Second Life Bits 2014-43 #2

SL Go on iPad

Drax has a video on using an iPad and the SL Go service. About 5 minutes.

Book Review

Not really my thing… book reviews…. but, this looks like an interesting book for those thinking about what we and others are doing in our lives along with how that effects the next generation. This one is a re-make of the original story first published as: Anda’s Game. It is the story of a young girl learning how to play computer games via a MMORPG. It deals with complex economic and labor issues as well as a romantic interest.  Continue reading

Second Life News 2014-43

Group Chat

There are new group chat servers and new code running. Don’t expect a miracle. But, things should be better. The Lindens aren’t saying anything. They are waiting to see if anyone notices the change.

The Trace - Oct 2014

The Trace – Oct 2014

Yesterday the Lindens were updating the chat servers, which are a backend service. People report having gotten odd chat error messages. Hopefully that was during the server change out.


The Content Delivery Network (CDN) is going to be active on ALL the RC channels as of Wednesday (10/22). Figure that change will be complete by late Wednesday morning. This will put 30±% of the grid on CDN.

It appears it has run well on Blue Steel. So far, no anomalies or problems. If there are no problems in this larger test, I expect this to roll out to the main channel next week. With it we will probably see the HTTP Pipeline Viewer rolling out as the default viewer.  Continue reading

Second Life News Bits 2014-43

This past weekend was a party weekend for me. I’m still moving a bit slow today.


Oz Linden says that when the Benchmark RC Viewer, the one that stops using a GPU Table to select viewer settings, everyone will get a viewer-settings reset to what the viewer now thinks your default settings should be.

Open Source 2014-43

Open Source 2014-43

I don’t know if that means ALL settings or just graphics settings. I suggest you backup your settings now.

The HTTP RC Viewer when used in Blue Steel regions is simply awesome. Download: HTTP Viewer version A list of Blue Steels regions is here: List of Blue Steel regions in Second Life.

I’ve gotten to use the HTTP RC Viewer for a couple of hours exploring Blue Steel regions. It is a nice change. I quickly got used to the fast render. When I left the Blue Steel regions it was like going from walking downhill to trying to walk in a swimming pool. Ooouf!

See Bittersweet Frostbite’s post about the performance: New Second Life “Berlin” HTTP Viewer: Fast, faster, much fasterContinue reading

Second Life News 2014-42 #2

Not much new from the Lindens today.


As planned the main channel did not get a roll out. There were no packages on the RC channels, so there was nothing to roll out.


RC Channels

This Wednesday the RC channels a got a new package.

Blue Steel and Snack are now both running the CDN (Content Delivery Network) change. This adds a good number of regions to the test group. I have a Blue Steel region list at the end of the article.

Le Tigre and Magnum got a package with crash fix and a back end improvement in the Abuse Reporting pipeline.  Continue reading

Bits of Second Life 2014-42

I have lots of interesting bits this time. RL has been keeping me busy and I have SL projects I am trying to complete. So, I’ve been collecting these for a few days. There are several thing here that will affect most Second Life™ users.

Second Life 2014

Second Life 2014

Web Design Second Life

The Lindens have a new job opening posted. Web Design Engineer Wanted.

Second Life HTTP & CDN

I’ve been writing about the subjects for weeks. The Lindens have now made an ‘official’ post in the SL Blog. See: The Sky Over Berlin (and Elsewhere).

I have no idea why they chose the title they did. But, the post has a nice graph that shows the speed up the changes are making. Continue reading

Drama: Community Portals for Second Life 2

Hamlet pointed to my article: Ebbe Altberg Interview in his article SL 2 to Launch Without Shared First-Time User Experience. He took an idea in my writing much farther than I did. His quote from my article:

For SL2 they are developing toward user created experiences and will thus bypass a uniform path for all new users. So, the concept of a single entry door for SL will vanish. The Lab will provide retention data to experience owners. They will let designers compare their experience retention to other experiences, designs, methods, and retention rates. With solid objective data flowing back to the designers, it may be possible to find the magic combination.

It seems he and others took this to mean there would only be entry to SL2 via community portals. I never it took what Ebbe said to mean that. But, obviously others inferred that was what I implied.  Continue reading