Second Life News 2014-35 #3

We have a bit of news from the Third Party Developers Meeting from Friday, 8/29. Chakat Northspring videos the meetings. You can follow him on YouTube and catch those meetings a few hours after they happen.

Loki's Experience - 2014

Loki’s Experience – 2014


Viewer news from Oz Linden is pretty thin, his word. I’ve covered most of the viewer news earlier in the week. Oz basically said at this Friday’s Third Party Developers Meeting that projects discussed at the previous meeting are still ongoing and there is no new news on them.

I think this is basically the lull in feature development and bug fixes that comes from the Lindens stopping to work on development tools and upgrade to the new compilers. It is an analogy to car manufactures that stop production of cars to retool for production of the next model year cars. Continue reading

Alchemy Viewer Release 3.7.14

Sovereign Engineer let me know they have released a new version of the Alchemy Viewer. That put this viewer at version: Alchemy Viewer Beta 3.7.14 – TPV Celebratory Beta. There is a nice write up on the page.

This release comes out with 64-bit versions for Windows and Mac. The 32-bit versions are available too.

This version uses a new font on the UI. It has feature to allow use of legacy profiles, but those panel have been redesigned to conform with the rest of the UI. It includes a region tracker, which I assume lets you track the online status of a region from anywhere in SL.

The download file for Windows is about 33mb. Today’s download was a bit slow. But, I was trying to download about 2:30PM, peak usage time for the Internet in my area. Continue reading

Kokua Viewer Released for OpenSim

The Kokua team made an announcement. They will be spitting development of their viewer, forking in geek speak. They will make a viewer for OpenSim and one for SL.

Pathfinding and various other things work only on one grid or the other. Now that Linden Lab is going to a CDN system the incompatibilities between is such that OpenSim servers and hosting system will have to change. This is going to be significant incompatibility. The OpenSim host will have to think about how they will handle it. Will OpenSim grids move to CDN? I have never looked into the cost of CDN service, but it is a cost. In the low income realm of OpenSim any additional cost is a problem.

So, as of Kokua Viewer the Kokua team will be putting out an SL and an OpenSim version of the viewer. This latest one is for OpenSim.

There was a duel use viewer released, I think, as 3.7.12. But, it was having problems on some grids. The numbering indicates a bit of a regression for the OpenSim versions. Continue reading

Second Life Bits 2014-35

Skill Gaming

Ciaran has an article up on what Skill Gaming is. If there is any confusion on your part check it out. See: LL Issue Reminder And Warning On Skill Gaming Policy. His information is based on Linden Lab’s latest: Reminder: New Skill Gaming Policy in Effect September 1, 2014.

Be sure to check out the comments below that article. It seems they are a bit one sided… Where do all these negative people come from?

Video for Noobies

Purdie Silkmour made a video that popped up on YouTube today: How To Improve Your Appearance in Second Life. (11 minutes) This is much better than your typical SL How To. Purdie does a great job of showing how to change avatar appearance and gives a good taste of the verity in Second Life. Plus they get to see search in action and learn how to find shapes, skins, etc. It isn’t just about the technical details of using SL. Nice!

I think the big problem is how to get this video in front of new SL users. This would be a good URL to save and give to new peeps you meet.

It seems there is a series of these videos… well two.  Continue reading

3DConnextion SpaceNavigator v10 for Second Life

I found a deal on eBay for a SpaceNavigator, I bid and got it. It arrived. Yay! It works with everything BUT Second Life™. What a downer. Then I find out that 3D Connexion no longer supports Second Life. Eek!

But, people are using Spacenavigator (SN) with SL, so what is the deal and how does one get it to work? Torley has videos on how to use it… people are posting about using it in various places…

The SN Help Manual is of no use. It barely covers the basics.

Fortunately there is a page in the wiki that mostly explains how to get it working with SL and the latest SN software (3DxWare64_v10-1-4_r1818). It is not easy and there are gotchas in the wiki page. The page is titled: Flycam. Yeah, I would have thought of that for a title first thing…

SpaceNavigator NOT working (v10)

SpaceNavigator NOT working (v10)

As you have probably Google’d for help before getting here you have likely seen posts about how to create a SN profile for Second Life. Those are pre-2013 as best I can tell and the software changed some time in 2013. I can’t find any way to create a profile via the 3DConnexion software v10. But, there are posts in the 3DConnexion site that help. I’ve used those to figure out how to get my SN working the way I want it to. Continue reading

Second Life News 2014-34-35


The main channel got a new update Tuesday. The package has an esoteric JSON fix and a crash fix that we may learn more about tomorrow, Thursday.

Krisie Snowdrop Concert - 2014

Krisie Snowdrop Concert – 2014

RC Channels

A new package rolled to the RC channels today, Wednesday. The package contains bug and crash fixes.

SVC-2262  – Incorrect height value in postcard which sent from above 256m.

BUG-6466 - Numbers expressed in scientific notation and include a plus sign in the exponent are not parsed as json numbers by LSL.

Nothing too exciting. All three RC channels got the same package.  Continue reading

Second Life News 2014-34 #2


The main channel did not change this week. We will likely see it get an update next week (35).

RC Servers

The three RC channels did get an update. This is a package that has a crash mode fix in it. Maestro thinks he can discuss this fix AFTER it rolls to the main grid.


My New Snake – 2014-34

Next week the RC channels, or some of them, will get a new package that has some visible changes.

SVC-2262Incorrect height value in postcard which sent from above 256m. A fix is in the coming package. Maestro describes the bug, “The bug was that the postcard-sending script did a modulo 256 on all three region coordinate components to clamp them. But, while that’s fine for X and Y coordinates, you can be >256m elevation :)”  Continue reading

CtrlAltStudio Releases DK2 Second Life Support

David Rowe, lead developer for CtrlAltStudio’s Oculus Viewer and Firestorm contributor, has released preliminary support for the Oculus Rift DK2, developer’s kit 2. This is the improved Oculus with better head tracking and higher resolution screen.

Read more here: Preliminary Rift DK2 Support: Alpha.

In motion tracking the big change in the Oculus which requires changes to programs supporting it, is from adding tracking of head leaning/position. Head rotation is what was previously tracked. To understand the difference think of locking your shoulders against your seat back and moving your head by only flexing your neck. That is head rotation. If you bend at the waist and lean forward, you don’t use many neck muscles but you head moves a lot. It is this latter motion that has been added to the Oculus’ abilities.

Think of leaning out a car window to look at the ground. You will use a combination of head turning and body motion to see around the car door. It is supposed to be this sort of motion the Oculus has gotten better at.

Telling Second Life Viewers how to move the camera to simulate this type of motion is being added.

David does not have all of the new stuff working in the viewer. It is, as he writes, “…very preliminary”. But, it is a start for those with DK2’s.