Second Life: HUD Bug

Enchanted lady bug

Enchanted lady bug

There is a bug in the new Firestorm 4.7.9 and Second Life 4.0.7. The bug is not much of a problem unless you play in combat games. Whirly Fizzle explains it:

Yep, it’s a bug on Firestorm 4.7.9.

I saw you already found the JIRA issue, but here it is for anyone else having the same problem:

Workarounds for this one:

If you are wearing an attachment using llTakeControls, take it off.  That’s the trigger for the bug.

It may not be viable to remove all attachments using llTakeControls though. This bug is mostly annoying combat people who use mouselook a lot & many weapons use llTakeControls in such a way that they will trigger this bug when they exit mouselook.

Switching to the LL viewer is a no go – although it doesn’t have this specific bug, it has a related bug which breaks being able to shoot pretty much all weapons in mouselook when an attachment is worn using llTakeControls or the weapon itself uses llTakeControls – BUG-11602

Best bet honestly is to roll back to 4.7.7 if this bug is annoying you too much. (Reference)

If you are playing a combat game, add your name and information to the JIRA’s.

Second Life: Viewer Problems

The Quick Graphics Viewer is out. Some people are having some problems with the viewer. A semi-clean install seems to fix the problem. So, what’s semi-clean install?

Hell Is Other People

Hell Is Other People

  • Restart your computer. Do NOT start the viewer.
  • Download the viewer from Second Life Download.
  • Find your install folder, usually C:\Program Files (x86)\SecondLifeViewer (Windows)
  • Delete it. This deletion will not erase your settings, cache, inventory cache, or chat logs.
  • Install the SL Viewer using the file you downloaded. The installer will say you already have it installed and ask if you want to install anyways. Yes.
  • Try it.

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The Weekend’s Problems

This weekend I was learning how hard it can be to recover a Windows 10 system when the user has no idea what their password is… make your recovery disks, please. That saved me from dealing with Second Life’s problems this past weekend.

For a good description of what happened see Danial Voyager’s blog: A difficult weekend for Second Life. Or read the Lab’s post: Why Things Were Less Than Optimal This Past Weekend.

Second Life: Updating Friends List Fails

This problem is/was happening pretty often. There is no user side fix. It requires a support ticket. The details follow. The error message is:

Login failed. Despite our best efforts, something unexpected has gone wrong. Please check to see if there is a known problem with the service. If you continue to experience problems please check your network and firewall setup.

This error started appearing about last Tuesday, 12/19.  Continue reading

Second Life: Business & Drama

Second Life™ is so much like real life. All the same problems, challenges, and drama present in RL are seen in SL too. Now we have the Maitreya Monopoly… First the drama story then the tech that makes this all so silly.

One Reason

One Reason

It seems blogger Sophee Mojo is unhappy with Maitreya or more accurately Onyx LeShelle the creator of Maitreya. The unhappiness has its root in the limited selection of clothes currently available for the Maitreya Mesh body or more accurately the limited set of designers. Sophee points to the developer’s kit for Maitreya that lacks ‘weighting’ information as a deliberate move on Maitreya’s part to control the clothes market. So, the unhappiness is expressed as complaints and accusations. Continue reading

Second Life’s Mesh Mess

Kat Feldragonne is a mesh fan. But recently had a problem with mesh render time at an event. It apparently was frustrating enough Kat wrote about the experience: Mesh Mess – A Lesson in Frustration. If you read it, I suspect you will know exactly what Kat is writing about. I’ve experienced the problem. I suspect most of us have.

Slow Render Problems

Slow Render Problems

There are places and times when it seems to take forever for things to render. Avatars are missing parts or clothes are gray and stuck on sideways or at some odd direction. Nude avatars render in all their glory and only later do the clothes render. Of course the nude person has no idea their clothes have yet to render for those around them. The clothes always render quickly for the one wearing them. Continue reading

Second Life Login Failure Update

We currently have an inventory problem that prevents logging into Second Life. The currenlty frequent cause of the problem has been tracked down to having Flat Inventory.

Let the Magic Unfold

Let the Magic Unfold by Carthalis Rossini, on Flickr

A flat inventory is an inventory where thousands of items are in a single folder. Mostly the term denotes an unorganized inventory where stuff is mostly in the root or objects folders rather than being organized in folders and subfolders. As the viewer is downloading inventory folder by folder a folder with thousands of items can take too long to download and cause a time out. This jams up the login process and you get a failure message.  Continue reading

Second Life: Rez Failures & CDN Issues

Samual Wetherby posted about rez problems and CDN failures in the SL Forum: Rez Failures & CDN Issues during Peak SL times? 5:30pm SLT – 9pm ish? Nightly? In the last 24 hours few have read the post, about 50.

Hold On! This Is Gonna Be A Bumpy Ride!

Hold On! This Is Gonna Be A Bumpy Ride! by Bambi Chicque of BamPu Legacies, on Flickr

CDN = Content Delivery Network, the idea here is to have a set of servers near you cache Second Life. You then fill your cache from the CDN cache. This means numerous servers all over the world are delivering content to users near them. Theoretically, this provides better service and faster rendering. Plus it takes a load off the Linden servers. Continue reading