Second Life News 2014-39 #3

The Third Party Developers Meeting was Friday (9/26). So, we have some news about what is happening on the development side of Second Life™.

Juke Jazz 2014

Toby’s Juke Joint Blues Club 2014


The main viewer is:, which is the maintenance release I covered last week in Second Life News 2014-38 #2.

RC Viewers

There is still only one RC viewer: Login Viewer version, I covered it earlier this week in Second Life News 2014-39.

Oz Linden tells there are other viewers in the pipeline that will appear “very, very, very soon”.

One he mentioned in the meeting is: a Pipelining Viewer, which is going from QA to RC Monday or Tuesday – This is said to be a way faster viewer. It is compatible with CDN and the two changes are synergistic. Monty Linden described the two working to gather as a “friggin’ scary good” change.  Continue reading

Second Life Viewer Tips + Firestorm

I’ve been attempting to do more video/machinima in Second Life™. I also make tutorials from time to time that can be improved by the use of video. And just the other day read Jo Yardley’s Comparing the official Second Life viewer with Firestorm. While reading I realized both she and I need to know more about our alternate viewers. She uses the Firestorm viewer as her main viewer. I tend to use the SL Viewer more than Firestorm. I am switching back and forth between the two more often these days. The Photo Tools in Firestorm are the enticement that draws me to Firestorm.

Server-Scripting UG 2014-39

Server-Scripting UG 2014-39

I am more familiar with the SL Viewer. But, I have used Phoenix or Firestorm off and on since the great viewer purge… when Emerald was excommunicated.


If you do machinima you want to kill chat and notices. Depending on the type of video you plan to make you may want to still have the user interface showing, like tutorials. Both viewers have a load of chat settings. A big difference is Firestorm puts most them out in the User Interface (UI) where users can more easily get to them and remember where and what they are.  Continue reading

Second Life News 2014-39 #2

Not much news coming out of the Server Beta UG.

Server Beta UG 2014-39

Server Beta UG 2014-39


The Content Delivery Network for AGNI has grown a bit, more regions added to the Snack Channel:

  1. Brasil Rio
  2. Brocade
  3. Denby
  4. Fluffy
  5. Freedom City
  6. Hippo Hollow
  7. Hippotropolis
  8. Rocket City
  9. Testsylvania Sandbox
  10. Whippersnapper

This is up from the original 4.

Any viewer can be used to try out the CDN. If there are not Second Life users in your area, you may not see much difference. If you’re in one of the areas with a number of SL users, they may have caused the CDN’s cache to load the content you need. In that case you should see a noticeable difference.  Continue reading

Second Life Bits 2014-39

Tokyo Game Show

Lots of news is coming out of this event. None that I’ve seen is about Second Life 2.0. But, I wonder how much tech used by these other games is making its way into SL2.

For more info see: ‘Bloodborne’ Tokyo Game Show Trailer Shows Multiplayer In Action.

Second Life HD Video System

For some time residents of Second Life™ have suffered from TV’s and related systems failing. A set of problems generally tracked back to WebKit. But, now Marine Kelley has made and released a new HD System for Second Life.

See the details here: New product : HD Video System. L$400 See it in world. Continue reading

Second Life News 2014-39


The deploys thread hasn’t posted as I write this. But, we know from last week’s meeting what was planned. If the Experience Tools update has run as expected, we will see it roll to the main channel. Maestro Linden did not say what may be coming to the RC channels. So, we’ll have to wait for the Deploys thread to post, probably late today.

Server Scripting UG - 2014-38

Server Scripting UG – 2014-38


The main viewer is: 3.7.16-294015. This version does not have the new user login screen.  Continue reading

Second Life News 2014-38 #2


Second Life 3.7.16 (294015) – This is the current default viewer for Second Life, as of 2:50 PM 9/18.

RC Viewers

Maintenance Viewer version – This maintenance version is the only candidate for promotion to the default viewer. The release notes are here. They were 9/12. It is a maintenance release with a large number of fixes.

Project Viewers

Experience Tools Viewer version – This viewer has been updated. I think about 9/12. These updates brought it current with the default viewer and whatever changes are coming from the Experience Tools project.

 Oculus Rift Viewer version – This viewer was last updated about 9/8. Continue reading

Second Life News 2014-38


Tuesday the main channel gets the maintenance package that ran on the RC Channels last week. It fixes some crash conditions and an oddball bug in Skill Gaming areas. Nothing any of us will likely notice.

Norder Ney HeavenScent - 2014

Norder Ney HeavenScent – 2014

RC Channels

All three RC channels will get an update Wednesday to the same package. This one is an update for the Experience Tools Project. It fixes some bugs and tweaks how some things work.


Nothing has changed since I last wrote an update. None of the coming RC Viewers have shown up on the RC Viewers Page.

Linden Lab

I saw mention that Will Wright has left Linden Lab, or at least is no longer mentioned in the list of names for Linden Lab’s management. Back in October 2011 New World Notes carried an article about Mr. Wright joining the board.

So, the question is what happened?

Second Life News 2014-37 #2

This last Friday was the Third Party Developers’ meeting facilitated by Oz Linden. We have a burst of news from that meeting. Several projects were updated.

Server-Scripting UG 2014-35

Server-Scripting UG 2014-35


I’ve already covered the update of the SL Default/Main Viewer and the RC Viewers. There was no new news regarding these viewers.

However, some props are due NiranV. The new snapshot panel is his creation. It is well done. I personally like using it. NiranV also corrected some other problems in the snapshot process. So, it is more than just a cosmetic change.

Send NiranV a thank you.

Project Viewers

The Oculus Rift Project viewer is in QA as a DK2 project and lots of issues are being found and worked on. Fixes are flowing into that project viewer. So, far the viewer will support DK1 as best it can.

My understanding is the DK2 version of the project is NOT yet published on the RC Viewer page, but soon.  Continue reading