Second Life: Third Party Dev’s News 2016 w/48


The Bento RC viewer updated Thursday: RC Second Life Bento Viewer version The Lindens fixed a skin weighting problem that a previous fix aggravated. Provided no new issues turn up to block the release we will see it go live soon. As of now they are soaking up user run time data. With enough testing time with no problems they will promote it. Meaning Bento will go live grid wide.

La Digue du Braek - III - A Blogpost

La Digue du Braek – III – A Blogpost

The Bento release date is creating a challenge for setting a Firestorm release date. The Lindens are officially starting their No Release Window 12/16 and it will run to 1/2/2017. The FS team was thinking about releasing their update 12/18.

Oz says the Lab’s actual shut down starts 12/19. While people are officially around as the holiday starts on Friday, many are planning to be gone before then. Continue reading

Second Life News 2016 w/47

This is not the week for news. Because of the US holiday Thanksgiving Second Life™ is in technical lock down, no changes. So, there are no server upgrades this week, main or RC channels.




Viewers are included in the tech freeze. So, the main viewer at version will remain there until Monday 11/28 or later. Word is it is much more stable than the previous version. It has a lot of fixes. Continue reading

Second Life: Firestorm Viewer Trivia

A bit of trivia…

When Catwa released their beta mesh head membership in the Firestorm Preview Group shot up to about 4,800. So, the Firestorm team has been getting feedback on their viewer’s changes and Bento features. That is a good thing. It isn’t solid technical information but, problems are being noticed and …complained… about. So, the team can track them down.

. chouchou . Cynthia (Catwa Catya)

. chouchou . Cynthia (Catwa Catya)

Seems the Catwa people posted a link to the Firestorm download. You may have noticed I’ve never posted a link. I told you you can find it by joining the Firestorm Preview groups and becoming a tester. The links are there. The Firestorm people apparently weren’t happy with Catwa. So, when they released a new version they changed the link URL, it would change in any case, and blocked the old preview viewer that Catwa linked to. I am sure a large number of people were complaining to Catwa about not being able to log in with he preview version they got. Continue reading

Peace Comes to Second Life… Really?!?

Well, for about a minute… when all the guns in Second Life broke… Now, there are work around steps and viewer fixes and… Whatever, you can again shoot those deserving of annihilation.

So, what happened? Why can’t I shoot that scumbag werewolf and save the hot mini-skirted damsel? Seems the Lindens fixed a problem in the process of building Horizons, that’s my thinking. As they expanded controls for use with Advanced Experience Tools (AET), Horizons is an advanced experience, the scripting functions needed a bit more control. So, as reported some time ago we got new SIT commands. See: Second Life News 2016 w45 and for more details Scripting.

Fallout Wasteland - liqueur.felix

Fallout Wasteland – liqueur.felix

I suspect somewhere in that process the Lindens noticed some REALLY OLD bugs, think beginning of SL time, which are now just oddities for most scripters and fixed them to make it easier (and likely make it more logically correct) to do Horizons. The result is all the weapons designed to deal with those bugs/oddities broke.

Continue reading

Second Life: No Change Weeks

As the holidays arrive we enter a time when the Lab closes down to a skeleton staff and employees take time off. It is a time when things are done to minimize the possibility of system problems and crashes. So, if it is working… don’t change it. Next week (47) is one of those weeks.

Countryside 2

I haven’t heard an official set of dates for this year’s no change weeks. I expect this one starts today and certainly tomorrow 11/19 and runs to 11/28.

The next set is Christmas-New Years. I expect it to start about December 17-21 and run to January 2. As Christmas falls on Sunday what the Lindens will decide to do is a bit unpredictable as the group seems to have significant input to management.

Whatever they decide, I wish them a full Thanksgiving (yum), a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

Second Life: Bento Update 2016 w46

RL has kept me away from recent meetings I wanted to attend. The Bento meeting being the more interesting one in my mind. Fortunately Inara Pey made it to the Bento meeting. See: Project Bento User Group update 34 with audio.

Countryside 3

Countryside 3

Word from the meeting is the recent Project Bento viewer release fixes some of the tenacious problems. It adds a Reset Skeleton and Animation selection in addition to just the Reset Skeleton into the avatar’s right-click drop down menu. This is an attempt to handle most of the problems a few older animations have when run on a Project Bento viewer without changing how Project Bento’s animations handle bone/joint position. Think compromise.  Continue reading

Second Life News 2016 w46

The main channel of servers updated today, starting at 3AM SL Time, according to the grid status notices. That is the time of day with the fewest users. My tracker shows the minimum number of concurrent users is between 2 and 4 AM each day, about 19,000 to 25,000 this year. Peak use is about 2 to 3 PM and 2 to 3 times as many people, averaging about 55,000 in 2016 and peaking at 58,153.



This update ran on the RC channels last week. It contains some changes to the scripting language, a bug fix, and minor internal changes.

There is no new update for the RC channels, probably next week.  Continue reading