Second Life: How to FIX SLURL’s

How do we tell our computer which viewer to use when we click a SLURL in a web browser? I’ll explain what happens and show you how to make the change (at least for Windows – Sorry, I’m not an Apple person). Plus, I’ll give you the link to the way easy tool for this task that the Firestorm peeps made.

Firestorm Default Viewer Selection Tool

The Firestorm people are aware of the problem and made a tool similar to Firefox’s process for handling protocol settings. You can find it here: SLURL Proxy.

SLURL Proxy – Control your SLURL’s

Install this program. Drag and drop your viewer icons in it. Select one for your default choice. Once setup, when you click an SLURL the program will use the default you have selected.

Run the program again to make changes. Easy.  Continue reading

Second Life News 2016 w51

I thought we would be in the no change window all this week. But, the Lindens have decided to roll last week’s RC update to the main channel… or they automated the forum posting like they did the status reports… naw.

♥ Believe in the Magic of Christmas ♥

♥ Believe in the Magic of Christmas ♥

The package rolling to the main channel is listed as having ‘improved internal server logging’. So, it makes sense to me that there is little likelihood of new bugs being introduced by adding and changing logging features. The week in testing probably revealed no performance change problems for this package. So, why not roll it out?  Continue reading

Third Party Dev Meeting 2016 w50

64-Bit Linden Viewer

Oz Linden tells us they are making progress on the 64-bit version of the Linden made Second Life™ viewer. Also, they are cleaning up a lot of stuff in the process.

Candy Cane dismount

Candy Cane dismount

There is a small possibility of having a project version of the 64-bit version out before the full no change window break.

Voice Viewer

The new voice update is likely after the first of the new year. It fixes some things and improves voice diagnostics. Continue reading

Is Firestorm Faster?

Lots of people are saying the new Firestorm Viewer 5.0.1 is faster than previous versions. My personal experience is it is. But, what I really want to know is it faster than the default Linden Viewer 5.0.0. Here I find the results a bit mixed.

Performance Comparison – Click to Enlarge

The image shows my front porch where I did some of the testing. In the image starting on the left I have 3 Firestorm and then 3 Linden viewer numbers. The first FPS from ground level at my house is labeled FS 5.0.1 and shows an FPS of 78.3. The number was bouncing between 75 and 84 FPS.  Continue reading

Firestorm Viewer 5.0.1 Released

Yesterday in my SL News I mentioned the rumor that the Firestorm Dev Team would release version 5.0.1. The viewer hasn’t updated since August 2016, four plus months. It did release late Tuesday. Once word spread the Firestorm site overloaded, I think, and has been down on and off ever since.

Firestorm Overload – Dec 2016 – Firefox

You can expect that behavior to continue today.  Continue reading

Second Life News 2016 w50


The main channel got a server update today, Tuesday. This is the package that ran on the RC chnnels last week. The changes:

  • Adds Feature: BUG-6377 llGetObjectDetails(id,[OBJECT_ATTACHED_SLOTS_AVAILABLE])
  • Adds Feature: BUG-40871 Add new llGetEnv() constant “region_object_bonus”
  • Internal Changes

Tomorrow, Wednesday, the RC channels will get a new package. It is described as having: Improved internal server logging.

A cold Day at home

A cold Day at home


The main viewer updated to the Project Bento viewer last week, No change from last week.

RC Second Life Maintenance Viewer version is an update from last week’s This probably just catches this version up with the Bento release.

Second Life Project 360 Snapshot Viewer version No change from last week.

Rumor is Firestorm will release TODAY….  Continue reading

Firestorm Viewer Near Release

Today I see Firestorm has posted the release notes to Firestorm version 5.0.1 (52150). They are a work in progress. They include a link to an article on Inara’s blog, which is not yet live. It’s just a place holder link. So, it is looking like a release is imminent.

According to the notes as written now they say Firestorm will have all the features of Linden’s 5.0.0 release plus some features and fixes from ‘upstream’ versions, meaning I suppose Linden RC versions.

The 5 numbering in the version means it WILL be Bento supporting. While that is no big thing for most users today, as there is little Bento content on the grid, it is big  in that it moves Bento ahead in a huge way.

The RLVa features have been updated to version API: RLV v3.1.4 / RLVa v2.0.3.50527. They have linked to a page with the details of that update. For most users this only means we’ll soon see RLV collar and relay updates soon.

The current Release Notes page has lots of work remaining to be done. I don’t see it being possible to complete it today. But, that may not prevent a viewer release. However, I think it suggests the release date may be a day or few away. I’m betting between now and the 18th.

Those using the Preview version of this coming release are liking it. Rumors are some are seeing performance improvements and few crashes. My 4.7.9 version crashes almost every time I use it for over 30 minutes. Fortunately, mostly only on exit.


Second Life News 2016 w/49


The main channel got the RC package Tuesday. This is another of those packages with “minor internal” changes.

Homo Faber 3

Homo Faber 3

The RC channels got a new package too. The release notes tell us:

  • Adds Feature: BUG-6377 llGetObjectDetails(id,[OBJECT_ATTACHED_SLOTS_AVAILABLE])
  • Adds Feature: BUG-40871 Add new llGetEnv() constant “region_object_bonus”
  • Internal Changes

These features haven’t made it to the wiki yet. They are at this point beta versions of the functions. The SLOTS_AVAILABLE item is for those working with Experiences. It is handy to know if an avatar has used up all the attachment slots before trying to attach something else to the avatar. Continue reading