Second Life Scams

A basic idea in the free market and civilization in general is theft and misrepresentation are bad things. I suppose that is why we love politicians.  So, when we find a place where theft and lying are harming people many of us will step up and say something. So, Strawberry Singh has spoken in Full Perm Marketplace Scams. Yay, girl!

Marketplace Scams

Marketplace Scams

Check her article to get the full story.

I think we need better tools to help us in our battles against the ethically and morally challenged of Second Life™. There is also the problem of how much time can we ask the Lab to spend on devising those tools when we have much more fun stuff that they need to be working on?  Continue reading

Mesh Body ACI Values Compared

Mesh Body Addicts is a fun and informative site. The recent article AC and Jellydolls: Tutorial and Popular Bodies list took some effort. The list gives the ACI for each of the mesh bodies being marketed in Second Life™. There are some brands I was unaware of. So, that is a plus too.

JellyDoll and Fully Rendered Avatar.

JellyDoll and Fully Rendered Avatar.

The list at Mesh Body Addict’s site is alphabetical. Handy for finding your body. I wanted the list arranged in order of ACI so I could see the best, lowest ACI, and worst, highest ACI, for lag. So, I resorted the list:  Continue reading

Sceond Life: Unscheduled Maintenance

by Linden on ‎08-23-2016 11:06 AM

[Posted 11:03 AM PDT, 23 August 2016] We are aware that some users are currently being logged out, and all users are currently unable to log in to Second Life. Additionally, please refrain from transacting on the LindeX on in-world as purchases are likely to fail. Some regions are also unavailable at this time, and teleports to other regions may fail currently. We have identified the issue causing this situation and are currently working to resolve it. Please monitor this blog for additional updates.

Second Life: Project Bento Update 2016 w33

I was a little late getting to the meeting. Then slow rez’ing left my butt hanging out, literally. :/ I had some time Saturday so I got the video cleaned up. There were some long periods of no voice discussion. There was some chat. I sped up the video. After I was done I noticed the video and chat got out of sync. The chat lags the video by several seconds.

You’ll hear Vir Linden answering questions before they appear in chat.

I did a quick summary of the video and tossed in time marks.

01:00± – There is a gotcha associated with Collada uploads using the current Bento Viewer In the current version the SLM file is not replaced or deleted when you update the DAE file. So, even if you fix a problem the error notice reappears on the next upload attempt. Delete your SLM files to work-around the problem.  Continue reading

Second Life: Marketplace Issues

Word is getting around that the Marketplace (MP) has shifted to the new search feature. There are some problems with the new search. I like it, but nothing is perfect.

Kitty From The Garden

Kitty From The Garden

One problem is items removed from the MP are showing up in search. Another is how title words and keywords are ranked in the search algorithm has changed. More weight given to title words. The fear is this will lead to cluttered item names. Some believe people will start cramming there keyword list into the items name, title.

Whatever the case on these problems, there is a place where you can discuss the problems you have with the new search. See the SL Forum thread titled: Marketplace Search Issues [ New ].

Second Life News 2016 w33


Is there a roll to the main channel this morning? There was a release candidate running on the RC channels this last week. But, my in-home restart tracker and the Grid Status page do not show a restart on the main channel this morning (7:25 AM SLT/PT).



There is no update in the Second Life Server – Deploys thread.

Grid Status shows a schedules restart for the RC channels tomorrow, Wednesday. But, is this a real event or just an automated post from a standing schedule? No way to tell.

My guess is something didn’t work as expected in the RC package running last week. It will get a revised version tomorrow. And there will be no roll to the main channel. Continue reading