Second Life Server Week 36

We got a roll to the main channel this week. This is the package with Simulator Fixes and a fix for BUG-9504. There is nothing else available about those improvements.

WB BarDeco in Kekeland or Kekeland in BarDeco !! Awesome

WB BarDeco in Kekeland or Kekeland in BarDeco !! Awesome

The RC Channels will get one update on Blue Steel. The other channels, La Tigre, and Magnum, will continue running the package that rolled to the main channel. So, all regions except Blue Steel will be on the same package.  Continue reading

Second Life Servers Week 35

There was no roll to the Second Life™ servers’ main channel. The update running on Blue Steel last week had to be rolled back. So, it was not available for promotion.

So lonely . . . Neva River V

So lonely . . . Neva River V

This week the RC channels are all three getting the same new package. This one has some Simulator Fixes and a fix for BUG-9504 “Clicking on any object that affects the navmesh while in mouselook dirties the navmesh”. Remember, the Navmesh is a thing in Pathfinding.

Zombie Eye in Second Life

It isn’t contagious. This problem passed quickly, I think. I didn’t run into it, so it is hard for me to know. But, it revealed another part of how the Second Life™ system works.

Knowledge is not everything...

Knowledge is not everything…

Backend Serve updates – there are a number of backend services needed to support Second Life. When the Lab is changing/updating them they generally provide no public notice, unless users need to change behavior, like refrain from transactions or rezzing no-copy items (which hopefully is changing).  Continue reading

Server Update Week 34

Calab Linden has taken over posting information about Second Life™ server updates. We get a lot less information than we did with Simon Linden. Whether that is the difference in people or just that less work is being done on server updates, I don’t know.

Client: In the wind - cropped

Client: In the wind – cropped

This week there was no roll to the main channel this week.  Continue reading

Second Life™ News Week 31-32

Other bit of news from the Third Party Developer’s meeting (7/31):

RSS Feed for Grid Status

RSS feed for Grid Status is moving to new platform. The URL will not change just the format is changing from RSS1 to RSS2. But, if you read the status pages, the change is visually significant.



The setup is said to be coming soonish, but seems to be working now. A temp URL will let TPD’s test the feed. See: which redirects me to reading

Second Life Servers Week 31

This Tuesday the package running on the RC channels moved to the main channel. That package was said to be Simulator fixes… whatever they were.

As of late Tuesday (5+PM PT) there was no information about what would or if any would roll to the RC channels Wednesday.

My Little Love Letter To You

My Little Love Letter To You

Presumably the Lindens are still working on the Experience Tools database…

Second Life: Server Scripting

There was no Second Life Server-Scripting UG Meeting this week.

Big Decisions

Big Decisions

The main channel got last week’s package of simulator fixes. The 3 RC channels all get  the same but new package on Wednesday. This package is also about simulator fixes.

This breaks the every other week rollout pattern that has been building up.

Second Life Bits Week  29


I think we all have questions about Project Sansar, aka SL 2.0. On the 14th a forum thread was started titled ‘Ask the CEO.’ There is a load of questions and answers.  See: Ask the CEO.



Ebbe is not talking about the avatar skeleton. Answering a direct question about whether skeletons other than the basic avatar will be available he answered ‘say tuned.’  Continue reading