Second Life in the NEWS 2016-W17#2


Seems there are a bunch of articles referring to Second Life™ and Project Sansar this week. The Australian in their LIFE section has an article titled Welcome to the virtual reality social revolution.

Seems a fair enough view of SL and the image used is recent.

As I write this there are only a couple of comments. If all the comments were like the first, I would conclude the Australians are far more civil than Americans.

Second Life News 2016 Week 17


No deploy to the main channel this week. The 3 RC channels are all getting the same package, which has a server crash fix and minor internal improvements.

Not much to go on…

Fantasy Faire 2016

Fantasy Faire 2016


RC Second Life Maintenance Viewer version – No update since the Third Party Dev’s coverage.

RC Second Life Quick Graphics Viewer version – This viewer has updated since last Friday. See Second Life: LOTS of News for the details on the likely changes to this version.

Second Life Project Bento Viewer version – No update since Friday’s coverage.

Second Life Project Oculus Rift Viewer version – No update, Charlie.  Continue reading

Second Life: How Many Polygons Can I Have?

When we upload mesh items, clothes or other things, one of the questions is how many polygons can I use? An alternative of that one, how many should I use, is also common.



For the second there is no ‘numeric’ answer for the ‘should’ version. The common answer is: as few as will do the job. But, how many can we use? Is there a limit? Continue reading

Second Life: Bits and Pieces 2016-16


Alchemy has new Beta release out as of Saturday 16, version 4.0.0 Beta 2.

In this release Alchemy gets a built into the viewer AO. There are Windlight changes. There is also a Linux version.

Lay down the rules

Lay down the rules

We are told this is a ‘beta’ release to get Alchemy in shape for the next set of Linden updates… The ‘Linden’ releases are coming…(?) so I have little idea what is or isn’t in this release.  Continue reading

Second Life: LOTS of News

From the Third Party Dev Meeting 2016-16… Oz Linden starts off saying there isn’t a lot of new stuff. But, news-wise there was quite a bit and I found most of it interesting.

Fantasy Faire 2016

Fantasy Faire 2016 – Now Happening


Second Life Maintenance Viewer version – Oz describes this version as having lots of annoyances fixed. It hasn’t changed since my previous Tuesday update.  Continue reading

Second Life: Jelly Babies Grow Up

That little baby girl grew up into the cutest DOLL… that is sort of what has happened with Second Life™ Jelly Babies. Earlier I wrote about the name Jelly Babies being trademarked. So, the Lab is not going to use that term for muted avatars. And I certainly am not going to call muted avatars muted avatars… ugh. That give no one an intuitive sense of what is being talked about.

JellyDoll and Fully Rendered Avatar.

JellyDoll and Fully Rendered Avatar.

I follow Mesh Body Addicts, a blog by LilDaria resident, Daria for short, which is all about mesh bodies and clothes. Love it. Daria is using the term JellyDolls in place of the trademarked Jelly Babies, which I like. So, we may have a new name for them.  Continue reading

Project Bento AFTER the Meeting Discussion Secrets

I learned more about using Bento bones and animating after the meeting than I did during the meeting. The meeting lasted about 45 minutes. Discussion after the Lindens went back to work lasted over an hour. I broke my coverage into 2 videos. The meeting part is in the video here: Second Life: Project Bento 2016 Week 16. The ‘after’ meeting part is here:

I’ve trimmed the hour plus video down to 45± minutes by removing parts where there is no voice. This means you’ll notice some video jerks where I trimed out parts. You’ll have to watch the chat window too. You’ll hear some voice responses that are answers to questions and statements made in text/local chat that got trimmed out. You can see the text, you just don’t have to wait while it is typed.  Continue reading