Second Life News 2014-47

Group Chat

Simon Linden Tells us:

Yes some of the chat servers have been having troubles in the last few days.   I’ve been looking into that … the code running there isn’t super new, and the outages might be timed with some of those [hardware update] restarts.

In any case, there is an update soon for the chat servers, and already another in the pipeline.


Photo Shoot w/Mr. S

Photo Shoot w/Mr. S

This week there are no rolls for either the main channel or RC channels. Next week is a no change week. So, I expect no roll outs that week either.

We can expect tweaking to the CDN system. This week whatever they are doing that requires multiple restarts is ongoing.

The main reason for no updates is the hardware updating requiring the restarts scheduled for this week. Estimating time for any individual update or the group is difficult as Simon says, “We also have to actually open up the server box and look inside to see if it needs an update, so it’s random how long each one takes.

This shouldn’t do anything grid-wide, aside from extra region restarts.”  Continue reading

Exodus Viewer Beta 9 Released

A new release of the Exodus Viewer came out. The previous release was back in August 2012. This release is primarily to catch the Exodus Viewer up to Linden Lab releases. The label is This comes in Windows, Mac, and Linux flavors.

New features I n the viewer are few, but they are the important ones that will extend this viewer’s life.

  • SSA – Server Side Appearance (Baking).
  • CHUI – Chat Hub with vertical tabs.
  • Mac Full Screen on Lion OS.
  • Mac Retina Display for Retina MacBook Pros.
  • Mac support goes from Carbon to Cocoa.
  • RLVa gets removed.

Katharine Berry, the current lead developer for Exodus, writes that RLVa is just too much for the small team to integrate with changes coming from the Lab. A decision was made to drop RLVa to simplify the task of keeping the viewer up to date with the Linden viewer.

It is sad to see RLVa dropped. For some it will be a serious downer. RLVa is quite fun and about more than just BDSM.  Continue reading

Exodus Viewer Team Change

We haven’t seen anything on the Exodus Viewer blog since last August 2012. There have been some releases sense then. But, no news proper. Today, Sunday, I see there is a new post up.

It seems Clix Diesel and Ayamo that has lead the team for two years are turning over development of the Exodus Viewer to Katharine Berry. They say she will be lead developer and ‘owner’ of the viewer.

In software development ‘owner’ can mean something different that ‘owner’ of a car or house does. So, be careful what you read into that.

Clix and Ayamo site a lack of time to develop the viewer as the reason for their leaving the project.

See: Katharine Takes the Lead!

What does this mean for the Exodus Viewer? I have no idea.

Viewers Update 2013-10

It has been a while since I took a look at a number of viewers. Rather than post them separately, I’ve lumped them together, except for Nirans. I had not used it for months, so I expected lots of changes.

SL Viewers

The main Linden Viewer is still at version 3.4.5 (270263), pre CHUI (Chat Hub User Interface). I seldom use the Beta Viewer now. It is more of a fall back viewer for when a Development Viewer version has problems. This morning the Beta is at version 3.5.0 (271345). The Development Viewer had been at version 3.5.1 (270826) for about 10 days. Today it updated to 3.5.1 (271386).

I am still fighting with the CHUI update to keep it the size I WANT IT. Other than sizing problems I like the new CHUI. The new build 271386 seems to have some of the sizing problems fixed.

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Exodus Viewer Beta 9 Release Review

If you are following my coverage of viewers, you know that most Third Party Viewer (TPV) Developers are NOT releasing production viewers, but instead release Beta or test viewers to save on paper work. So, I am not surprised that Exodus has another Beta version out.

Exodus Viewer gets the Navmesh

The Exodus blog lists the New, Fixed, and Changed features in this release. See: Beta 9 (

The release comes in both a 32-bit and a sort of 64-bit (LAA) version. The download file size is about 37mb and the download is quick. The install is simple and typical. I installed it over the top of my previous 8.1 install and it seems to work OK.

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Exodus Viewer Release Beta 8 (12.08.09b) Review

Exodus has new version of their viewer out. If you like Exodus, this is a must have update. I think that this release is labeled a Beta as they plan to quickly provide a main release with the New Pathfinding Tools. I am guessing they are just waiting on the Lab to OK it. Or may be there is some last minute Havok Licensing stuff going on. So, the tools may already be programmed in.

Exodus Viewer – Exodus Preferences

It gets confusing which version is a test version and which is a production release version. The idea with production releases is they are feature stable and intended for primary use by Second Life™ residents. Production viewers only have approved features. Test or Beta viewers can have whatever feature set a developer is experimenting with. This release had some of the experimental features taken out, like the Mesh Deformer. So, I find the Beta designation a bit odd, but it makes a sort of sense.

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Oz Answers TPV Policy Questions

Innula Zenovka post a link on SLUniverse to an Question and Answers page where Oz Linden answered residents questions about the new TPV Policy. Cummere Mayo start the thread here.

See: Questions about new TPV policy. (Questions only please.)

The most controlversal and misunderstood part of the policy is the idea of what is meant by SHARED EXPERIENCE. So, the number one question is: What is meant by shared experience?

The pertinent part of Oz’s answer is:

A shared experience change is one that modifies the definition of the elements that make up the virtual world, or how they behave, in such a way that users on other viewers don’t experience the same virtual reality.

This rule does not affect changes to rendering, user interface, or the controls a viewer offers for interacting with the world.

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#SL Viewer Policy Follow Up

A part of the Server/Sim/Scripting User Group meeting was taken up with discussion of the viewer policy changes. It seems some of the changes have been in the works for some time. Now that they are on the verge of being implemented the Lab made the public announcement.

Viewer Identification Tags

Tankmaster Finesmith said, “So, as one of the [Firestorm] TPV devs, we’ve know for a few months now that LL has wanted to brake the viewer tags. Today [Friday] we got word that LL will be braking them next week.”

So, Jessica is right, the viewer type ID tags will be turned off next Tuesday and Wednesday. Presumably the code to do that has already made it through QA process.

Simon Linden was the meeting chairperson or facilitor and I’ll quote him several times so I think this statement is important as a framework. He said, “…I’d like to preemptively explain that I’m a coder working on the server, so I’ve mostly been out of this loop. I’m not a lawyer, from marketing or product, etc. etc.” I suppose that means we need to keep what he says in some sort of perspective.

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