Second Life News 2016 w42b

Last week (41) Simon Linden told us about the new Sandboxes for the Premium members. I am just now getting around to writing that up. This week the new forced sit (llSitOnLink) for Advanced Experiences rolled to the main grid.



Premium Sandboxes

Premium members can now visit the “Sandbox Premium Weapons Testing” region. Plus, another group of regions is set up that runs all 4 groups of server packages. These are side-by-side, adjacent.

Simon says they are named, “Main Channel Sandbox A, Magnum Sandbox A, LeTigre Sandbox A, and BlueSteel Sandbox A. Those 4 I just listed are … they’re in a 2×2 square on the map.”  Continue reading

Second Life News 2016 w42


Today, Tuesday 10/17, the main channel gets a new feature and security update. The new feature is the script function llSitOnLink( ), which requires an Experience Key as it is a ‘forced’ sit. The documentation for it is here. As of this morning I can’t find the function in the SL Wiki’s LSL Portal… Search only returns the mentions in the server release notes.

Darkness Prevails - Shattered Masquerade

Darkness Prevails – Shattered Masquerade

There is no mention of the security update in the release notes for this package.  Continue reading

Second Life: News 2016 w41

There are no rolls to the main channel today.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, a new package will roll to the RC channels, all three get the same package.



This new package has more minor internal changes, supposedly security and crash fixes along with changes to data logging. More interesting is the addition of the new scripting function for forced sit. I find the deploys notice and the release notes in disagreement. But, recent Server Beta UG meetings have been discussing the forced sit function. So, I expect it to be in the package.

For more details, see: Second Life: New Forced Sit Coming


The former main viewer was version with the Visual Outfits Browser. Today we got version, the VLC RC version of the viewer. This is the one that switches how streaming media (video) is handled in the viewer.

I am looking forward to checking out how it works. I haven’t used this RC. I also removed QT for security reasons, I’m on Windows 10.

Now it is up to builders and content providers in Second Life™ to change their content over to more modern streaming formats.

RC Second Life Bento Viewer version – This RC version also updated this week from version Changes are bug fixes. The Bento feature is unchanged.

RC Second Life Maintenance Viewer version – This is a new version to, updating from I have details of this version in last week’s news. Second Life News 2016 w40.

Second Life News 2016 w40


There is a roll to the main channel this morning. The package running on the RC channels advances to the main software for all servers this week.

I want to know how it will end...

I want to know how it will end…

This is the package with ‘minor fixes’ and BUG-40565 “Significant script performance degradation observed in server version” fixed.

There is no new package rolling to the RC channels. So, all regions will be running the same package.  Continue reading

Second Life Beta Server UG 2016 w38 – BUG-37692

We haven’t had much news coming out of these meetings. This week’s meeting was more informative. See the previous article on Forced Sit.

Darkness Prevails

Darkness Prevails

We also heard about BUG-37692llRezObject() and llRezAtRoot() peroidically stop responding unless you’re an estate manager. This bug breaks existing content. If you are having a problem with it, you have this weekend (#38 – Sept 24-25) to add your information in comments.

If you think of the shops that have a ‘rezzer’ in store for their products, you can have an idea of the scope of the problem.

Second Life News 2016 w38


This week there was no rollout to the main channel. We did get a new package for the RC channels. All 3 are getting the same package: 16#

The release notes describe it as; Minor internal changes.

Kath 2.0

Kath 2.0


The main viewer is now version Formerly this version was the Visual Outfits Browser RC viewer. The previous version was:

RC Second Life Bento Viewer version – Last week Bento was running on a project viewer version This version is now a RC, Release Candidate, version.

RC Second Life VLC Viewer version – This version has updated from I suspect this version has just added the VOB features and some bug fixes.

There are no project viewers this morning.


We know from various user group meetings there are some changes and improvements in progress. I expect to see a new RC viewer version and possibly a VIVOX project viewer this week. Also, there is a 64-bit viewer in the works. I have no clue when it make make it to Project or RC status.

While it may seem quite, there is stuff happening.

Second Life News 2016 w37

The main channels are getting a roll today, Tuesday. This update is described as a security update. The release notes describe the update a minor changes, logging changes.

[ kunst ] - Cinema lightbox

[ kunst ] – Cinema lightbox

The RC channels remain as is, no update.


The main viewer remains, as of this morning. The same as last week.  Continue reading