Imprudence Viewer

The Imprudence Viewer has been around for some time. Many of us consider Imprudence the best builder’s viewer. But, it is a good general purpose viewer. It is very popular on OpenSim grids. It was one of the early adopters of the grid selector feature, making it easy to select which grid one wants to log into.

The Imprudence Viewer is another series 1 viewer. It has almost every known feature a TPV can have.

During the month of December (2010) the developers took time off. However, this year (2011) will see the end of Imprudence development. The Imprudence Development Team is dropping Imprudence to develop the Kokua Viewer, a series 2 viewer. This is similar to what Phoenix and FireStorm are doing. The emphasis for Kokua development will be on OpenSim grids and additional compatibility with the simulator, in particular the Aurora Simulator, a branch of OpenSim.

Once a Kokua Viewer is released I’ll be reviewing it and I’ll create a section for it.