Next Generation Platform-SL2: The Avatars

Everyone is curious about what the avatars in the Next Generation Platform (NGP), or SL2, will be like and what we can do with them. Now we have some clues. High Fidelity is working on their avatars and has just release a set of improvements. See: Creating and rigging an avatar with Blendshapes in Makehuman. The information is somewhat compatible with the current Second Life™ and I suspect a hint of what is coming for SL2 or the Next Generation Platform.

This is a great video for designers. You’ll find references to a number software tools I have not heard mentioned in relation to Second Life. Some of those look to be handy for SL. Continue reading

Second Life: Attachment Problems

There are problems and then there are the symptoms of problems. Just as many health problems produce a fever as a symptom, multiple problems can cause attachment problems.

Attachment Problems - 2015

Attachment Problems – 2015

That said, this symptom has been know for a long time. The image shows my hair appearing attached to my butt for a really sophisticated look… not. I’ve seen the problem on and off since I came to Second Life™ in 2008. Now I am seeing it again. For three or five weeks the problem pretty much disappeared.

This problem is generally thought to be a timing problem. The information coming from the server is lost or out of order or otherwise arrives in some way that confuses the viewer. The viewer doesn’t figure out that the hair goes on my head. It doesn’t really attach it to by butt. If I walk away the hair is left hanging in space.

This does just happen with hair. I’ve had a foot, hand, bracelet, dress panel, earring, or other attachment suffer this fate.  Continue reading

Statistics: Second Life, OpenSim, World of Warcraft

Hypergrid Business keeps many of us up to date on happenings in the OpenSim side of virtual worlds. They currently have an article up on expansion and contraction in the OpenSim worlds: Regions, grids hit new record highs.

Garden Party

Garden Party by Gorba McMahon, on Flickr

It is a good headline. In the first paragraph Maria, author, points out that active users on public grids fell by 909 to 30,000. So, even though I consider Maria a bit of a fan-girl for OpenSim, I consider her reporting accurate enough to give us the good and bad news.  Continue reading

Second Life: Mesh Body Revolution

Strawberry Singh has a meme called What’s Your Digits? It is about shape and mesh bodies. So, what can I add to that?

My Digits 4/2015

My Digits 4/2015

If your new to Second Life™ you may not know the viewer’s appearance editor reports the wrong height for avatars. You can check this yourself by rezzing a cube and stretching it to whatever height you think you are. Make it phantom and walk into it. Continue reading

Second Life Games Week 16

Various games made in Second Life™ are showing up in the news. I think the reduced news flow coming out of the Lab has bloggers looking for things to write about. There is a lot inside SL to write about.

Honour has an article up about a build in SL named: End of the World as We Know It. See her article and pictures here. Some regions just can’t be done justice in a still photo.

Flying through with via camera and walking through are different experiences. I suggest walking.

Second Life: New in Scripting Week 16

Wednesday a new package rolled to the RC channels, all three. This page has a couple of changes:

The OBJECT_BODY_SHAPE_TYPE flag returns the avatar gender type, 0=female and 1=male. Basically <1 = female. Values in between are permitted… but, I’m not sure what good they would be.

The idea is that scripts can now detect avatar gender and play the correct animations.

The OBJECT_HOVER_HEIGHT flag returns the Hover Height value, between -2.0 and 2.0. This is the value in the shape, not the newer Hover Height slider accessed by right-clicking the avatar. I have no idea how this might be used.

Linden Lab Hosting Event

One of the Lab’s people is speaking at April’s HackbrightPRO event on Thursday, April 16, 2015 (6:00pm – 8:00pm) hosted at the Linden Lab office in San Francisco. I suppose all are invited. Register/RSVP and get more information here.

I Dream of Mars 2015

I Dream of Mars 2015 by Stark Osterham, on Flickr

There are two featured speakers; Julie Russell, IT Manager, Medium an online publishing company, and Tara Hernandez, Director of Systems & Build Engineering, Linden Lab. Continue reading