Second Life: Smile Shape Tutorial

Alicia Chenaux has made her first video tutorial. It is a pretty neat idea that she presents. You can see it here: Smile Shape Tutorial. Iris Ophelia pointed me to this from her article in NWN: Learn How to Make the Perfect Smiling SL Avatar Shape With This Video Tutorial.

Doing a Smile Shape

Doing a Smile Shape

If you have ever used the built-in smile, you know it is pretty hideous. But, Alicia shows you how to fix it by adjusting your shape. In her tutorial she demonstrates how to fix the built-in smile emote. Continue reading

Blender Tutorial: Pie Menu

This tutorial from CG Masters came out in August 2014. I found it in November 2014. It is a 13 minute video on using and tweaking the PIE (or radial) menu that came out in Blender 2.72. When the video came out Blender 2.71 was current. The video was a preview of the coming PIE menu and to use that menu you needed to download a daily build of Blender to get it. Now it is included in Blender 2.72, so all you need to do is enable it.


Photoshop CC 2014

There are some tutorials coming out from Adobe showing what is new in the latest releases of Photoshop. This one is on the font selection changes made recently. See: Adobe Typekit.

We now have far more ways to find fonts and preview them than we used to have.

There is now an easy way to deal with missing fonts you may find when working with a colleague’s files.

Another new feature is smarter Smart Guides. Scroll down for the tutorial.

There are changes in linking Smart Objects.

Blender Tricks & Developer Notes

5 Little Known Tricks in Blender’s Outliner

This is an interesting tutorial on using the Blender outliner. See 5 Tricks for the original post.

Blender Developer Notes

Blender developers meet to discuss which directions to take Blender and which features to prioritize and schedule for release with the next version. For us we get a glimpse of what may be coming to make our modeling lives easier.

See the latest notes here: Developer Meeting Notes: October 12, 2014.

We do learn there may be a Blender 2.72a release this week to fix a couple of bugs that made it through all the testing.

In a couple of weeks we will learn what they have decided to include for release 2.73. One possibility is Stereo 3D… I wonder if that means Oculus type 3D… wouldn’t that be a rush?

There are side projects that apparently are not part of the main development thread. That lets them stay outside the scheduling, I suppose. They are added when they are done. One of those is refactoring Materials Nodes for better multi-threaded operation. That should speed up our bake times for complex items.

nPose Sit Pose/Animation Tool – Tutorial

nPose is an open source tool for placing and controlling animations in furniture, or other prims which avatars can sit on. The tool has been around since at least 2010. (reference) I need such a tool for a sofa I am making. In my search I found nPose and thought it might be the answer. This tutorial is the outcome of my research. I am writing it in the early stages of my use of nPose, so expect this tutorial to get updates as I learn more. But, it should get you started.

Initial Note Card

Initial Note Card

The older nPose v0.028, also labeled as version 1.27, can be found here: User:Nandana Singh/nPose. nPose has had considerable work done on it since then. So, I do not recommend using this version, but it works.

A newer version is discussed here: User:Rev Eponym/nPose. The page does not include a download link. You can get the latest version of nPose at Builder’s Brewery. This SURL should pop you right in front of the vendor for nPose (free), at least as of October 2014.

The in world SL Group for nPose is named: nPose. There seem to be more people online in the SL morning than afternoon. I had better luck getting answers in the morning than afternoon. But, I haven’t been in the group long, so that may not be accurate.

Several people have been involved in advancing nPose. The latest work I found was done in June 2014. So, this is a script I consider under active development. Continue reading

Blender-AvaStar Animation IK/FK Tip

I am getting deeper into making animations I’ll use in Second Life™. I am a novice animator/modeler, so I probably don’t know the best way to accomplish any given task nor do I understand Blender cooncepts all that well. But, I wasn’t seeing any tutorials and I haven’t been in any classes that helped me with using both IK (Inverse Kinematics) and FK (Forward Kinematics) in a single animation. (See What is IK/FK for more information on IK/FK.)

Animating w/AvaStar

Animating w/AvaStar

Since I’ve had to figure out how to do this, I thought I’d make a short tutorial.

I used Blender 2.71 and AvaStar 1.1 RC3 while experimenting and writing this.  Continue reading