Cool VL Viewer

This page contains a list of articles I’ve written on the Cool VL Viewer. I am certain it deserves more than I have written. However… I am a bit fickle when it comes to viewers. That’s my flaw not the viewer’s.

The viewer is built by Henri Beauchamp. He is well known in the viewer development community. I credit him with changing my mind on several topics on viewers. Not the least of which is the time it takes to maintain a viewer with the version 1 user interface. It seems I’ve been wrong on that subject.

Henri has made many contributions to the SL community. If you have privacy issues with viewers, I think Cool VL Viewer is a good choice. Henri’s reputation is established.

The viewer is a good all purpose viewer. It is also a good viewer for those visiting multiple grids. I use it more and more on OSGrid. It has RLV features. It has good building tools.

The viewer is based on new Linden Lab code and has been customized to keep the version 1.x user interface.