Second Life Bits Week 13

Fabulously Free Hunts

Hopefully you know that each week and almost every day Fab Free publishes a list of what they think is the grids top ten hunts. See: Today’s Top Ten Hunts in Second Life. I’m not sure how Fab and Hunt SL hook up… but, they are the people to follow if you like hunts.


Aught by dolletjes, on Flickr

I love a couple of the names; 50 Shades Of Lust and Slap Yo Mama, Easter Is Comin… J

Capital Exchange Update

Skip Oceanlane posted an update on the saga of getting Linden Lab’s attorney to approve the Capital Exchange game or not. At this point Skip is saying they are on their last attempt. Continue reading

Second Life: Singularity Viewer

A new release is out. It is primarily for users with AMD/ATI video cards. Unless you are having a problem, you don’t need this release.

From the video "Inner winter" 5

From the video “Inner winter” 5 by Pepa Cometa, on Flickr

You may be aware of a recent AMD/ATI driver update to stopped mesh items from rendering. This isn’t a Singularity problem. It affected all viewers as it was a driver problem. If you had an ATI/AMD video card and updated your driver, you had the problem. Continue reading

Second Life: Black Dragon 2.42 Released

If you know the viewer, you know it is an experimental viewer. The author of it tries all sorts of things. Like Benjamin Franklin and others NiranV has lots of what I label failures. But, the gems that do work out make it worth it.

Mother of Dragons

Mother of Dragons by Impulsive Spirit, on Flickr

A current feature Black Dragon has is Volumetric Lighting, previously labeled GodRays. This is a rendering process that reveals light interacting with air… the atmosphere. The feature makes for dramatic images. I think this is going to be an awesome features for those using Oculus Rift type displays. Continue reading

Second Life: Mesh Upload

You may have picked up from the SL Viewer news that a change is coming to the Lab’s mesh uploader. There are, I think, some nice changes coming.


WA D-Lab PICCOLI2 IN YOUR GARDEN by Willow, on Flickr

As it is now, when uploading mesh we often get an error and the error message is basically useless, no help. The Lindens are working to improve that. They hope to give us a better idea of what went wrong.

Also, we are currently limited to 8 faces per mesh. That means any single mesh object can only have 8 materials. That too is going to change. The Lindens are saying if there will be a new limit just that we can have more than 8.

There is also something changing about how the various LoD models and physics models will associate with our item based on file naming. I don’t get what they are doing here as I have yet to play with the RC/Project viewer that is out.

Second Life: Notifications Change

You may have heard, a viewer is coming that will handle your notices differently. When logging in we are often bombarded with stack of notices; IM’s, inventory offers, group notices, event invites, money transactions… it gets busy.

get wet in the rain

get wet in the rain by hitsu Ruby, on Flickr

The Lindens are promising a new way to handle notices. We will get a new panel that better handles the information being dumped on us. We are promised a way to organize and prioritize all these notes.

Second Life in the News

Second Life™ gets a load of bad press. Now and then someone writes an intelligent piece. Mark Hay has written an intelligent piece: Second Life is Staying Alive. And the images used in the article are recent 2014-2015 images. Wow!

Second Life Staying Alive

Second Life Staying Alive

So, I think this article is worthy of our attention and support. It does put an interesting spin on Second Life and why it remains an active place.

The site this article is on is GOOD, a magazine for the global citizen.

Second Life: RLV Version 2.9.7 Released

Marine Kelley has posted that a new version of the RLViewer is out.

They still haven't fixed that light?

They still haven’t fixed that light? by Robin (rubberluvv), on Flickr

This version has the new Hover Height adjustment. Right-click your avatar and adjust away. The adjustment is saved as a setting and so, persists across logins.

Marine points out that ONLY viewers with this new feature can see the results of your adjustment. I expect most viewers will have this feature with their next release. Continue reading

Second Life: CtrlAltStudio Viewer Updated

A week ago the CtrlAltStudio Viewer updated to version Alpha (Windows download link) and is now on par with Firestorm 4.6.7.

This version does NOT work with Rift Direct Mode. Also, you must have the Advanced Lighting Model enabled to use the Oculus Rift display.

Wildest Moments

Wildest Moments by Lana Quicksand, on Flickr

Now that Samsung is selling their Gear VR (US$200), we may start hearing more about people using these headsets in Second Life