Blender Install 2022

Years ago (2012) I wrote a tutorial on installing Blender and setting up for making clothes in Second Life ™. It is titled: Second Life Mesh Clothes Blender 2.6 Setup 2012 Tutorial. It has all the gory details a person with OCD would need. A couple of years later I wrote: Fitted Mesh Base Avatar Files, about which mesh models to use for making clothes. The articles have good information but we have learned and advanced since then. So, we can simplify things.

This article will hopefully take some of the pain out of your entry into clothes making for Second Life. Download Page

Blender Install

There are two ways to install Blender™. You can install it as one does any Windows program using the provided install program. This is simple and quick. If you are just curious and in the process of exploring, this is your option.

However, if you are serious and committed to making clothes then there is a better option.

Blender is in what I consider rapid development and updates often. Some of the updates make changes in the core parts of Blender. These changes force third-party add-on makers to update their add-ons. If you are dependent on an add-on you’ll run into times when a Blender update will break your model and/or your add-ons and you are left waiting for a third-party update.

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Windows 11 Coming This Year

Microsoft announced the coming release of Windows 11 June 24, 2021. So…. Will Second Life run on Win11? Yes. There are very few changes in Win11 that would effect how applications like Second Life work. So, we expect the change over to be a non-event for SL users.

Windows 11

So… then what changes?

There are lots of articles out written by the beta and early adopter users. A change is the opening menu. One of the changes in the menu is Live Tiles. If you use them, this change will SUCK. They are gone. But, in return, we get Windows Vista-like widgets… Oh Great!

We get a new Microsoft Apps Store… I never thought of the store as part of the Windows Operating System. But, that is in the update news. The main talking point is they are making it easier for you to find apps. I’ll take that to mean, we have changed our advertising strategy.

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Windows 10 Spring Update – Part II

Here is the scoop on the Windows update… Does it work with Second Life™? Short answer, yes.

This morning I had an update notice… maybe ‘warning’ is more accurate. I choose to go ahead with it. They warn it may take longer than most updates. It took between 60 and 90 minutes. (i5-6600k @ 4.1GHz) So, you may want to choose a time to update, they give you the option to schedule the update, which is smart.

Life Goes On, Whether you choose to move on and take a chance in the unknown, or stay behind, locked in the past, thinking of what could have been...

Life Goes On, Whether you choose to move on and take a chance in the unknown, or stay behind, locked in the past, thinking of what could have been…

I’ve noticed a few complaints in the Second Life forum. Seems some are having issues with NVIDIA drivers. My NVIDIA 388.13 ( made the transition. But a couple of my hardware monitoring tools didn’t make it.

Win 10 removes those apps it thinks are incompatible. Seems the nanny-state propaganda is soaking in everywhere. So, Microsoft in its awesome wisdom is taking care of us. The language I would use to thank them is generally considered inappropriate.

Apparently, Firestorm and Linden viewers are considered appropriate. Firestorm launches and runs. Everything seems to run. On my front porch I get about 58 FPS. In January with 5.0.11 I was getting about 90. In my green screen room at 1500m I was getting 140 FPS and now 180. Jumping over to the near buy newbie hub, I was getting 40-50 FPS with 20± people around. With 28 around (according to world map) I get 57±. For easier comparison; Continue reading

Windows 10 Spring 2018 Update

As of April 30, 2018, a new update is rolling out. It was once upon a time to be called the Spring Creator’s Update. I am not sure what happened to that name. Whatever, the update will bring your version number up to 1803.

Here it is May 7 and I am still running Version 10.0.16299 Build 16299…



If you really want the update you can get it here: download instructions.

This version will have the Timeline Feature. This feature will enhance what you see when your press Windows-key + Tab. Try it. Mine shows the programs I currently have running. The newer version will show the current programs and previously run programs, opened docs, and viewed web pages.

A future version of this feature is to include a history of what has been happening on all your devices…  Continue reading

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update 1709

My laptop and desktop have both updated with a new, big update recently. So, what changed?

Microsoft tells us we can now have 3D models… really!?! There is a Mixed Reality Viewer and a Mixed Reality Portal. The viewer will allow you to view 3D models and turn them 360×360. If you have a camera connected to your computer you can put the model in the image the camera is capturing.

Mixed Reality Viewer – 2017-Oct


Microsoft quickly points one to a site they call Remix 3D, to get more 3D models. It requires a Microsoft account. Unless you are particularly alert, you had to open a Microsoft account to get your Windows 10 working. So, for most this won’t be a problem. But, opening a new account is easy. – This MS Account thing is obviously some nefarious plot to enslave the world…  Continue reading

Second Life: Windows 10 Slow Down Issues

Microsoft is pushing updates. Windows 10 automatically obeys Microsoft and installs updates. Numerous people are finding their computers have been crippled after an auto-update. The problem is not just with Second Life™ viewers. But, SL users are NOTICING the problem as it has a massive effect on viewer performance.

BA - the search begins

BA – the search begins

The Firestorm Team has written a bit about fixing the problem in their wiki. See: Windows 10 Issues.

The problem with the FS fix is they recommend uninstalling updates; KB3176938, KB3189866, and KB3193494. Some of these are security updates. Removing them leaves your computer open to known exploits.  Continue reading

Windows 10 Update Week 34

As Second Life™ users you are likely to be interested in others experience with their Windows 10 installs. I’m working with a number of RL clients as I help them with their upgrades. We are mostly at the point of contacting the authors of the software they are dependent on.

Windows 10 Logo

Windows 10 Logo

I have found that the new Microsoft web browser is different. I am still figuring it out and I am undecided on whether I like it. My first impression is it is slow to load. After that it seems OK. Every menu item I use is in a new place.

Whatever, Shug has a post up on her experience upgrading 4 computers to Win 10. See: Windows 10 (and you thought Second Life updates were chaos!)

If you have problems with your DVD after a Win 10 update, these steps may help:

From Windows Support for the DVD drive:

  1. Run Command Prompt as an Administrator. Press windows key + x and choose command prompt (admin)
  2. Type following and press enter: reg.exe add “HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\atapi\Controller0” /f /v EnumDevice1 /t REG_DWORD /d 0x00000001
  3. Reboot the system