Mesh Body Addicts in the News

The blog Mesh Body Addicts is making the news. SL Blogger Support (Canary Beck) has an article about its success, 85,000 page views per month. The article is about blogs that serve a niche.  See: How one Second Life blogger niched her blog.

Um certo cais

Um certo cais
A certain pier

Thinking about the idea of making a niche blog they omit a major point. In a changing world, your niche may, likely will, become passé or vanish altogether. I used to cover viewers in great detail. If a person was considering changing to a new viewer, this was the blog to read before changing. But, with the arrival of Oz Linden and enforcement of the ‘shared experience’ concept the Lab has pretty much taken control of viewer development. The whole field of viewer development changed, at least for what it means to me. Continue reading

Final Frontier Update

The latest rave on UFO’s is the supposedly massive ship (size of the state of Idaho, USA – which is a WAY ambiguous comparison because of the state’s frying-pan shape) caught in a video of the sun released by NASA from the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) on July 15, 2015. Note: NASA was not claiming it was a UFO.

On another scientific (tongue in cheek) front a Muslim cleric has discovered Galileo was wrong. The Earth doesn’t orbit the sunContinue reading

Android Hack

If you haven’t heard, the Android devices using the Stage Fright media library are vulnerable to hackers. There are reportedly 950 million devices that are vulnerable.

Last Samurai

Last Samurai

If you are running an Android operating system 2.2 or older, you are safe.  Otherwise you will need an update. It is unclear which carriers are pushing the fix to their customers. But, the fix has been sent out by Google.

Anti-virus programs will provide you some protection. But, many require manual updates. So, run your update process.

Second Life Servers Week 31

This Tuesday the package running on the RC channels moved to the main channel. That package was said to be Simulator fixes… whatever they were.

As of late Tuesday (5+PM PT) there was no information about what would or if any would roll to the RC channels Wednesday.

My Little Love Letter To You

My Little Love Letter To You

Presumably the Lindens are still working on the Experience Tools database…

Jelly Babies – Render Muting

Inara made it to last Monday’s open source user group meeting where Oz Linden apparently talked about the Second Life Render Muting feature and where it is in the development pipeline. You may remember that a bug was causing the Jelly Babies to be invisible. That is fixed.

Surfing at Teahupo'o 1

Surfing at Teahupo’o 1

Now the feature is waiting on UI changes. Once those are complete we will get an RC viewer version with the feature. Inara is guessing sometime in week 32, which I think is a good guess. I am looking forward to this feature. I think it will have a significant impact on performance in the long run.

Inara quotes Oz talking about the notices that will appear when our Draw Weight changes and when those around us are not rendering our avatar. We will be able to control how long those messages stay on screen. We already have a Debug Setting to tell the viewer when to render high draw weight avatars as Jelly Babies. Presumably we will have that control out where we can adjust it easily too.

Machinimatrix: AVA Mesh Project

Gaia Clary is starting the AVA Mesh Project. The goal is stated as: We want to provide a Standard Mesh alternative for the SL Avatar that can be used as starter kit for any mesh project that creators can think of. We plan to make Avastar capable to handle this Standard Mesh as seamless as possible.

Read more about the project here: The AVA Mesh Project.

...... Put your dreams to sail

…… Put your dreams to sail

I’m not sure what this project would do for me. I get the idea of standardization is appealing. But, making fitted mesh for the classic avatar body is always going to be a pain because of the disparity from the classic avatar using morphs and our mesh having to use bone weights.

Then we change to the new Mesh Bodies; Slink, Maitreya, and etc. I see no way to get these brand makers to change to a standard body. But, to make clothes fit these bodies we need their mesh and its weighting. If we try to standardize for all those bodies we come up with a compromise. So, there will always be the possibility to have a better product if we use a model specifically for a specific body…

So, I’m going to wait and see what comes from the project.