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It has been some time since I checked the performance of my Firestorm Viewer. The last check was 9/2022. So, over a year.

This year I had some trouble running the tests. My house in Bellisseria was not rezzing. I mean floors and walls were missing. After a couple of three logins, I got the floors and walls but had to wait for the textures to fully render.

My House 2023 – Render Fail

I checked and found Windows again used 100% of my hard drive’s capacity when a region was being difficult. The viewer used little CPU, GPU, and network resources while it waited on the hard drive.

Ever since the release of Windows 11, my Win-10 has been having this problem of 100% disk use for 5 to 15 minutes. Occassionally more. Very annoying.

Firestorm Hot Fix v6.6.17

Porch 512m18.6 fps
Porch 128m40.5
Porch 128m w/snow37-48
Green Room @ 2200m DD=128m150
Nelsonia 17peps @ DD= 128m70-74
Arapaima 37peps @ 128m 50-55
Exhale Club 28peps @ 128m48-52
Performance Tests

With this version, I am getting almost the same numbers as in 2022 with v6.6.4. You can use the link above if you want to compare.

Second Life Viewer

Porch 512m18.6 fps
Porch 128m40
Porch 128m w/snow52
Green Room @ 2200m DD=128m60
Nelsonia 16peps @ DD= 128m58
Arapaima 34peps @ 128m 60
Exhale Club 48peps @ 128m37
Performance Tests

The FS and SL viewers are similar. Except for my Green Room. This is the recent PBR-enabled SL viewer.

I am not sure what’s up with the Green Room. I suspect the SL viewer has a cap on FPS. I can’t find any place to turn off such a limit. The old limit value in Debug Settings is marked as ‘Unused’. I suspect the Lindens are moving to more viewer-controlled settings as the population dumbs down. Whatever the case, not having control is annoying.

Otherwise, the two viewers have about the same performance.

There is the problem of things not rendering. Like my house refusing to render until my 3rd relog. None of the old tricks work. The house just is not there.

I’ve eliminated network issues, cache issues, lag issues… I am pretty certain the viewer and servers are just not communicating correctly. Since I’ve seen a similar problem in the SL viewer, I’ll blame the servers or sever to viewer connection and handshaking.

Viewer Comparison – Particle Render

I did find it odd that the snowfall seemed to increase the frame rate in both viewers. The SL Viewer shows the snowfall at blizzard levels. FS Viewer shows a more modest snowfall. I checked the settings in both viewers and the particle settings are the same… at least the settings in the panels are the same. Obviously, they are handling them differently.

I also noticed the render in the SL Viewer has more saturated colors. I haven’t decided if that is a PBR thing or my settings in the viewers.

Merry Christmas!

3 thoughts on “Firestorm Viewer

  1. “I did find it odd that the snowfall seemed to increase the frame rate in both viewers. ”

    Naw, it’s just Global Warming propaganda

    Thanks for your research , somethings NEVER rez for me – but on just one account -which varies . I TP in/out, go mainland , relog , just never.

  2. In Firestorm I have to set a limit to the amount of frames per second myself, even for my ol d Nvidia GTX 1050. I have it throttle at 60 FPS so the temperature of the card stays a bit lower and maybe it will then live longer.
    Anything over 60 FPS doesn’t give me a better experience in Second Life, but would raise the temperature with a few degrees according to the Nvidia applet in Linux Mint.
    I run Firestorm from the terminal and watch the log output realtime often. I set the log level to “WARN” in logcontrol.xml before looking for specific issues.
    Quite often I see: “Texture missing from server (404):”
    then a second attempt to retrieve the texture, ending with “fail harder”, followed by “WARNING # newview/llviewertexture.cpp(2354) LLViewerTexture::updateFetch : (UUID) Fetch failure, setting as missing”. This happens often with simple textures like the grass that has always been there. Relog often only helps if I login to another sim first.

  3. Nice to read you, Nalates 🙂

    In the SL Viewer the cap on FPS setting is under World -> Improve Graphics Speed -> Enable VSync (or via Graphic Presets -> Auto-FPS settings)

    Happy Holidays ♥

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