Second Life: UKanDo Viewer – Going on the shelf?

Connor Monaron has posted about the state and status of the UKanDo Viewer.  In short, due to real life work calling Connar away, the viewer has not and is not updating. Nor will it be updated in the new few months. See: Updates. Or lack of?

On a Prayer

On a Prayer

This is not the end of UKanDo. Once Connor’s work allows him to be home, we will see a new version of the UKanDo viewer. At least that is the plan as of now.

Seraphim HUD

Strawberry Singh has recently released a video on the Seraphim HUD and website. If you are into Second Life shopping and like to catch the shopping events you want this HUD.

If you are a merchant participating in events you are going to want to figure out how to get your event added into the HUD. Jump to the SeraphimSL website. I was curious how they find out about all these events.  Continue reading

Second Life: CtrlAltStudio Viewer

This is the viewer that was the Oculus Rift enabled viewer for Second Life. Today, 6/21, I see that the viewer has been removed from the Third Party Viewer directory at the viewer maker’s request.

Tracks of my Tears

Tracks of my Tears

Early versions of the viewer were based on Linden Viewers and later versions on the Firestorm Viewer.

There is no current version of a viewer that supports the Oculus Rift, AFAIK. The Linden Viewer is in the process of being updated. But, we have not seen a release in over a year. Later this month the SSL/TLS security change will make the only available Linden made viewer with Oculus support about useless.

It is hard to say what the Lab’s priority is for getting a usable Oculus capable viewer out. We have known the Lab to pull people off the update project to handle problems they consider more pressing.

Second Life News 2016 w25


There is no roll to the main channel this week.



There is a Wednesday roll out. The RC channels Blue Steal and La Tigre are getting the same maintenance package, I think. Caleb is clear. I had to read the version numbers to decide. While Magnum is getting a new package with the same version number as Blue and Tigre.

This package has Minor internal changes and Tool Tip/Constant text fixes.

PS: Fix for BUG-18251BUG-10979, and a cosmetic fix for Bento attachment points, per Simon Linden.

PPS: One crash fix, and some anti-griefing stuff.

PPPS: The griefing fix is changing ways the region works to try and stay running when attacked. Simon Linden: no, it’s nothing externally visible.

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Second Life: Intel HD Graphics – How to Improve

Recently an acquaintance with HD graphics ask for help because of video problems. We haven’t been able to find the solution needed, yet. But, we did come across a number of tips on how to make Intel’s HD Graphics work better. So, I’ll pass those along.

.✻ Soft Tones ✻.

.✻ Soft Tones ✻.

First before spending time beating on a problem only to discover it is a dead horse, check the system requirements. Next read through what I have here, before you start beating. Also, remember, clearing the viewer’s cache is likely to make things worse. So, save that idea for the ‘no-hope-left’ stage.  Continue reading

Second Life: Singularity Update 2016 w24

I’m not a Singularity user. I have been. I know many people on older hardware use Singularity. It seems if Firestorm doesn’t work well for you then Singularity is the other white meat. So, I am always curious what is happening with the Singularity Viewer.

Singularity Viewer

Singularity Viewer

The SLUniverse user Lord posts about updates to Singularity (post). A new post came up yesterday.  Continue reading