Phoenix Firestorm Hour

01:23:40 – Q: Have you considered working with other grids where you could develop shared experiences?

Yes. It’s not in planning. But it is a possibility. This is one part to listen too if you’re interested.

1:25:15 – Q: Do the changes dampen you enthusiasm since you are limited to only making a clone of the SL Viewer?

No. It is not true that they are limited to making a clone. The difference in philosophy at the Lab and among TPV Dev’s is very different. Jessica sees the Lab as not liking new features and TPV’s loving new features. I see a bit a different. I see the lab as wanting to make the viewer as easy to use for new users as possible. Feature bloat complicates the learning process.

Jessica says new features need to come with support. If you haven’t been to a FS/PH class, check one out. They offer some of the best, if not the best, viewer group support in SL.

We have many good training groups in SL. I have friends teaching in some of them, like Builder’s Brewery. The in-world FS/PH Viewer Classes are as well done as any class I have been in. The number of classes they are providing is extensive. Check the wiki for class times. Check the wiki. (notice the period) The FS/PH Wiki has excellent content. I have problems with the navigation in the wiki, but I send lots of people to the wiki for help. There are buttons in the FS/PH Viewers to send people to the wiki for specific help on items.

01:27:20 – Review. There is a new TPV policy that has been implemented. The policy is set, while the wording may change, the ideas contained in the policy will not likely change.

How and when the change to True Online Status in LSL is going to be implemented is up in the air. That it will change is decided. So, those using online status boards and advertising boards will have to wait to see HOW and WHEN it will affect them.

The Phoenix 1600 is ok for now. Viewer ID Tags are broken. Tag colors are broken. In the next release True Online Status has to be removed. The pre-append version codes for support has to change to opt-in.

There are and were no shared experience features planned for FS/PH. SO, no affect there.

01:30:20 – Q: If you opt-in for the viewer pre-append for one group does it apply to all groups?

No. This is a hard coded feature for FS & PH viewers. It only works with their support groups.

01:31:30 – Q: What about the online friends List?

It will continue to work as it always has. A person may make their status visible or not. You will see or not see your friend’s status depending on how they set it.

Jessica gives a long answer you can listen to. People seem to be having trouble understanding this one.

01:33:20 – Q: If Linden Lab if temp textures goes away how will that affect people that use it for texting sculpties?

This feature won’t go away from the policy change. I may depending on how the Lab rebuilds the avatar bake system. It probably will go away. It may be 6 months before we see the bake fix roll out. So, temp texture upload will still work until then.

01:34:40 – Q: Breast Physics in Emerald only affect the render in Emerald. So were they part of the shared experience?

Jessica first says it is not part of the shared experience and then explains how it is. I still disagree. If changes on your viewer do not affect my view of the world it is not a shared experience.

As Linden Lab implemented bouncing breasts it is a shared experience. Confused?

01:36:10 – Q: What does this mean for the custom selection beams?

The Lindens do not see the beam as a problem. I think this gets into the nuances of how the Lindens see the policy changes. You control how you beam looks. Everyone can see the beam the same way. So, it is not an issue. Some see the seeing as the main issue in the new policy. I see it as about who can control what and how it is seen. I can change my clothes everyone sees that. I can control my beam and everyone sees that. You can’t put clothes on me or change my beam.

The Lab is looking at implementing custom selection beams.

01:36:50 – Q: At what point does the insistence on the shared experience being the same get out of control? Like in de-rendering objects and muting people and things?

De-render is the ability to right click something and tell your viewer not to render it. If something lags you or something is in the way of a picture, you can de-render it. Since it only changes in YOUR viewer it is not changing the shared experience.

As to when things get out of control, it is just not well defined. So, we don’t know.

The problems start when a viewer breaks the shared experience for those using the basic SL Viewer.

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