Second Life Servers Week 5

Tuesday a new server package rolled out to the main channel. This is the package that was running in two versions on the RC channels last week. It includes:

  • Fix for BUG-1313 “LSL llSetPosin root prim of attachment behaves differently at high altitudes – viewer does not show updates”
  • Internal fixes
I love the bunny Computer

I love the bunny Computer

The internal fixes were described as fixes for problems that appear when the servers run for more than a week. If these fixes do what they are supposed to do, servers can run longer without problems.

RC Channels

The RC channels are all running this same package as the main channel. There will be no update Wednesday.

We are told that there will be no server upgrades for a short time, couple of weeks or so. The Lindens are working on something else. They weren’t willing to say what or whether people had been moved to Project Bento. So, we are left to speculate.

I suppose this pause will also test the fixes in this last package…

Second Life: Servers Week 4

Today, Tuesday, a new update rolled to the main grid. The reported changes are; Feature request: new llGetObjectDetails() functionality to get the parent_id of any task in the region (OBJECT_REZZER_KEY) and a Simulator crash fix.

{ Frozen }

{ Frozen }

RC Packages

There are two new updates rolling to the RC channels Wednesday. Blue Steel will get a package that has a fix for BUG-1313 “LSL llSetPos in root prim of attachment behaves differently at high altitudes – viewer does not show updates” and some unspecified internal fixes.

Le Tigre and Magnum will get a package that has the BUG-1313 fix and a simulator crash fix.

I think this is the first time in a while that we have seen two packages roll.

Second Life Preview Grid – Week 51

I suspect many of us that use the Preview Grid have avoided changing passwords because changing complicates our access to the Preview Grid (ADITI). I’ve changed mine and filed a trouble ticket to get my ADITI password sync’d up with my AGNI (main grid) password.

Jail and Bail in Sanctum

Jail and Bail in Sanctum

Others are running into the problem. I guess it is enough people that the Lindens decided it was time to do something. See: Some may experience login problems to the Beta grid. We are on it. 12/15/2015.

Second Life Servers – Week #50

There hasn’t been much server news. Last week no updates rolled out as QA had found problems. Nor was there a roll-out to the main grids primary channel this week as the RC channel packages were having problems.

Winter Fun Sledging

Winter Fun Sledging

This week we did get a roll-out to the RC channels. All three channels are getting the same package. That roll-out came Wednesday.

The package is a maintenance release. The release notes tell us the package consists of crash-fixes and a fix for BUG-10192 Feature Request: llGetObjectDetails() constant OBJECT_OMEGA.

It is hard to tell if little is actually going on or there is secret stuff going on.  Continue reading

Second Life Server News Week 45

Caleb Linden forgot to update the Deploys thread in the forum. :/ They apparently have him buried in work. Whatever, the main channel did get an update today (11/3). I’m just not sure which of the two RC’s made it. One was some server fixes the other the same fixes and an additional bug fix. Hopefully the later made it out.

The new RC package has a new support tool, that mean a tool for the Linden Support Staff.  It helps them re-align region edges. They sometimes get out of sync when the land owner moves the terrain up or down a significant amount.

I’m guessing there are some other bug fixes too…

Second Life News Week 44


The main default viewer updated from the Notifications RC Viewer 3.8.6-305981. So, you’ll be seeing notices popping up differently.

The only RC viewers are:

  • RC Second Life HTTP update Viewer version
  • Second Life Quick Graphics Viewer version
Why So Serious ?!!!

Why So Serious ?!!!

The Project Viewers:

  • Project Oculus Rift Viewer version
  • Second Life Project Valhalla Viewer version

Nothing much has changed in these. There will be updates to all of these so they will all soon have the Notifications changes plus various fixes.

I don’t expect the Oculus version to update…  Continue reading