Second Life News 2016 w25


There is no roll to the main channel this week.



There is a Wednesday roll out. The RC channels Blue Steal and La Tigre are getting the same maintenance package, I think. Caleb is clear. I had to read the version numbers to decide. While Magnum is getting a new package with the same version number as Blue and Tigre.

This package has Minor internal changes and Tool Tip/Constant text fixes.

PS: Fix for BUG-18251BUG-10979, and a cosmetic fix for Bento attachment points, per Simon Linden.

PPS: One crash fix, and some anti-griefing stuff.

PPPS: The griefing fix is changing ways the region works to try and stay running when attacked. Simon Linden: no, it’s nothing externally visible.

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Second Life Server Beta 2016 w24

Well yay! I made it into the ADITI grid. The last couple of weeks there has been a problem logging into ADITI. Enough so that it has been a common question in the SL Forum ANSWERS section and a topic in various in-world groups.

The subject even came up in the Project Bento Meeting. The Lindens there, several, did not know there was a problem. They assured us it was not intentional. But, a couple of people had logged into ADITI prior to coming to the Bento meeting. Afterward I logged in for the Beta Server meeting. So, the problems may be over…

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Second Life: Project Bento Update 2016 w22

May be the universe is trying to tell me something… I had a heck of a time getting to the UG meeting again this week. I was logging into ADITI early, only to find out the meeting had moved to AGNI. Logging into AGNI I got a message that my voice chat could not be connected to the voice server. O.O

After 30+ minutes of trying I finally got voice working. Still I have most of the meeting in this video. The first 30 minutes is a mix of video and stills none of which is in sync with the voice. Things come back together at about the 30 minute mark.

Fortunately Aki Shichiroji was recording voice. She was late getting to the altered meeting location and missed the first 10 minutes or so. So, maybe it’s not just me. Whatever, she gave me a copy and I used the first 20+ minutes or so that I missed. You can see Aki sitting on a dragon in the video.

The first 10 minutes or so of the meeting is missing. I am hoping Inara has it. I don’t see it posted yet.

I started noticing a viewer render problem at about the 32 minutes in (TM32). I wasn’t sure what was happening. Only Bento avatars with lots of bone displacement and weighting to the new bones are demonstrating the problem. So the horses and dragon are the prime examples in my video.

Talking to Whirly Fizzel clued me to BUG-10991[Bento] Mesh rigged to the new joints either partly disappears, collapses or melts when viewing that avatar as an imposter. So, if you need a work-around check the steps to reproduce the glitch and then do the opposite, which would basically be turn off avatar impostors.

Project Bento Update w22

They surprised me! Project Bento, server side, arrived at the main grid Tuesday. Torley Linden has posted about the Lab enabling the project on the main grid. See: Project Bento Testing Is Now Live on the Main Grid!

This is a testing release. You will need the Project Bento Viewer to upload animations and meshes, and to view them without distortion. Bento mesh weighted to the new bones looks horribly distorted in non-Bento viewers. Expect to see lots of questions in the forum about how to fix the problem.

Just send them to the Linden announcement… or here.