soon. For years fans have wanted to build ages (game play areas like SL’s private regions) and add them to the main Uru Live play. At this year’s Mysterium, an annual fan get together, Cyan Worlds, Inc., the creators of Myst, announced they plan to add some fan ages to the main online version of the game and possibly some content from other episodes of the Myst series. Continue reading

Second Life News 2014-34


Not much going on here. The Deploy post arrived on Sunday. No rollout to the main channel this week. The RC Channels will get an update that eliminates a crash condition.


Open Source UG – 2014-34


The main viewer is now 3.7.14-292638. This is the Library Refresh Viewer. There is a fix in this version for gray avatars. If you have gray avatars, look in your log file for Transferred a partial file errors. They think they have it fixed, but cannot know as they have not been able to reproduce the problem in the Lab.

You can find the list of updated libraries in the viewer’s release notesContinue reading

512k Internet Slow Down

There is currently a problem with the Internet. Some time ago I wrote of the change from IPv4 to IPv6, which is a change in the standard way of assigning Internet addresses to devices. We were running out of addresses. New hardware capable of handling larger addresses has to be added and has been being added for the last couple of years.

Now another growth pain is starting to impact users as the Internet grows more complicated. We are seeing slow Internet and sites we cannot connect to because the routers that direct traffic from place to place run out of memory. The older routers can typically hold 512,000 addresses. Sounds like plenty. But, that is what they thought about addresses too.

The problems are hitting in the USA and Canada as older routers max’d out. The problem right now is that Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)routing tables have grown too large for some top-level Internet routers to handle. The result is that these routers can no longer properly handle Internet traffic. The result is they get confused and fail to rout anything, forget some routes and stop forwarding traffic destined for those routes, or just ignores that traffic. Whatever they do, your connection slows to a crawl as the system tries to find a way to route you packet to the destination or fails altogether.

You can figure out if you are running into this problem by doing trace route testing. See my Troubleshooting your Connection. If you are hitting the problem you will see your packets fail to get past some router.

The problem has to be fixed by the Internet Service Providers, mostly the backbone providers. About all you can do is suffer and complain to your ISP. The Trace Route information will help them get THEIR complaints to the right people.

If you want more information, search on 512k Internet.

Firestorm Viewer Release 4.6.7-42398 is Here

Firestorm has released a new viewer. That happened Sunday sometime. The announcement is here: Firestorm Viewer Release 4.6.7-42398.

There are some great fixes in this version. One for Mac users is the Alt-cam clicking that sent the camera flying away. There is still work being done on selecting things in Mac versions, so there is more to come along this line. And there is a 64-bit Beta Mac version. They also have a partial fix for the s l o w typing bug on Mac. I’ll refer you to Inara’s article for the details on that.

OPen Source Meeting - 2014-34

OPen Source Meeting – 2014-34

Inara Pey has a review of the viewer up here: Firestorm 4.6.7: rolling forward. I’ll cover things she didn’t and some she did.

She points out that Mac users on 4.4.2 will be able to continue using it. It will not be subjected to Firestorm’s 3-version rule UNTIL all the Cocoa bugs are fixed. This is a big concession from the FS Team. It would be easier for them to not have to support more than 3 versions.

If you are running 4.5.1 Beta, it is going to be blocked soon. So, upgrade before you find yourself locked out of SL on that viewer. Continue reading