Phoenix Firestorm Hour

01:39:30 – Q: Most of the policy affect avatar privacy. How does any of this affect RL privacy?

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Jessica answers what is and is not privacy issues, online status is, tags aren’t…

They go on into what is ok and isn’t ok for shared experience and what it is. I think this section is really confusing. If attendees weren’t confused, they will be now. I found the examples contradictory.

01:42:30 – Closing thoughts. A lot is being written in the blogosphere. What is written there is opinion. Jessica hopes to have Oz Linden in an interview next week to get more facts out.


Lots of links were placed in the stream and chat. I don’t have those. If someone does have them, it would be nice if they were posted in the comments.

Very little is actually changing for the day to day user of SL. The Phoenix viewer will not be blocked and there will be a few changes in the next release. True Online status will be going away. It will be some time before it affects online status boards, ad-boards, and other legitimate uses of the online status function in LSL. Plans are being made by the Lab to provide for those uses and give them time to make changes.

Viewer ID tags and colors are gone. Some type of tag coloring will likely be added in the future.

The limitation on innovation and changes to the shared experience are POORLY understood. Supposedly knowledgeable people are seeing vastly different meaning in the concept. It will be some time before people fully understand it and begin to form a consensus on the meaning. Until then there is lots of room for drama.

How innovation will actually be affected is a matter of beliefs. So, we’ll likely have religious wars over that subject.

We learned there are a load of bullies in Second Life, I’m not sure that is news to anyone. Jessica was dismayed to find a number of those people are unfortunately using TPV’s as the club to beat up others. I think her experience shows how important it is for all of us to keep an open mind and check the facts. I give her my commendations to her for doing so, FWIW.

I think Phaylen and Jessica did an really good job of staying away from the drama and speculation. Listening I had the feeling it was ready to burst out at any moment, but they were both professional and caught themselves when they started to slip, again my commendations to them.

Treet.TV did an excellent job on the video. Considering what they had to work with, crashes, griefers, and all they did an impressive job.

Basically these 5,000+ words boil down to this last 250± words…

Forgive my mistakes. I usually try to proof for coherence. But, turning 100+ minutes of video speech into written words is a burn out task. I’m going to go be mean to some boys…

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