Catznip Viewer Updates to R10

I think the Catznip viewer for Second Life™ has been around since about the time I joined SL, early 2008. Inara Pey has been covering viewers since before then. Her earliest article on Catznip, that I found, is September 2011. I suspect there were earlier ones. My earliest is February 2011, back when I was looking for the best viewer and doing reviews.

Royal Flush

Royal Flush

In my 2011 review I was noting that Catznip had not updated for about a year. At the time Catznip was not listed in the Linden’s 3rd Party Viewers list. It is now, as 1 of 8 full feature viewers.  Continue reading

Second Life News Week 2 – #2

This past week a Third Pary Develpoers’ meeting was held. Not much in the way of NEW news, but lots of updates… except for one big block buster.




The Maintenance RC got prompted Friday morning and is now the main SL viewer: 4.0.1-310054. If you have been having problems and low FPS this release should help. This version is the second main viewer with the CEF. It also has lots of fixes.  Continue reading

Firestorm News Week 1

It is probably important for some to know that Firestorm Viewer 4.7.1 Public Beta will be blocked starting tomorrow 1/7/16. Reference Also, after the next release (February? March?) the version 4.6.9, used by Windows XP and Mac 10.6 users, will be blocked.


The Firestorm Team has made a second request for help with their gateway project. This time they are asking for user testimonials. They will be adding these to their web gateway pages that lead new users to their gateway regions. See: Share Your Love of Second Life with a Testimonial.

Firestorm Gateway Dec 2015

Firestorm Gateway Dec 2015

If you have a blog or other web site, you can help by linking to Firestorm’s gateway landing pages. See their ‘share’ post for a list of the 6 landing pages. You’ll also find them in my blog roll.  Continue reading

Flash & Second Life @ v4.0

The UKanDo viewer version 4.0 has released. When going to download it I noticed their note that Flash won’t work with this viewer, unless you take some special steps. This is because v4.0 viewers have changed from older web tech, Webkit, to the newer Chromium Embedded Framework.

 This is a lovely angle too - The Rocks Falling Down The Mountain

Visit Winter Wonderland in Second Life

There is a lot of stuff on the grid that uses flash. So, if you need to display Flash in the viewer go to this Linden article: How to use Adobe Flash in Second Life Viewer 4.0 and later. Continue reading

Ghost Town Screw Ups

This time I’ll warn you up front, the title is a deliberately ambiguous headline.

Ghost Town Welcome Sign

Ghost Town Welcome Sign

We have lots of interesting Second Life™ promotions stuff going on. Firestorm is asking for people to submit photos: Share your photos this weekend to promote Second Life. The photos will go in the Firestorm Gateway section of Flickr. Canary Beck is moderating the photo pool. It has 4,678 images as I write this.


Continue reading

Wow! What came out at the TPV Dev Meeting?

There was a Third Party Developers’ meeting this past week. Of course Project Bento was a main topic and Vir Linden was there to talk about and respond to comments in the Feedback thread of the forum. So, what did we learn?

Can I tell you a little secret?

Can I tell you a little secret?


The Second Life Valhalla Viewer version was promoted to default viweer status Thursday 12/17. This viewer has fixes for Bento, which mean little as Bemto animations and avatars are not yet allowed on the main grid. It also changes from Webkit to CEF – Chromium Embedded framework.

Co-Routines or Second Life HTTP Update Viewer version is merging with the Second Life Vivox Viewer version and will reappear in RC as a single viewer named… we don’t know. Continue reading

Black Dragon Viewer

This release has some fixes and changes. See: Black Dragon Viewer – Update “Going Places”. My take is lots of things added in the last release were broken but fixed in this release.

BA - there be dragons

BA – there be dragons

Avatar Complexity Information is working. Every developer seems to have some problems with this feature. I think the Lab’s problems were the source. But, it seems to be getting cleaned up in general and it sounds like NiranV has it cleaned up in this release.