Second Life: Third-Party Viewer Developers’ UG

This is the meeting of March 24, 2017. Not many people were there. Not much news. Some update on the RC viewers.

Normally I watch Pantera Północy’s videos of the meeting. But, he missed the last two meetings. So, I decided to video this one. But, Pantera was there and his usual video is here: Second Life: Third Party Viewer meeting (24 March 2017).

This is sort of a playing-in-SL-video for me. Probably a one time thing. I doubt I’ll video future meetings as long as Pantera is posting his videos.

Second Life Bits 2017 w12

Second Life™ Photo Contest

Inara tells us about Filling the Cauldron, a photo contest open to everyone. See her article for the details.

City corners 3

City corners 3

In ‘cauldron’ related news Prim Dolls provides information of a more personal nature. Elicio Ember’s father is fighting to recover from a stroke. So, there is a benefit event. See: Ember’s Cauldron: Welcome! Stores from all over the grid are involved.  Continue reading

Second Life News 2017 w12


There is a roll out to the main channel today, Tuesday. This is the package described as: Added a new internal logging output and changes to increase stability and security.

Gräfin von Chenonceaux

Gräfin von Chenonceaux

At last week’s Beta Server group meeting they were discussing the next coming package. It will have the change to CDN (Content Delivery Network) of more assets. Something is causing it to fail to grant capabilities to users. I could cam into a failed region but, not enter the region.  Continue reading

Second Life News 2017 w11


Now that the SL Forum is back we are getting the Deploy notices.



There was no update on the main channel this Tuesday. Wednesday the RC channels got a new package. This in the same line as previous packages:

  • Added a new internal logging output
  • Changes to increase stability and security

We can assume that previous logging is leading to places where code can be optimized and processes improved. But, we aren’t hearing much more than that.  Continue reading

Second Life News 2017 w10


Who knows? The Second Life blog/forum is still off line. There is no ETA for its return. Every week or so they post in Grid Status about it being down. Duh! And that it is taking longer than expected to get it going. The excuse is they want to be sure they get it right… the post must be written by a former politician… They blew the time estimate. Software developers ALWAYS run into unexpected problems.

I'll stop the world and melt with you

I’ll stop the world and melt with you

The Grid status seems to be on automatic so, update or not it tells us there is an update. My region device tells me the main channel region I live in has not restarted since 2/24. So, no roll to main channel today (Tuesday) as of 10 AM SLT/PT. Continue reading

Second Life News 2017 w09


This week (Tuesday) the main channel is not being updated or restarted. The RC channels are getting an update and that requires a restart.

[Pose with me] Virile

[Pose with me] Virile

Mazidox Linden writes the Deploys announcement even more briefly than Caleb did. Comparing the version number going to each of the three RC channels it appears they are all getting the same package.

The Release Notes list some improvements and a known bug.  Continue reading

Second Life: What Viewer Statistics?

If you have ever pressed Ctrl-Shift-1 to reveal the Viewer Statistics panel and wondered what all the stuff means, there is a good explanation of the items in the panel over at the Firestorm Viewer Wiki. See: Firestorm Viewer Statistics. Almost the same information is available in the SL Wiki: Viewer help: Statistics.

Network Transfer Rate Comparison

I think on both sites they have simplified the text for the less techy users. I think that is a bad idea, as the people looking for explanations of how the items in the panel work are likely tech savvy.

The first four items listed on the pages are the source of a lot of confusion; FPS, Bandwidth, Lost Packets, and Ping. So, I’ll provide a bit more information. Continue reading

Second Life: Performance Changing

As the Second Life™ system advances more of the content will be transferred to the viewer by HTTP protocol. This takes load from UDP and the region server-simulators and moves it to the Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Shadow Puppets!

Shadow Puppets!

We expect some degree of region performance improvement, especially in crowded regions with lots of avatars. But, there may be a cost for those on slow Internet connections. It is hard to estimate the impact on those with slow connections. But, there are things they can do if they see performance degrade. Continue reading