Second Life: Photography Tools

On Flickr I came across an interesting image of a photographer’s viewer screen. I used the image in a previous article. But, in that article I didn’t say anything about the information Kerri Fegte included in the image description. You may not have seen the information, which I think is good enough it is a must read for any photographer shooting models.

Oh, Monday, you're such a Tool Meme 1.20.14

Oh, Monday, you’re such a Tool Meme 1.20.14 by Kerri Fegte, on Flickr

This is a wonderful collection of tools. Add some of these and the Black Dragon Viewer or Firestorm Viewer tools and your talent… you’ll be making pro quality snaps. You’ll have to find you own model with photogenic legs.


Evolution by Kerri Fegte, on Flickr

Kerri’s image and posting were inspired by one of Strawberry Singh’s Monday Memes.

Second Life: How Fashion Reviews Can Reduce Lag

In Second Life we have way more standard size rigged mesh than fitted mesh. Every so often I find a standard size mesh something that fits me close enough I can tweak my shape and get a near perfect fit. The Iffyta  AliKat’s Groovy Bikini, shown here, is one of those things.

One of the things missing from promotional material is the Draw-Render Weight of items. Including it would help people reduce lag. Like demos help us decide if we want to purchase. Anything over L$99 without a demo is a no purchase item, as far as I am concerned.

Iffyta Swimsuit Draw Weight

Iffyta Swimsuit Draw Weight

My avatar as shown has a Draw Weight in the SL Viewer of 85,478 (red) with the suit and 82,616 without. That means the suit adds 2,862. I think that is pretty good. You can also see the polygon count in the top is pretty good. In the bottoms it looks a bit high to me. But, for less than 3,000 points I won’t complain. My prim-flexi hair has a Draw Weight of 47,000±.  Continue reading

Second Life: Experience Tools Released

Tuesday (6/30) at about 11 AM PT the Lindens announced the partial release of Experience Tools. I write ‘partial’ because they are only fully released to Premium Members. This afternoon the 3.8.0 (302622) Jun 12 viewer automatically downloaded and I installed it.

This is also the main viewer now. Look at the download page.

That is a Jul 2, 2014 video.

The announcement is here: Experience Tools Available Now For Premium Members!

All users can get the viewer and use it. My understanding is only Premium Members can build experiences with this viewer, but all users can enjoy the experiences.

There is a knowledge Base article that helps you get started creating experiences. See: Experiences in Second Life. This is for both those wanting to participate in an experience and those wanting to create an experience.

There is a forum section the beta testers and early adopters used. It is now open to all. See: Experience Tools Forum.

You can find experiences to play in Second Life™ here; Resident-created experiences in our Destination Guide  and the Linden Portal Parks.

SL Bits Week 27

Second Life: Basilique Pride

Second Life™ resident Canary Beck notes in her blog that the Basilique region is featured in 4 of the ‘What SL Means to me…’ videos. That is pretty neat.

More videos showing Basilique are included in Canary’s article.

Oz Linden Interview

Ciaran Laval has a summary of the video of Jessica Lyons, Oz Linden and Saffia Widdershins. See: Oz Linden Talks Second Life At SL12B. Continue reading

Pete and Xiola Linden Interview

Canary Beck has an article: Pete Linden Shares Linden Lab’s Sophisticated Approach To Marketing Second Life At SL12B. It is based on a video of Pete and Xiola at SL12B’s Meet the Lindens. She is making the point that the communities idea of the Lab not marketing Second Life is simply wrong. But, she makes no comment on how well, or not, they are marketing SL.

Cozey Contemporary in monotone

Cozey Contemporary in monotone by Wendz Tempest, on Flickr

I suggest reading Canary’s article. I think it gives a good idea of what the Lab says it is doing. But, like many things what we think we are accomplishing and what we are accomplishing are often different. Looking in the search engines on ‘fashion’… it just ain’t happening.  Continue reading

Indie Teepee – How Designers Do It

Indie Teepee is new to me. I find it is an annual music, arts and shopping festival, held from the 10th to the 24th of July. The event will feature music, live performances, a drive-in machinima screening, original mesh designers and art installations. Sounds interesting.

But, in, I guess, a spin off there is a podcaster covering Second Life™ in a series named Indie Teepee. Oddly enough I ran into all this on Facebook while following up on the SLUniverse article asking designers to stop using Firestorm, which I still think is an odd way to go about fixing a lag issue in SL. Continue reading

Second Life Viewer Problems

Slow Render

I’ve been seeing slower rendering of scenes in Second Life™ for some time. It’s like taking 4 steps better-forward, 2 worse-back, 1 back, 1 forward… changing often with each viewer release. It is hard for me to tell if it is me/my-computer or actually the viewer changing. Now others are mentioning that things are taking a long time to render, which suggests it is more the viewer than it is me. Enough so that a developer asked at the Third Party Devs’ meeting if there had been any changes to the interest list processing that may have slowed things down.

254. Eyes Wide Open

Eyes Wide Open by Scarlett Loxingly, on Flickr

Oz Linden answered there have been no deliberate changes to the interest list. He also points out that as complicated  as the SL system is other changes could affect the interest list processing. So, Oz wants to hear about misbehaving render. Continue reading