Second Life Project Bento 2016-w21

Here is the video of the Project Bento user group meeting. There is a POST meeting video that I am working on. It has good information. Cathy Foil was answering questions from her experience with Bento from building MayaStar Bento support.

Dan Linden, at the Server Beta UG, elaborated a bit about project Bento going live SOON, saying, “And by live, I mean the server component that will allow the upload of Bento meshes animations that have additional bones. The Bento Release viewer is still a ways off. You’ll need a Bento Project Viewer to see Bento content for now.”  Continue reading

Second Life: Servers 2016-w21


The preview grid has been and is a problem for many users. At Thursday’s Beta Server UG meeting some attendees were able to use Last Location as their login destination. For a couple of months that has not been possible.

I can now use Last Location, sometimes. It depends on the region. I cannot

Not Enuff Love

Not Enuff Love

Server Updates

This week (21) we saw a security patch rolled out on the main channels. Without announcement the package had been rolled out to an RC channel earlier, possibly in week 20.  It was rushed past the announced Minor internal improvements. No visible functional changes to Second Life package. This package was announced in week 19. It failed to make it out of QA in week 20 because of system problems interrupting testing. So, we would expect it to roll out in week 21. Now it appears it will roll out in week 21. Continue reading

Second Life: Lindex 2016-05-26

There is more and more being said about the Lindex and the current trend in exchange rates. I was curious about trend so I’ve been graphing it.

Lindex 1/1/2015-5/25/2016

Lindex 1/1/2015-5/25/2016

The raw data comes from Linden Lab. Tyche Shepard collects that information and has since 2009. (See: GridSurvey) The Lab publishes the raw numbers for the last 30 days and charts it for that last 90 days. My chart is a combination of both. The last 5 days have not shown up at Tech’s. The last few days are the most interesting.  Continue reading

Second Life: Kokua Viewer 2016-21

The Kokua-4.0.2 viewer updated March 29. Since then there have been significant updates to the SL Viewers. The Kokua blog has posted about the new additions and the status of their 4.0.5 viewer and made a request for testers to help as they bring Kokua up to date. See: Kokua project status update and request of testers.

L'Etre Blogger Search [Aura Foxtrot]

L’Etre Blogger Search [Aura Foxtrot]

Current Download: Download Kokua_4_0_2_38137_i686 (53.6 MB)

The, I guess, RC version of Kokua (4.0.5) has the HTTP update, all the items in the Maintenance update, and the fixes and new features in the Quick Graphics update. Plus they have made an RLV version and NO-RLV version of Kokua. Continue reading

Second Life Money 2016

When it comes to currency exchange Americans tend to be ignorant of how it works. Europeans that travel are much more knowledgeable, at least in my experience. That knowledge difference seems to have led to some conspiracy theories about the recent price of Linden dollars.


Lindex Buy Sell Orders 2016

The image is the list of pending buy and sell orders placed in the Lindex market as of 9AM PT 5/24.  Continue reading

Second Life: Third Party Dev’s Meeting 2016-20

The meeting was short, about 18 minutes. Not much was talked about. But a little.



Oz mentioned the Quick Graphics viewer getting promoted to default viewer status. That is the Jelly Doll viewer, or more technically correct the Avatar Complexity Viewer. Oz says they are getting good reception in most places where people would scream or applaud. Continue reading