Oz Linden Interview Summary

OZ rephrases, how many Lindens use SL recreationally? A significant number. He says he constantly meets people that do. But, he has not made an attempt to quantify it.

In regard to priorities, the varity of interests in SL is so huge that no matter what the Lab works on someone will feel their important feature is being ignored. With Region Windlight Oz got equal email, IM’s, and note cards, saying great thanks and why did you waste time on that when we need … filling your fav feature.

01:19:30 – Before the mesh release you (Oz) were saying the release of mesh would push sdoption of the SL Viewer. That did not happen. Have you changed you thinking on that in regard to future feature releases?

Oz places his focus on being sure all viewers have the new features whether that increases the LL viewer market share or not.

01:22:00 – Question on getting better titles and comments on code in the repositories.

Oz asked Jessica to send that question to him and he’ll hang it on his wall. I suppose he’ll be talking some trash to the Lab’s coders to do better.

01:22:40 – are there any projects ongoing at the Lab that you can tell us about? Oz says there isn’t anything he can talk about. He did say there are some really cool things coming.

01:23:30 – Why would you break temporary texture upload? Oz says they haven’t broken temporary texture upload. I’ve been under the impression they had. But, the situation is the rumor is the avatar render pipeline is being rebuilt to stop bake-fail. The probability is that such the rebuild will break temp upload. It is not certain. If it does break it, it will be inadvertent.

The current temp upload is a misuse of a server feature. It never should have been allowed. If it had been implemented on Oz’s watch, he would have stopped it. He isn’t going to take any action. But he will not promise not to break it. However, if they do break it, he hopes they can provide a better alternative.

Oz goes on to explain how he would like to see the conversations proceed to develop an replacement for temp upload.

01:27:00 – Jessica trying to get Oz to commit to regular meetings. Oz open to the idea but not willing to commit.


There are a number of topics I would like to address. But, summarizing a 90 minute video is a burn out task. I’m ready for pizza and beer.

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  3. Excellent Nalate’s, thanks for posting this “reader’s digest edition” it’s nice to finally read the end result of this review.

    One point which kind of stuck out though, Parcel WindLight… Seriously ? google “LightShare OpenSim” then google “LightShare Aurora-Sim” and you’ll make some interesting discoveries which have nothing to do with PH/FS or LL but rather Parcel/Region LightShare has been in OpenSim / Aurora-Sim for almost 3 years, supported by Imprudence Astra, Singularity and a couple of others…. by the way, it works wonderfully. Why not be up front about it and take from what is already designed, tested, implemented, debugged & known good ??? OpenSim being the best free idea sandbox & test resource that LL has. (oh I forgot, all the folks that were there @ LL when IBM argued that point are all laid off, so the corporate memory is NULL_SPACE.)

    I guess the next new innovation that LL & PH/FS dream up will be “Flexi-Regions” or “Flexi-Sims” which will look just like Mega-Regions or Variable Regions (as used in Aurora-Sim)…

    Sorry but it does leave a bit of an unpleasant after taste .

    • I’ve met you in OSGrid and appreciate the help you gave me. Thanks for being in both places and helping others.

      OpenSim does have a nicer version of WindLight in their Lightshare. I suppose while the OpenSim people could give the viewer side of Lightshare to LL and the Lab could use it, the Lab’s server is not open source. For the Lab to take the OpenSim Lightshare they would have to comply with the open source license. I seriously doubt that will happen.

      If you listen to Oz at 31:50, he is talking about how there is a mixed opinion about open source within the Lab. I find that completely understandable considering how some open source people have abused the Lab in the past.

      Flexi or Mega regions in SL seem unlikely to me. One of the Lab’s goals is to increase the population a region can carry. I suspect that is going to require some significant change and I believe those changes would have a major impact on how Mega regions would work. While I may be wrong, I see Mega regions being way down the road, if ever.

      I’m not sure which ‘it’ leaves the bad taste. For me, I see our biggest problem being how poorly a vocal part of the community is handling the changes at the Lab.

      • “it” = LightShare / WindLight is opensource as is OpenSim and yes while the platforms differ they are not that different. The viewer patches exist and are out there and also not a massive nasty. Parcel WindLight is something we all started asking for & discussing as soon as WindLight became available, LL did not bother to consider a full environment solution until well after OpenSim went ahead and implemented it because it not only made sense, it is used extensively.

        Re mega regions…. refer to https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-7583

        Completely agree that the culture that has evolved @ LL in regards to the open source community and that benefits no one which is a genuine shame that so many lose out as a result. Unfortunately that also has a direct impact on the overall community by effectively removing unity from community. Henri Beauchamps of CV had an excellent & clear look at the impact of TPV, very rational & sane without all the “sky is falling” chicken little routine.

        /me admits his guilt in helping people on various platforms and trying to get discussion going in ways to be of benefit to all.

        • Thanks for JIRA ID. I don’t understand the high JIRA number and the 2009 creation date…

          For a 2009 dated item to not yet be touched in some way by a Linden suggests there is some internal decision process at work.

          I think the change will be complex and lots of work. That usually mean it goes to the bottom of the priority list.

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