Second Life™ News Week 31-32

Other bit of news from the Third Party Developer’s meeting (7/31):

RSS Feed for Grid Status

RSS feed for Grid Status is moving to new platform. The URL will not change just the format is changing from RSS1 to RSS2. But, if you read the status pages, the change is visually significant.



The setup is said to be coming soonish, but seems to be working now. A temp URL will let TPD’s test the feed. See: which redirects me to

Eventually the old URL will redirect to this new status page. Oz currently expects that existing URL to change direction in November 2015.

Developers contact Oz if there are problems.

Chromocumulonimbus or Steven Linden, is handling the changes for this update.


Lab has been reviewing NiranV’s recommended changes to the new snapshot panel. Oz says they will be adopting most of those changes. So, expect a new snapshot panel in the near future. Oz describes it as great stuff.

Simulator Improvements

Content Loss of no copy items –  a fix from studying content loss issues is on the way.  The Lindens are planning a pile-on test at noon next Friday to test specific scenarios and general conditions. They want as many different viewers in the test as possible. The Firestorm peeps will be talking to their Beta Testers.

Notice of the test should arrive by Wednesday in week 32.

No effect on restore to last position.

The problem of losing inventory items has been traced to a race condition. When a no-copy item failed to rez the race could end improperly causing a  lost item. The details of the problem and fix are coming to a code release near you… The changes are significant.

Linden Gathering

If I understood correctly the Lindens will be getting together for an SL ideas exchange (BBQ) to decide on what will be the leading projects for the next 6 months. This will happen this Sunday (8/2).

We may hear some of what the decide at the next Third Party Dev’s meeting.


When the Lab releases their VMM viewer the Firestorm team will build a final VMM text version and release it to their Beta Testers, the testers will have about a day, then the FS preview group will get it. Then about a week later they will make a final version available for all.

So, a Linden Tuesday release would mean FS will have a preview version by Thursday and a release version the following Tuesday.

A lot can go wrong with this estimate. It is a best guess assuming everything works well.


The VIVOX peeps are working on one more bug affecting SL. Oz has no word on an ETA for the fix. But, Oz expects to see a project viewer with the VIVOX fix soon. Oz will know more about the 21st of August when the Lab has its regular meeting with VIVOX.

Inventory Deflating Tool

Kyle Linden says the tool is still in QA. Remember those people with LARGE flat inventories? You know those with more than 10k items in a folder and especially the root folder. They can have a problem logging in.

The tool is something SL Support can use to fix the problem by moving items into numerous sub-folders. I thought this was already complete, but Kyle tells us it is just coming out of QA. So, they are only close to having it completed. Yet, it has been used on a few people that have had the problem and it mostly worked as intended. So… soon.

Second Life Servers Week 31

This Tuesday the package running on the RC channels moved to the main channel. That package was said to be Simulator fixes… whatever they were.

As of late Tuesday (5+PM PT) there was no information about what would or if any would roll to the RC channels Wednesday.

My Little Love Letter To You

My Little Love Letter To You

Presumably the Lindens are still working on the Experience Tools database…

Second Life: Server Scripting

There was no Second Life Server-Scripting UG Meeting this week.

Big Decisions

Big Decisions

The main channel got last week’s package of simulator fixes. The 3 RC channels all get  the same but new package on Wednesday. This package is also about simulator fixes.

This breaks the every other week rollout pattern that has been building up.

Second Life Bits Week  29


I think we all have questions about Project Sansar, aka SL 2.0. On the 14th a forum thread was started titled ‘Ask the CEO.’ There is a load of questions and answers.  See: Ask the CEO.



Ebbe is not talking about the avatar skeleton. Answering a direct question about whether skeletons other than the basic avatar will be available he answered ‘say tuned.’  Continue reading

Second Life News Week 29

I am finding it harder and harder to find interesting news happening in Second Life™. I have a collection of blogs I like. I find that their content is becoming more diverse. Fashion and porn blogs are still focused. Most of the others seem to be losing focus. I feel like the focus I had on developments in SL is harder to maintain.

267 - Helena's Dream

Helena’s Dream

I may write less and build more… which will mean more tutorials. Those are still consistently the most viewed articles on this blog.


No roll to the main channel this week. The RC channels all get the same package, a maintenance fix with internal simulator fixes…  Continue reading

Second Life News Week #25


This week the main channel got an update and roll. This package ran on the RC channels for 2 weeks. There isn’t much to say about it. The changes are to server logging and how member lists for large groups download.

Beware @ The Conquest

Beware @ The Conquest by Brattilicious, on Flickr

Since there is no new package running in the RC channels, we are unlikely to see the main channel get an update and restart in week 26. Hopefully there will be something new for the RC channels in week 26.  Continue reading

Second Life: Server Roll Back

This morning (Wednesday) Linden Lab rolled a new package to the RC server channels. This afternoon, about 4:30 PM SLT, they rolled the RC channels back to the previous version.

This happens when something goes side ways and crash rates, complaints, or server metrics  show a problem.

We have no word on what the problem was. Expect word to come in the Beta Server user group meeting Thursday.