Metareality: Weak Sauce

The last podcast from Metareality was in April. In this cast Kim/Gianna is saying they plan to be back doing more regular casts, back to the weekly format. You can listen to the cast here: Weak Sauce.

This is an uncensored audio. No bleeping, so there is some profane language… actually a lot.

I remind you, my usual warning is: I paraphrase what I hear and make no attempt to transcribe the audio. Listen to the audio before you react to anything I’ve written.


02:00 TOS Discussion starts. Karl describes the change as the Lab becoming a co-owner in all that you create and upload to Second Life™. Karl rants a bit, not much, and I have to agree with his points. Spot on little rant in my view. Continue reading

Metareality 2013-15

There is a Metareality podcast for this week (15): What is the Problem?!?. I have indexed it. There is a a new bit of information from Karl on the Mesh Deformer at 13:00.

Metareality Podcasts

Metareality Podcasts

I suggest you have this index up while you listen. There are some parts of the cast you’ll likely get bored with.

Also the first link on the Metarealit article about Cloud Party leads to the article on EA’s screw up not Cloud Party. I covered Cloud Party’s new building blocks thing last week: Cloud Party Block Building ContestContinue reading

Metareality Podcast 2013-13 -The Return of The Reed

Yay! We have a new podcast from Metareality. This one will likely be controversial. Some old arguments come up. But, in the context of this discussion there are new aspects and energy. This is definitely one you will want to listen to. If you are considering purchasing SimCity then this is a must listen.

De Gouden Uuew - The Golden Age - Westfries Museum

De Gouden Uuew – The Golden Age – A Westfries Museum Video

There are some deep concepts that will react with people’s individual philosophies and ethics. If you are one that has not has not examined your philosophy and concepts of right and wrong (Plato – unexamined life), this cast may bounce you all over the place. In which case, I suggest you ask yourself why you react as you do.

However you approach this cast, take time to think before reacting. I was going to put my comments and thoughts at the end. But, decided that will take too long and I want to get this out.

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Metareality 2013-8

I missed this podcast… dang. Well, lots going on this last weekend. Family and friends were planning for NASCAR’s Daytona-500… a big thing. I am a Danica Patrick fan. She came in 8th, which is a big deal in my circle of friends.

Metareality’s podcast is titled J-J-Jaded. They talk a bit about the Unreal 4 Game Egine. So, check out the video showing it. There are a load of these.

This is time I have written more of just an index than a summary.

The video is a demo of the Unreal 4 Game Engine, which is just awesome.  Continue reading

Metareality 2013-6

Metareality released a podcast Friday titled: Delusions. The Zanex people are going to love Drax.

Metareality Podcasts

Metareality Podcasts

Again I paraphrase rather than quote. So, listen to the podcast before reacting to anything you read hear.

0:00 – 03:00 Zanex talk… yadda yadda

03:00 – About my blog – I am going to have to have a sex change so I can stalk Drax…

04:25 – Linden Lab told scheduled guest they ONCE AGAIN couldn’t talk on the podcast about …some subject, so they were again a no show. This happened last week too.

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Metareality Podcast 2013-5

This week Metareality has a new podcast out: New Spaces. There is not a lot of new hard news in the cast, so it is harder to summarize. The discussions Gianna, Qarl, and Drax have touch on many aspects of the topics. I decided to try and get index points to the discussions. But, I’m not going to try to paraphrase them.

Metareality Podcasts

Metareality Podcasts

The following comments on the podcast are my take on what was said.

01:00 – Discussion regarding comments on last week’s podcast topic: Is the Market Place having an effect on land sales. Basically is the Market Place killing off land sales? They don’t think so. The why is interesting but hard summarize. Also the topics blur as asides are used to describe why each thinks as they do.

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Metareality Podcast 2013-3

Yay! We have another podcast released this week. Karl Stiefvater (Qarl Fizz, formerly Qarl Linden) talks about the Mesh Deformer. This week’s podcast is titled: Transformational Change. They should have added a dash and the word NOT.

Metareality Podcasts

Metareality Podcasts

The cast only runs 45 minutes or so, if you want to listen to it. Otherwise, check out my summary of the podcast.

As always I write my take on what was said, which may have nothing to do with what was actually said. So, if you react negatively to something you read, listen to the audio.

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Metareality Summary 2013-2

As I mentioned yesterday, it has been weeks since the podcast. Gianna mentions that in the opening post. Lots happening in her life; hurricanes, holidays, and work. Whatever, we have a new podcast titled ‘Duh’ and I got to listen to it this morning.

Free Second Life Amazon Offer

Free Second Life Amazon Offer

As usual I don’t quote or transcribe the podcast. I write my take of what I hear. So, be smart, listen to the podcast before you react to anything.

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