Second Life News 2014-36

This Monday is a Holiday in the USA, Labor Day. The Lindens are off, so not much happening at the Lab today.


Maestro Linden posted Friday that because of the holiday there would be no roll of a new package to the main channel. They are postponing it until Wednesday. Then the maintenance package running on the RC channels will roll to the main channel.

RC Channels

This week there will be no roll outs to the RC channels. All regions in the main grid will be running the same package.


No changes in the Linden made viewers since I posted Saturday.


Second Life News 2014-35 #3

We have a bit of news from the Third Party Developers Meeting from Friday, 8/29. Chakat Northspring videos the meetings. You can follow him on YouTube and catch those meetings a few hours after they happen.

Loki's Experience - 2014

Loki’s Experience – 2014


Viewer news from Oz Linden is pretty thin, his word. I’ve covered most of the viewer news earlier in the week. Oz basically said at this Friday’s Third Party Developers Meeting that projects discussed at the previous meeting are still ongoing and there is no new news on them.

I think this is basically the lull in feature development and bug fixes that comes from the Lindens stopping to work on development tools and upgrade to the new compilers. It is an analogy to car manufactures that stop production of cars to retool for production of the next model year cars. Continue reading

Second Life News 2014-35 #2


Thursday we found out what happened to the RC channel rollout that was to happen Wednesday morning. It got postponed to Thursday. The reason was the rollout software hiccupped. By late Wednesday the problem was found and fixed. The rollout proceeded Thursday morning.

For information on the packages rolling out see: Second Life News 2014-34-35.

We did find out the problem fixed by the roll to the main channel had to do with a region crash. Under a special set of circumstances, not that rare to happen, sending a TP to someone would crash the region they were in.  Continue reading

Kokua Viewer Released for OpenSim

The Kokua team made an announcement. They will be spitting development of their viewer, forking in geek speak. They will make a viewer for OpenSim and one for SL.

Pathfinding and various other things work only on one grid or the other. Now that Linden Lab is going to a CDN system the incompatibilities between is such that OpenSim servers and hosting system will have to change. This is going to be significant incompatibility. The OpenSim host will have to think about how they will handle it. Will OpenSim grids move to CDN? I have never looked into the cost of CDN service, but it is a cost. In the low income realm of OpenSim any additional cost is a problem.

So, as of Kokua Viewer the Kokua team will be putting out an SL and an OpenSim version of the viewer. This latest one is for OpenSim.

There was a duel use viewer released, I think, as 3.7.12. But, it was having problems on some grids. The numbering indicates a bit of a regression for the OpenSim versions. Continue reading

Second Life News 2014-34-35


The main channel got a new update Tuesday. The package has an esoteric JSON fix and a crash fix that we may learn more about tomorrow, Thursday.

Krisie Snowdrop Concert - 2014

Krisie Snowdrop Concert – 2014

RC Channels

A new package rolled to the RC channels today, Wednesday. The package contains bug and crash fixes.

SVC-2262  – Incorrect height value in postcard which sent from above 256m.

BUG-6466 - Numbers expressed in scientific notation and include a plus sign in the exponent are not parsed as json numbers by LSL.

Nothing too exciting. All three RC channels got the same package.  Continue reading

Second Life News 2014-34 #2


The main channel did not change this week. We will likely see it get an update next week (35).

RC Servers

The three RC channels did get an update. This is a package that has a crash mode fix in it. Maestro thinks he can discuss this fix AFTER it rolls to the main grid.


My New Snake – 2014-34

Next week the RC channels, or some of them, will get a new package that has some visible changes.

SVC-2262Incorrect height value in postcard which sent from above 256m. A fix is in the coming package. Maestro describes the bug, “The bug was that the postcard-sending script did a modulo 256 on all three region coordinate components to clamp them. But, while that’s fine for X and Y coordinates, you can be >256m elevation :)”  Continue reading

Second Life News 2014-34


Not much going on here. The Deploy post arrived on Sunday. No rollout to the main channel this week. The RC Channels will get an update that eliminates a crash condition.


Open Source UG – 2014-34


The main viewer is now 3.7.14-292638. This is the Library Refresh Viewer. There is a fix in this version for gray avatars. If you have gray avatars, look in your log file for Transferred a partial file errors. They think they have it fixed, but cannot know as they have not been able to reproduce the problem in the Lab.

You can find the list of updated libraries in the viewer’s release notesContinue reading

Second Life News 2014-33 Friday


As previously reported the main channel got the maintenance release with a JSON rollback.

Nachwerk July 2014

Nachwerk July 2014

RC Channels

This week the RC Channels are running the same release as the main channel.

Maestro Linden tells us that next week the servers will get fix for a sim crash. After the fix is in place we MAY learn what it was. But, for now they are not saying.

Other Server

Maestro looked into the BUG-6925/BUG-6908 bug of attachments ending up on invalid attachment points after a teleport. The Lindens are having trouble reproducing the problem. Speculation is the low ping rate within the Lab eliminates the problem.

Whirly Fizzle is reporting that the Mystitool HUD sets the bug off as well as another couple of HUD’s.  Continue reading