Second Life: Project Bento goes GOLD

This morning about 11:30 AM The Lindens announced Project Bento is now live. The main Linden viewer has updated to include Bento. Firestorm has talked about releasing their Bento capable viewer next Monday the 12th. I suspect if things go well for them they will release an update. But, FS is picky about quality, so there could be delays. Still I’ll bet on next Monday.

The Firestorm viewer is used by half to three-quarters of SL users. The Linden viewer is used by a quarter to a third of SL users. So, until Firestorm adopts something many developers and merchants consider too few people as being able to use the feature to justify releasing products using the feature. Continue reading

Second Life: Third Party Dev’s News 2016 w/48


The Bento RC viewer updated Thursday: RC Second Life Bento Viewer version The Lindens fixed a skin weighting problem that a previous fix aggravated. Provided no new issues turn up to block the release we will see it go live soon. As of now they are soaking up user run time data. With enough testing time with no problems they will promote it. Meaning Bento will go live grid wide.

La Digue du Braek - III - A Blogpost

La Digue du Braek – III – A Blogpost

The Bento release date is creating a challenge for setting a Firestorm release date. The Lindens are officially starting their No Release Window 12/16 and it will run to 1/2/2017. The FS team was thinking about releasing their update 12/18.

Oz says the Lab’s actual shut down starts 12/19. While people are officially around as the holiday starts on Friday, many are planning to be gone before then. Continue reading

Second Life News 2016 w/48#2

In the Server-Scripting meeting Simon Linden told us the regions were being restarted to enable the increased prim limits. So, as of today, all the regions in all the channels should have the new prim limits in place.

Free Wilma

Free Wilma

Jo Yadley, Inara, Linden Blog, and I have all covered the change in prim limits. Designing Worlds had an interview with Patch Linden talking about the change. The video of the meeting will be out in early December.  Continue reading

Social Media: A New Scam – Sextortion

Today I find a new scam is popping up on the Internet. Basically blackmail, a really old crime. The media is giving it a new name to describe a specific kind of crime: sextortion.

Potrait 3

Potrait 3

Sextortion is the scam of getting someone into an online sex thing where it can be videoed or pictures taken. This is apparently most prevalent on Facebook. The threat is they will show your kink to your family, friends, and/or business associates.  Continue reading

Second Life: More Prims

This morning the Lab has announced the prim limit increase for ALL regions, private regions too. See: More Prims for Everyone!

Hyde Park 2016

Hyde Park 2016

While private regions have been bumped up to 20k prims, the Lab says next week (#49) they will implement:

If 20,000 prims still isn’t enough, starting sometime next week, Private Region owners will have the option to upgrade to a total of 30,000 Land Impact limit – more details coming soon!

Word is there will be a charge for the addition prims above 20k. Until the Lab releases the feature and tells us we are all speculating on the cost. Even what the Lindens have told us it is likely to be is not yet cast in concrete.

Second Life: Basilique Goes Green

Has it ever occurred to you that you could take your Second Life land green? The region server is using electricity. So, how would one do that? There is an article, Basilique goes green, about taking your region green… Basically, can you offset the energy used by your region in some way by cutting your personal energy use or can you shift to personally using more green energy. It is an offset sort of thing.

Snowy Islands

Snowy Islands

I think it is an interesting idea. I applaud any effort to get people to look at energy use and dive into what is being done and thought in the climate debate. It is the anti-science people that have no understanding of the scientific method and subscribe to political consensus that I have a problem with. Especially when they use climate change as a means to further limit speech.

Saving energy is smart. But, are you sure it is efficient, reliable, and makes economic sense? Does your choice actually reduce the carbon output of a generating station somewhere? Reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide does reduce plant growth. So, are you reducing food production and contributing to human starvation? Have you tried to put your ideas in perspective with RL?

I am irked that Becky thinks she has studied climate change. It appears she has read the basic UN promoted material without any questions. So, I posted my questions in a comment on that point.

Too few people do more than decide they can save the Earth by doing what governments tell them without any thought on what they may actually be doing to the planet and the people that live in underdeveloped countries. And they never bother to question what they have been told or take the next logical step.

Second Life: Free Speech Ban in UK? No Sex?

This year has seen many attacks on free speech. A new restriction is going into effect in the UK. UK to censor online videos of ‘non-conventional’ sex acts.

Beautiful in white

Beautiful in white

I’ve already been contacted by people in Second Life™ worried that it may mean SL will be banded in the UK. It gets complicated as banning requires ‘unconventional sex acts’ be defined and that age verification meet certain standards, which seem to be poorly defined and left to some bureaucrat to decide.  Continue reading