Black Dragon Viewer Updated Week 22

Inara is covering the update of the Black Dragon Viewer for Second Life™, version See: Black Dragon snapshot floater and cinematic camera.

The effect of the new Cinematic/Head Tracking Camera is shown in the video. I would have to play with the camera to see if I like it and think it useable, which has nothing to do with whether it is or isn’t. The effect in the video is pretty neat.

I may have to try it to see how it works with the SpaceNavigator, which uses flycam mode when controlling the camera..

NiranV is working on the viewer’s snapshot panel. NiranV designed the panel that appears in the SL Viewer distributed by the Lab. In NiranV’s viewer the panel is apparently evolving. That is S.O.P. for NiranV, which is the reason I like the Black Dragon Viewer but don’t use it. I like the innovation. I hate continually having to figure out how things work or what controls have moved to where with each update.

It isn’t as bad as I may make it sound. I think everyone that takes pictures or makes machinima in SL should try the viewer.

Second Life News Week 20

From the Third Party Viewer UG meeting we get a little news. It was another short meeting.

What The......!

What The……! – by Simone Landers, on Flickr


RC Second Life Big Bird Viewer version – This viewer has fixes for some attachment-related issues. The Lindens are not anticipating any difficulties with this viewer, so this one should be moving to promotion as the default viewer soon.

There are some server side fixes for attachment problems that are in the works.  Continue reading

Second Life Viewer: RC Second Life Big Bird Viewer version

This viewer was promoted from a Project Viewer to an RC viewer today. This viewer has fixes for some attachment-related issues, particularly when multiple attachments are added or removed at the same time. It also has enhanced logging, so your SecondLife.log file will have some additional lines related to avatar state in general and attachments in particular.


Illumination by Leonorah Beverly, on Flickr

Being promoted from Project to RC means this version is closer to what will eventually be released as the main default viewer. It will also likely be more stable than it was as a Project Viewer. So, if you have been having attachment issues, this is probably the viewer to try to solve your problems.

Firestorm Viewer 4.7.1-45325

I downloaded a copy today. Installed it, no problem. I did the remove and then  install process, which is annoying. But, enough people have problems when they install over the last install, it is probably a good idea.


*125 by Mia Sparks, on Flickr

It is hard for me to remember when I made my last settings back up. But, the ‘restore’ settings seems to have missed a few settings. I reset those few manually and made a new backup of the settings.  Continue reading

Second Life Layer Limits RC Viewer

This morning a new RC viewer installed: Second Life 3.7.29-301305, the  Layer Limits RC Viewer. The release notes are here.



The primary change in this version is:

The Layer Limits viewer lets you wear up to 60 wearables of any type. We’ve changed the logic for what limits are enforced on clothing worn by avatars: previously, we restricted avatars to 5 items for each type of removable clothing wearable such as shirts, pants, jackets, tattoos and alpha masks. With this viewer, we instead enforce a total limit of 60 wearables of all such types combined. So if you really want to you can wear 60 tattoos as long as you wear none of anything else.

These changes do not apply to body part wearables (skin, shape, hair, eyes), for which the limit is still one of each, and do not affect attachments, for which the limit is still 38 total.

This version installed and started without any glitches. The previous RC version choked as it started installing from a post login notice. This time it notified me at viewer launch before login. I’m not sure that makes a difference, but this install worked better than the last.

This version keeps the one-login-button user interface. I assume the Lindens are continuing to do A-B testing of the login process. I just wonder if they have a log of their test results. Will those working on the viewer 2 or 3 years from now be repeating these tests or have prior test data to review?

I’ve only used the viewer for a little over an hour. About an hour plus in it went Not Responding and hung there. After 3 or 4 minutes it seemed to reset and log me off as if I had lost my Internet connection.

I won’t know if this is a consistent problem until I have more time to use the viewer.

Second Life: Firestorm Viewer Release Eminent

At the Third Party Developers’ meeting  Ed Merry man said that the Firestorm Development Team is planning to the next version of Firestorm in 10 days (from Friday’s TPD meeting)… May 3rd.

Avilion Nexus 2

Avilion Nexus 2 by Johannes1977 Resident, on Flickr

This release is about 6 months after the last release. The normal release schedule is a new version every 3 months. The way things have worked out, that hasn’t been possible for the Firestorm Team.  Continue reading