Second Life News 2014-16

RL kept me out of the Server-Scripting UG today. From the forum post we know:

The main server channel did not get a roll out this week.

The server RC channels Blue Steal and Le Tigre will not change this week. They continue to run the Sunshine package with AISv3 enabled. (Agent Inventory Services)

In a number of 3rd party viewers it is possible to make inventory links. The inventory links allow us to use No-Copy items in multiple outfits. But, the AISv3 code is not returning a property formatted link. The result is the inventory list on the viewer side gets out of sync with the server side. Continue reading

Second Life News 2014-15 #2

Group Ban – Baker Linden is working toward getting Group Ban running grid wide in ADITI (preview/beta grid). He has a handful of small bugs to get fixed. Then he’ll figure out if he is going to be able to go to and RC Viewer or Project Viewer.

If all goes well in ADITI it will soon roll out to AGNI, the main grid, as an RC Server package. At that point people with large groups will be thrilled to get the feature.

Whirly & Jenna @ Server-Scripting UG 2014-15

Whirly & Jenna @ Server-Scripting UG 2014-15

Materials Functions for LSL – We currently cannot script material changes. People have been asking for Linden Scripting Language (LSL) functions to work with materials since before materials were released.

Today in the Server Scripting User Group Simon Linden said getting those functions implemented was pretty high on their to-do list. That still gives us no idea when we might see them, but it does give us hope that it’s going to get done. Continue reading

Second Life Bits and Pieces 2014-15

I posted about Tateru’s marketing post and gave my opinion on why it has changed so much in: Dwell On It: Marketing. Next I see Honour posting about Contrast & Diversity in Second Life. She points to the bias being taught in Mississippi and the ignorance of a woman (girl?) thinking she could only get pregnant if both she and her lover climaxed at the same time. I think both of those show a lack of education… at very different levels.

Honour also has a good post up on changing the appearance of water for photos in Second Life™. See: Playing With Water in Second Life., the maker of AvaStar, has a list of their contest winners up: The winners of the Week (29-Mar – 4-Apr 2014)Continue reading

Second Life News 2014-14

Servers Main Channel

Today the package from Magnum was rolled to the main channel. This package has a couple of bug fixes.

  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed a rare case in which certain users were unable to log in (BUG-5130)
    • Fix for a case in which multiple scripts in the same prim calling llTakeControls() with heterogeneous ‘accept’ and ‘pass_on’ parameters would not receive acontrol() event correctly in some cases (BUG-5281)
    • Updated LSL syntax file to use a new schema (fixes STORM-2000)
      • This change is for a viewer in testing; see STORM-1831 for more information
  • Fixed a crash mode

Continue reading

Second Life Bits 2014-13


After my Tuesday morning post I found the main release viewer updated to This was the Hotfix RC viewer compiled Mar 15 2014 and released some time Monday.

Image by: Reema Xue, Flickr

Image by: Reema Xue, Flickr

I am finding this viewer runs pretty fast (30+ FPS) when few people are around. Add a dozen people and it slows down horribly. I’ll need to spend more time with it and try it around other groups, but in the little time I have had it, that seems to be a pretty consistent experience. Continue reading

Second Life News 2014-12

The news in Second Life™ this week is there is no Second Life news today, at least not much.


There are no roll outs this week, main or RC channels.

Server Scripting 2014-12

Server Scripting 2014-12


I covered the viewers this weekend in: Second Life News 2014-11 #3. Today the main viewer is: Second Life 3.7.3 (287491).

I also see the wiki has updated (Mar 17 2014) for version… this is the Google Breakpad version that has been added to the RC Viewers List, giving us 6 RC Viewers. Continue reading