Second Life News Week 15

This Friday (4/10) there was a Third Party Developers’ User Group (TPD UG)meeting. We have some news about Second Life™ from the meeting. The scheduled 60 minute meeting ran a little over 30 minutes.

Viewer Managed Marketplace (VMM)

Brooke Linden opened the meeting as Oz Linden seemed to have poofed. Brooke is telling us that they have started deploying parts of the Viewer Managed Marketplace server side. They hope to have a couple of parts rolled out later in the month. Then they can start what I’ll call an open beta. I take it this means it will be moving from the Preview/Beta Grid to the main grid.


087 by ʏoni, on Flickr

Meeting Schedule

Oz was suffering a bad throat and sounded horrible. So, it is no surprise the meeting was short.

The TPD UG meetings are normally every other Friday. Oz is planning to be taking some Fridays off. So, that regularity is going to be upset. Some meetings will occur very other Friday but some may be three weeks apart rather than two. This will mean, I think, Fridays off in place of a longer vacation period. It’s his choice. Continue reading

Second Life Servers Week 15

We aren’t hearing a lot about what is happening with Second Life™ development at the Lab. This usually happens when the Lindens are completing a well known project, like Experience Tools. Or they starting a new project they aren’t completely sure will fly and they are saying nothing.

Sakura Maiden

Sakura Maiden by Lucifer Lightbringer, on Flickr

In this case I think they are focusing on Experience Tools. It isn’t that they aren’t working hard and or not much is happening. It is more about how exciting is finding a ‘;’ that is in the wrong place? Not very. Plus there are a couple of things finishing up that I suspect are consuming resources. The Tools Viewer that is a representation of the change in compiler tools is one that has created a bit of a bottleneck. I think once it rolls out the bottleneck will break loose and we will see more features releasing.  Continue reading

Second Life Server & Viewer Update


A new version of RC Maintenance Viewer version is out as of 3/31. I am running it. I have had had little time with it. I can’t tell if it is a problem or if the Second Life™ servers were just lagging. Whichever it was, rendering was painfully slow. Every time I moved or turned my head FPS would drop to 5 or 6.

♥ Bubbles Life ♥

♥ Bubbles Life ♥ by cry wolf, on Flickr

Yesterday 3/30, RC Tools Update Viewer version appeared. This version is about the build tools related to Visual Studio 2013, Xcode 6.1 compilers used to build the viewer.  Continue reading

Second Life Bits 2015 Week 11


I’ve been missing User Group meetings. Yesterday I was finding a work-around for a business class HP Laserjet Multifunction Printer that kept forgetting where to send document scans. I decided HP has totally destroyed their driver & software download site. Frustrating. It used to be simple.

Daisa Daisa - Color Bust

Daisa Daisa – Color Bust by Nylon Pinkney, on Flickr

But, even if I had been at the meeting, there isn’t much news. As there was no package for the RC server channels last week there is no main channel roll out this week.  Continue reading

Second Life Bits 2015-07

Unreal Engine

Jo Yardley has posted about the graphics available when world builders use the Unreal Engine. See: Stunning demo shows what is possible in VR graphics with Unreal Engine.

I am sure it will be pretty awesome to use the Oculus Rift HMD in a world like this.


Ciaran Laval has an article up on his site that gives a good summary of recent changes in Second Life and coming changes. See: Linden Lab Ask Us To Check Out Improvements To Second Life. I’ve mentioned some of these weeks ago but he goes into more detail and collects them into one place.

Daniel Voyager has a similar article: Linden Lab publishes upcoming improvements to Second Life.

Directly from the Lab: Check Out the Latest Improvements to Second LifeContinue reading

Second Life News 2015-06


There was no Beta Server UG meeting this week. The Lindens were meeting to decide on which projects would be planned for implementation in 2015. With any luck we’ll hear what they decided, at least to some degree.

Slow render Feb 2015

Slow render Feb 2015

I am hoping they decide to work on the viewer’s caching system. I’m tired of coming home to a grey house, something I can do several times per day when I am in Second Life.

I am also hoping they get the Avatar Render Cost feature working. My hope is they will flash a value on screen when you add any new attachment to the avatar. I think it would be great to have that happen when trying on mesh demos. I think it would put pressure on designers to make more render efficient items.


The main viewer is now version 3.7.24-297623. (Release Notes) This is the viewer with reduced pipelined texture and mesh fetching timeout. So stalled connections fail quickly, allowing earlier retry. The timeout value changed from 150 seconds to 60 seconds for textures, and from 600 to 240 seconds for meshes.  Continue reading

Second Life Bits & News 2015-06

Second Life Photography

PrimPerfect has an article up on photography. It talks about Strawberry Singh, Honour McMillan, and Wildstar Beaumount being interviewed in a ‘first’ show on Second Life Photography. They say a second show will look at post-processing of Second Life images.

The first show was this past Monday at 2 PM in Garden of Dreams at the Designing Worlds studio. Next Monday they will air the second show. You can catch the replay of the shows at the web site, on the channel, the Aview TV Designing Worlds channel or on the Designing Worlds blog.

AvaStar’s Sparkles

Gaia Clary of Machinimatrix is aware some people are having problems getting Sparkles 50% discount. To help them out she has posted: Troubles getting Sparkles Discount.


This week the main channel gets an update. It is the Experience Tools permission fix update. Release NotesContinue reading