Second Life News 2017 w42


This morning I’m not sure if we are getting a rollout for the main channel. My ‘region restart detector’ isn’t showing a restart this morning. Actually, no restart since 9/26.

LOTD 262 ☼

LOTD 262 ☼

There was no Deploys-post for this week until about 11:30 AM PT. A couple of people are complaining in the forum about the lack of any information this week. We’ll see if they show up at the UG meeting.

Caleb or Mazidox Linden usually post the server updates in the forum and wiki. No posts either place as of early this morning.

From last week, we know the RC releases were explained as ‘internal fixes’. If there is a roll to the main channel it will be one of the 2 RC’s running this past week.


We did get a post so my post is a bit scrambled.

# went to the main channel. However, my home region as of 1:45 PM PT is not showing a restart.

# will go to Blue Steel, Le Tigre, and Magnum Wednesday.

These both have only internal fixes listed. Continue reading

WARNING – Network Krack

We have a new hack to deal with. The WiFi encryption used by your router has been hacked. The WPA and WPA-2 security used since 2003 is the target.

WPA and WPA-2 are security choices you have when setting up your router/access point. Without a password on your router, anyone can connect to your network. It is dumb not to have a password protected network.

Shades of Black

Shades of Black

Routers provided by most ISP’s have a password set by default. It is the long alphanumeric number provided on a sticker on the site of the router/gateway device. The last router I bought did not have a password set by default. Manufacturers seem to think the initial setup is easier with no password.

So, if you bought your router/modem/gateway, whatever you call it, you had to set a password. If you didn’t, you should. Without one, you are open to anyone and numerous types of attacks.

The Workaround

For any web activity involving money, make sure your browser is using HTTPS. When using HTTPS the browser will display a padlock in the address/URL window. Continue reading

Second Life – Content Creation UG Meeting 2017 w41

Thursday was a long day for me. Not where I could access SL. So, the Medhue video of the meeting is what I watched to see what is currently happening with Animesh. And it is Medhue’s video I’ll write an index for.

Keep your hand or mouse close to your volume control if you watch the video. Medhue streams this video live and YouTube archives it. So, there is no editing and the audio isn’t cleaned up. Both tasks are work and time consuming. Be happy that we have any video. And expect to do a lot of volume changes.

CC UG Index

01:00 – Vir Linden is talking about the project viewer for Animesh. It is almost ready. It has passed QA. The holdup is getting some test regions ready and providing documentation. There will some test content available for us to play with.

02:16 – Alexa Linden is working on getting all the support stuff finished up.

03:00 – 4 mod regions (in a square), 1 adult region (separate), all in ADITI. Continue reading

Second Life News 2017 w41

This is a busy week for me. Not much time to blog. But, there is a bit of news. I hope to have some time tomorrow.


Main channel # – Fixes that address object returns after the roll, hopefully.

Blue Steel and Le Tigre get # – Which internal fixes, usually security stuff and changes in data collection.

Magnum – # – Which is also internal fixes.

¢lιєηтωσяк •*´¨* sαммy

¢lιєηтωσяк •*´¨* sαммy – Way cute…


The main viewer is No change since week #35.

Second Life Alex Ivy Viewer version – No change since week #37

Second Life Maintenance Viewer version – No change since week #39.

Second Life Voice Viewer version – No change since week #40.

Second Life Wolfpack Viewer version – No change since week #39.

Second Life Project 360 Snapshot Viewer version – No update since week #27.


Third-Party Dev UG Meeting 2017 w40

Rider Linden filled in for Oz Linden for this meeting. Rider is the guy doing the Windlight changes. So, he generally has his head buried in EEP and apparently isn’t that much into general viewer status. We didn’t get much detail.

In server news, the first stage in sending to only to verified email addresses rolled out. Next will be a server roll and viewer change to enable/disable the checkbox in the viewer for Send Email. The server will tell the viewer to disable that checkbox in Preferences if you have not verified the email address you use with your Linden account.

Next meeting November 3rd.

For Alex Ivy, the 64-bit viewer, the Lindens are working on a potential fix for the texture crashes.

Another voice update is coming. Continue reading