Firestorm’s Tool Tip Tuesday 09

It was Tuesday again. Seems to happen every week. This last Tuesday another FS Tip came out.

In this one Jessica is teaching us about the command line available in the Firestorm Viewer’s chat. This is one of the way neat things about the Firestorm Viewer. There are plenty of neat features. But, this command line thing is something power users will likely use several times per login secession.

These tip videos are getting about 9,000+ views after a couple of weeks. This is a very small percentage of the Firestorm users. Since Firestorm is used by more than half, closer to three-quarters, of the users of Second Life that means very few people know about TTT Videos. Pass around the link to the YouTube Channel.

New RC Login Viewer

Login Viewer version – Some time ago we got the multi-login buttons viewer. This version is a reversion to a single login button. No one has offered any explanation. I assume the Lab is watching stats and making decisions. I don’t see a related JIRA item.


I sort of like the multiple login buttons.

Project Managed Marketplace Viewer version – This Project Viewer was updated on the 13th. The release notes list 22 fixes for this version.

There are 3 RC Viewers and 5 Project Viewers. Click the download link above to see them.


Firestorm’s Tuesday Tip 2015-08

This week is the power users tool: Contact Sets. They have a 6 minute video.

This is a must know tool for those team combat games. It allows you create groups of people and to set those people to show as a specific color on the mini-map.

If you work with lots of people in any way, this is a tool that will make life easier.

The tip from 2 weeks ago, Auto Replace, has been watched about 9,000 times. Last week’s tip, People Panel, is showing about 3,000 views. This is not a lot of people considering the number of people using Firestorm.

If you point people to SL tutorials, please add this YouTube channel to your list of place to refer people to.

Firestorm Viewer 4.6.1 to be Blocked

Firestorm Logo

Firestorm Logo

The Firestorm Team announced last Friday (2/13) that they will be blocking their viewer version 4.6.1. Versions and 4.6.9 will be the only versions that can log into Second Life. They strongly advise that you upgrade to and use version 4.6.9.

Official Firestorm Announcement is here.

An exception is being made for version 4.4.2 on the Mac side. The problems from Apple’s change to Cocoa have been the reason for this version being allowed to stay on the grid. The Linden position is the problems are from Apple’s upgrades and they are fixed in new Apple Operating System (OS) versions. I understand the updates are free, so there is little reason not to upgrade. But, old hardware can be a problem. But, some decent machines are going for US$200 on eBay. Continue reading

Second Life News 2015-07 2

This past Friday was the Third Party Developers’ User Group meeting. This one was longer than recent ones and lots was discussed. Video:


Project Managed Marketplace Viewer (VMM) version – A new version of this Project Viewer was released Friday. A blog post about it was being prepared Friday (2/13). A feedback meeting is planned. Brooke sounds like a politicians when talking about the meeting. It is going to be about explaining the feature and getting feedback.  Continue reading

New Firestorm Release Coming

Firestorm Logo

Firestorm Logo

The Firestorm (FS) team is tentatively planning a viewer release for March, which they hope will have all the Linden updates and bring FS current with the SL Viewer. There is some concern about whether the Lab will have Viewer Managed Marketplace (VMM) ready in time for the FS Team to integrate it into FS for the next release.

The anticipated release for VMM is near the FS feature freeze window for the March release date for FS’ new version. That means the FS people  have to rush the inclusion or delay the release, if the Lab hits their early release date, which could happen. I wouldn’t bet on it. But, I also wouldn’t bet against it.  Continue reading

Second Life Bits 2015-07

Unreal Engine

Jo Yardley has posted about the graphics available when world builders use the Unreal Engine. See: Stunning demo shows what is possible in VR graphics with Unreal Engine.

I am sure it will be pretty awesome to use the Oculus Rift HMD in a world like this.


Ciaran Laval has an article up on his site that gives a good summary of recent changes in Second Life and coming changes. See: Linden Lab Ask Us To Check Out Improvements To Second Life. I’ve mentioned some of these weeks ago but he goes into more detail and collects them into one place.

Daniel Voyager has a similar article: Linden Lab publishes upcoming improvements to Second Life.

Directly from the Lab: Check Out the Latest Improvements to Second LifeContinue reading