Second Life Server News Week 45

Caleb Linden forgot to update the Deploys thread in the forum. :/ They apparently have him buried in work. Whatever, the main channel did get an update today (11/3). I’m just not sure which of the two RC’s made it. One was some server fixes the other the same fixes and an additional bug fix. Hopefully the later made it out.

The new RC package has a new support tool, that mean a tool for the Linden Support Staff.  It helps them re-align region edges. They sometimes get out of sync when the land owner moves the terrain up or down a significant amount.

I’m guessing there are some other bug fixes too…

Second Life News Week 44


The main default viewer updated from the Notifications RC Viewer 3.8.6-305981. So, you’ll be seeing notices popping up differently.

The only RC viewers are:

  • RC Second Life HTTP update Viewer version
  • Second Life Quick Graphics Viewer version
Why So Serious ?!!!

Why So Serious ?!!!

The Project Viewers:

  • Project Oculus Rift Viewer version
  • Second Life Project Valhalla Viewer version

Nothing much has changed in these. There will be updates to all of these so they will all soon have the Notifications changes plus various fixes.

I don’t expect the Oculus version to update…  Continue reading

Second Life’s Not So New News

Yesterday Linden Lab posted  in their blog about new improvements coming to Second Life. If you follow my blog, Ciarans’s or Inara’s, you already know most of what they wrote about.



Project Valhalla is the project viewer where they are changing from Webkit to Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF). I’ve been writing about this change since 4/2014 (Reference – speculation). They Lab started talking publicly about the coming viewer change in early 2015.

Rendering Complexity / Quick Graphics – I’ve been writing about doing something like The Avatar Render Complexity feature since late 2014. I filed a feature request in December 2014 (BUG-7928). I doubt mine is the reason we got the feature. I suspect the reason for getting the feature was mostly discussion in Oz Linden’s Monday morning Open Source meeting. Whatever the case, it is close to being added to the main SL viewer.

Notifications – This viewer feature is a change in how we will receive notifications. This feature came on the radar in July 2015.

Mesh Importer – This improvement has been in discussion for a couple of months and made it to the main viewer a couple of months ago.

Inventory Robustness – It is hard to say when work on this change started. The Lab has worked on and been adding inventory improvements for a long time. This particular problem of losing no-copy-items that failed to rez is more recent.

If you follow the Server Deploys notices in the SL Forum, you probably had not have realized this feature rolled out.

HTTP Project – this is actually a much larger project than they convey in their post. It has been on going for a couple of years and appears will be continuing for some time. Parts get added as they are completed. – The SL Web Site is changing. They are removing Flash and if any QuickTime was used then likely that too. They are moving up to HTML5. CEF is how HTML5 handling is added to the viewer. These changes sort of go together. Parts of the web site are used by the SL Viewer, i.e., search, profiles, etc.

Since the viewer will real soon now be able to handle HTML5 via CEF it makes since for the web site to abandon Flash.

Not So New

Between Inara, Ciaran, and myself there are a few thousand SL Users that keep up on SL Development news. That is out of several hundred thousand monthly users. The SL Blog doesn’t show how many people have read a post. The forum does. It is rare any post in the forum gets a thousand readers. But, as the blog articles are in the splash screen of the SL Viewer, more people may read the blog.

So, while the news may be old to you, for most SL users their post is news.

Second Life Servers Week 43

This week there has been no roll to the main channel. The same software will run as last week.

This week (Wednesday) there will be a roll out to the RC channels. All three channels will get the same package: Maintenance.

Portrait ♥

Portrait ♥

This package is said to have some bug fixes and to specifically fix:  BUG-8222HI, Problems to open pictures in Group notifications ! this bug looks to be related to: SVC-7129Attachments to group notices malfunction after some time. This is an old problem we have lived with for years (March 2010).  Continue reading

Second Life Server Update Week 41

The main grid got a new package Tuesday 10/6. There is no update ready for the RC channels. So, the entire grid is running the same package.

345 When night turns into day

When night turns into day

The package rolled out has fixed server crash and fixed the Region Debug Console help text. It also makes the new LSL functions for getting attachments functional grid wise.

Function: integer llGetAttached( ); – Returns the attach_point (an integer) the object is attached to or zero if it is either not attached or is pending detachment.

Function: list llGetAttachedList( key avatar ); – Returns a list of public attachments worn by an avatar.

Function: list llGetObjectDetails( key id, list params ); – Returns a list of the details for id, specifically those requested in params. – This is an older function but gets a new ability.

Simon Linden hopes to have a maintenance package ready for next week.

Server Updates Week 40

The main grid got a roll out Tuesday (9/29). This package has internal fixes to improve inventory performance. We know little else from the Deploy post and release notes.

Waiting for tomorrow to come

Waiting for tomorrow to come

The RC Channels will all get the same package. The package includes: a fix for a server crash and a fix for the Region Debug Console help text.

Second Life Servers Week 39

Frustrating but, I don’t know what the roll back last week was about. That we have a roll out to the main channel this week is surprising. But, we do.

The main channel is to get a new package. This has:

  • BUG-9683 “Feature Request: llGetAttachedList() – returns a list of root keys of all visible attachments worn by an agent.”
  • BUG-9891 “[Feature Request] – llGetObjectDetails() constant OBJECT_CLICK_ACTION”

Neither of these functions are appearing in the wiki yet.

RC Channels

Blue Steel, La Tigre, and Magnum are to get the same new package. This will apparently be the package that retries the internal fixes to improve inventory performance.

Second Life: Alert!

Maintenance Soon

Friday,18 Sep 2015 02:07:13 GMT

LL is rolling back the entire GRID tonight at midnight SLT.

[Unscheduled Rolling Maintenance September 2015]

We will be performing unscheduled rolling maintenance for all regions on our Second Life sever channels; Magnum, BlueSteel and LeTigre RC server channels beginning at approximately midnight PDT. Please refrain from rezzing no-copy objects and making in world L$ transactions, and remember to save all builds. Click here for more info:

The wording and punctuation made the message unclear. I changed “…sever channel, Magnum,…” to read as “…sever channels; Magnum,…” Whoever types these messages may have English as their second language.