MayaStar Update Week 06

Cathy Foil sent me a note explaining the Project Bento updates to MayaStar. I copied, modified, and paraphrased what she sent.



The MayaStar 4.5, I’ll call it BETA version, addition runs on PC and Mac. It works with Maya 8.0 through 2016. While most of MayaStar works with Maya LT, but Maya LT is lacking some abilities and that limits what can be done with MayaStar. Cathy asks you contact her for more information if you are working with Maya LT.  Continue reading

How to: AvaStar Following & Vimeo

Gaia Clary has been putting more of the Machinimatrix/AvaStar videos on Vimeo™. There are good reasons for doing that. Vimeo offers better monetization and distribution control. Unfortunately Vimeo has to compete with YouTube.

Vimeo Following

Vimeo Following

As best I can tell, not that many of the Second Life™ community use Vimeo. If I search on ‘secondlife’ at Vimeo, I find 6,373 videos. Doing the same at YouTube I get 572,000 hits or about 90 times more videos.*  Continue reading

Second Life Servers Week 6

There are no rollouts this week to either the main or RC channels. As there are no RC updates this week there will be no update to the main channel next week (7). There is no information I am aware of about new packages for the RC channels for next week.

This must be Heaven...

This must be Heaven…

You may remember that last week’s server updates were about fixing problems that appear when server run for more than a week. I was speculating that this week they would be testing those fixes. They have already had QA and testing on the RC channels that make up about 20% of the main grid. Now they are getting a test as the ‘production’ software.

By this time next week we will know how well they did.

Comments in various places have me thinking the majority of the Lab’s effort on Second Life is now on the Project Bento. But, I suspect some changes will be needed on the server side. After all, the project only runs on certain servers in the ADITI (preview) grid. So, it could be that all server changes and fixes are being built for the Bento capable packages. As they need a break in the rollouts to test long term server stability, it may be saving them some work. Rather than build changes for the pre-Bento servers just build the fixes for Bento capable packages.

Some time ago the Lindens added the ability to enable and disable new features in the servers. So, our next server rollouts could be Bento capable, but with the feature disabled… or not. We’ll have to wait and see.

Catznip Viewer Updates to R10

I think the Catznip viewer for Second Life™ has been around since about the time I joined SL, early 2008. Inara Pey has been covering viewers since before then. Her earliest article on Catznip, that I found, is September 2011. I suspect there were earlier ones. My earliest is February 2011, back when I was looking for the best viewer and doing reviews.

Royal Flush

Royal Flush

In my 2011 review I was noting that Catznip had not updated for about a year. At the time Catznip was not listed in the Linden’s 3rd Party Viewers list. It is now, as 1 of 8 full feature viewers.  Continue reading

Second Life Servers Week 5

Tuesday a new server package rolled out to the main channel. This is the package that was running in two versions on the RC channels last week. It includes:

  • Fix for BUG-1313 “LSL llSetPosin root prim of attachment behaves differently at high altitudes – viewer does not show updates”
  • Internal fixes
I love the bunny Computer

I love the bunny Computer

The internal fixes were described as fixes for problems that appear when the servers run for more than a week. If these fixes do what they are supposed to do, servers can run longer without problems.

RC Channels

The RC channels are all running this same package as the main channel. There will be no update Wednesday.

We are told that there will be no server upgrades for a short time, couple of weeks or so. The Lindens are working on something else. They weren’t willing to say what or whether people had been moved to Project Bento. So, we are left to speculate.

I suppose this pause will also test the fixes in this last package…

Second Life: Servers Week 4

Today, Tuesday, a new update rolled to the main grid. The reported changes are; Feature request: new llGetObjectDetails() functionality to get the parent_id of any task in the region (OBJECT_REZZER_KEY) and a Simulator crash fix.

{ Frozen }

{ Frozen }

RC Packages

There are two new updates rolling to the RC channels Wednesday. Blue Steel will get a package that has a fix for BUG-1313 “LSL llSetPos in root prim of attachment behaves differently at high altitudes – viewer does not show updates” and some unspecified internal fixes.

Le Tigre and Magnum will get a package that has the BUG-1313 fix and a simulator crash fix.

I think this is the first time in a while that we have seen two packages roll.

Second Life & Sansar: What did we learn?

A Lab Chat meeting with Ebbe Altberg, Linden Lab CEO, was yesterdays (1/21) big event. We learned new things about Second Life™ and Project Sansar. We are starting to see reaction from a few to the new information.

Lab Chat - 2016-01-21

Lab Chat – 2016-01-21

I am paraphrasing what I heard on the audio and I’ve shortened it. For some questions the answers were repeating what was said earlier. So, I’ve included time marks to you can easily find the actual statements in the audio stream. I have also expanded on what Ebbe says from what I believe is implied. Take that with however much salt you feel is appropriate.  Continue reading