Ebbe and Lab Chat

Canary has a nice summary of the First Lab Chat meeting. See: The Linden Lab Chat summarized in 7 minutes. It is a 5 to 7 minute read. This one is like 2,700 words. At 200 to 250 words per minute that is 11 to 15 minutes read time. Way less than listening to the 90 minutes audio of the meeting.

I put my thoughts at the end, page 4.



The meet makes it clear, at least to me, that the Lab is working to promote Second Life™. They are spending ad money and actively working to figure out what works best with new users via A/B testing in SL. They say they are making small advances at several levels.

When asked about gateways, Ebbe tells us that the current ‘beta’ (?) gateways are not producing any better results than the Linden Welcome and Learning Islands. We don’t know much about the current gateways. We do know Firestorm has theirs in place. But, some concerns about the current gateway API they can use has stopped them from pulling their promotional trigger. To me that calls into question the importance of a statement that no gateway has outperformed the Linden entry points.  Continue reading

Who in Second Life has a clue?

Hamlet posted an odd one… Mid-Week Open Forum: Say Anything About VR, AR or SL. The post is obviously to encourage input from readers and see what’s on people minds, which isn’t odd. At least that’s what I infer from it. The odd part is in the comments. But what are people thinking and saying? And are these people exemplary of who is reading Hamlet?

Jan 2012-Oct 2015 Concurrent Users

Jan 2012-Oct 2015 Concurrent Users

First the comments then I have some push back.

To summarize the comments:

Linda Evans thinks the decline in SL regions is due to Ebbe Altberg… really!?!  Continue reading

What is: Second Life’s Lab Chat…

Tuesday, 11/10, the Lab posted Introducing Lab Chat – A New Q&A Show in Second Life.

It seems on November 19 @ 10:30 AM in the Linden Endowment for the Arts Theatre Ebbe Altberg/Linden, the Lab’s CEO, will meet with residents for a Q&A session. The Lab is proposing that this be a regular event. I suppose like the Linden Monthly Meet Up.



For many this is exciting. Ebbe can speak without inhibition. He is the one that decides what is confidential and what is ready for public consumption. So, we often get new information from him. He will be answering resident questions at this first Lab Chat. There is no word on whether or not he will be a regular participant, we can hope. Continue reading

Did we have Second Life NEWS from TPDev’s meeting?

Last Friday (11/6) was the Third Party Developers’ meeting. We got some news. I’m just getting around to it. I’ve had my head in php parts of a gambling site that didn’t work. My head hurts… sniff… sniff. Don’t feel sorry for me. I’m having ice cream for dinner… :)

~ Looks like Rain ~

~ Looks like Rain ~

Oz Linden told the group that a new version of the viewer will be coming into the RC group. A maintenance version, which usually means a collection of fixes and often some third party features. He thinks this version may actually pass the other RC version and make it out ahead of them.  Continue reading

Is the Firestorm Viewer on schedule?

At the Third Party Developers’ meeting Jessica said the viewer is  on schedule for a November 16 or 17 release. That of course depends on whether a serious problem is found or things work as planned.

This release will also be caught up with the Linden made viewer. I think that means the Linden version 3.8.6-305981, which is the current default viewer as I write this.

Firestorm Gateway Regions - Nov 2016

Firestorm Gateway Regions – Nov 2016

If you made it to the Firestorm Halloween party you have seen the Firestorm gateway regions. The Halloween celebration was also a launch party (reference) for the gateway build. Some well known designers/builders have helped. One being MadPea.  Continue reading

Second Life Has New Avatars?

Did you know Linden Lab has new avatars for the noobies? I had not realized it. But, Cerise @ SLUniverse posted about the new avatars and I noticed that post. Want to see some of the new avatars and mesh clothes?

Linden Lab's New Starter Avatars - Classic is now the default.

Linden Lab’s New Starter Avatars – Classic is now the default.

This image shows the first page one lands on after clicking JOIN. By default they now have ‘Classic’ avatars selected. It is still possible to select Vampires and People. Those are mesh body avatars. But, the Classic Avatars look to be all new. The older avatars are still in the Library. I just don’t see them on sign-up process.  Continue reading