Second Life Servers Week 31

This Tuesday the package running on the RC channels moved to the main channel. That package was said to be Simulator fixes… whatever they were.

As of late Tuesday (5+PM PT) there was no information about what would or if any would roll to the RC channels Wednesday.

My Little Love Letter To You

My Little Love Letter To You

Presumably the Lindens are still working on the Experience Tools database…

Jelly Babies – Render Muting

Inara made it to last Monday’s open source user group meeting where Oz Linden apparently talked about the Second Life Render Muting feature and where it is in the development pipeline. You may remember that a bug was causing the Jelly Babies to be invisible. That is fixed.

Surfing at Teahupo'o 1

Surfing at Teahupo’o 1

Now the feature is waiting on UI changes. Once those are complete we will get an RC viewer version with the feature. Inara is guessing sometime in week 32, which I think is a good guess. I am looking forward to this feature. I think it will have a significant impact on performance in the long run.

Inara quotes Oz talking about the notices that will appear when our Draw Weight changes and when those around us are not rendering our avatar. We will be able to control how long those messages stay on screen. We already have a Debug Setting to tell the viewer when to render high draw weight avatars as Jelly Babies. Presumably we will have that control out where we can adjust it easily too.

Black Dragon Viewer Update Week 30

NiranV has made a couple of recent releases of the Black Dragon Viewer, now at version Version 2.4.4 the previous version has a long list of fixes.

Year of the Dragon

Year of the Dragon

The big addition is for Viewer Managed Marketplace (VMM). Or maybe the more important change is fixes to the RLV section of the viewer. Whichever is more important to you, the viewer is better.

VMM is coming to all the viewers. When your favorite viewer gets the feature is not all that important. The only think you cannot do without a VMM compatible viewer is add items to the marketplace. All other tasks can be handled through the marketplace web site.

RLViewer 2.9.12 Released

Marine has a new version of the viewer out. See: RLV 2.9.12.

Snail Racers & Hedgehog Spectators

> Snail Racers & Hedgehog Spectators

One of the interesting changes in this viewer is how you can control shadow render. Seems Marine got a Maitreya body and is wearing it. From what Marine wrote I take that it cut her FPS nearly in half in some scenarios. Looking at the Fast Timers (Ctrl-Shift-9) shadow render was taking more time to figure out how to render the attached mesh items. I wonder how many people check the render cost of that Maitreya body and compared it to other bodies? See: Second Life: Mesh Body Revolution. Continue reading

SL’s Viewer Managed Marketplace

Or shortened to VMM… The RC Viewer: VMM Viewer version has been out for a few days and may make it to being the main viewer this week. On the 23rd the Lab will begin moving the marketplace to the new system. But, how will you know how to work with Second Life’s™ new marketplace?

Diva Lingerie - Raine by Posh Pixels

Diva Lingerie – Raine by Posh Pixels

Canary Beck is pointing out a new tutorial on the marketplace. Auryn Beorn is writing a series of guides and Canary is helping with the marketing side of the guides.

While this first guide is oriented toward opening a new store, there is a lot of information that will help exiting store owners.

Second Life: Server Scripting

There was no Second Life Server-Scripting UG Meeting this week.

Big Decisions

Big Decisions

The main channel got last week’s package of simulator fixes. The 3 RC channels all get  the same but new package on Wednesday. This package is also about simulator fixes.

This breaks the every other week rollout pattern that has been building up.