Hooking Up in Second Life – Lessons

Canary Beck is writing lots of Second Life related interesting stuff lately. Or maybe it is just that I’m following her blog now and seeing it now. Whichever, she has an article about how men can pick up women or at least how to approach them and improve their odds of success: How To Approach A Woman In Second Life.

Here's an idea...

Here’s an idea… by Canary Beck, on Flickr

There are mistakes guys make in Second Life that are not made in real life. Canary touches on most of those. She also has quite a collection of bad pickup lines to avoid using. Those alone make it worth a read.  Continue reading

Second Life SEO Tutorial

Those of us that blog about Second Life will find Canary Beck’s article on optimizing your blog for search engines helpful. If you have never been into Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you’ll be amazed at how complex things can get. Becky doesn’t get into the complexities just the basics. And they will help.

~Escutando o vento da mudança~

~Escutando o vento da mudança~ (Listening to the wind of change) by Luaflor Moo, on Flickr

There are tricks to getting your site placing well in Google and Yahoo. I used to do lots of SEO work before Obama and the recession. Now I do a little and sort of keep up on what Google is doing. Google continually changes how they decide what pages to show you. Web designers continually change tactics to adjust to those changes. One thing you need to know is: you DON’T TUG ON SUPERMAN’S CAPE (Jim Croce 1972 – reference). In this case meaning do NOT try to spam Google. Their retaliation is generally nuclear.  Continue reading

Second Life: Mad Pea Unia Pictures

Unia is open and Hamlet tells us has gained 1,000+ players in its first month. Word is that it uses some of the new abilities provided by the Advanced Experience Tools. Sounds interesting. I’ll eventually make it there.

Until then I can look at the pictures people are taking and posting on sites:

Flickr: UNIA Images


UNIA is OPEN! by Kess Crystal, on Flickr


UNIA by Pippi Moonites, on Flickr

Facebook: UNIA PagePhotos

UNIA by MadPea – Second Life

Read what some of our survivors have got to say about UNIA: Nite Planer: ‘Awesome trilogy.. Stephen King would be…

Posted by Unia on Monday, May 4, 2015



Second Life: The New New User Tutorial

Hamlet is on about a video that shows the new user experience. I find those interesting. You can see Hamlet’s comments here: Second Life First-Hour User Experience by Returning SLer. I have the video just below. It is an hour long. Sheeeesh. Will anyone watch the whole thing?

Beau Hindman (YouTube name) made the video. He says he was first in Second Life™ (SL) in 2004 and has not been in SL for some years. So, this is a semi-new user experience.

Beau rambles a lot and stumbles on what he wants to say. He keeps his umm, errr’s to a level I can tolerate. The first 10 minutes is more just telling us what SL is than it is a logical ordered tutorial. Continue reading

Windows 10 Update Week 21

The expected release is summer of this year. You can get preview copies of Win10 now. To qualify you are supposed to be a member of Windows Insiders.

You can find out more about the current release here: Windows 10-10122.

“Everything's gonna be alright.”

“Everything’s gonna be alright.” by ℳαγα (Foxx.Pawpad), on Flickr

Those running it and Second Life™ are having problems. It is hard to tell what is going on as I can only find bits and pieces of people’s conversations as they try to resolve problems.  Continue reading

High Fidelity – What will we use it for?

Jason Dorrier writing for Singularity Hub, a site covering and analyzing technology, has an article up titled What Is the Metaverse? The real question he asks in the article is, what are we going to do with the metaverse?

While Jason published his article May 21 (today), he used this video from February 2015 to illustrate what a virtual world (VW) looks like.

Jason points out that the HyFy world is an open world and will be filled with whatever people create. I suppose that is somewhat a novel idea for those unfamiliar with Second Life™.  Continue reading

Second Life: New Art Region

Vivienne Daguerre let me know that she has remade her sim into Roxeter, a place supporting and featuring SL artists and live musicians, and in the future she hopes to add writers and theater performances to the list.

Vivienne  says Freya Lovencraft has started a machinima series, “Behind the SL Music”. The first machinima is this one:

Vivienne says the sim is totally non-profit, paid for by her store profits. For more information on that you can see her website: Roxeter.com. There is lots of information there.

Vivienne  has been around Second Life™ since 2004. I know her from our days at the Mesh Creators group starting in 2011 when mesh was just being added to SL. She is a 3D modeler & scripter that enjoys art and live music.

Second Life Things Week 21

DDOS Attacks

A number of MMO games are the targets of Distributed Denial of Service attacks. I would expect Second Life™ to get its share of those. Massively Overpowered is reporting on the MMO Shroud of the Avatar getting attacked.

Has Your Favorite Mmo Been DDOS’ed?

Shroud Of The Avatar Gets Slammed By Ddos Attack

Discovering the Horizon

Discovering the Horizon by ~~*κïrα ß. murƒïη*~~, on Flickr

WoW Dying?

In Second Life™ we repeatedly hear that SL is dying. Everything is dying. Deal with it. But, World of Warcraft (WoW) dying? It has lost 3 million players in 3 months. That leaves them with 7 million active players. A game with 7 million players is not what most of us call dead. But, we are hearing the Chicken Little types crowing.  Continue reading