Second Life News 2014-48


Tuesday saw a roll out of a main channel update. This update is the tweaks to the way servers work with the Content Delivery Network. Simon says they didn’t change anything with this update. They just added the ability to make changes more easily. I assume that means they added settings controls to the simulator console.

Server-Scripting UG 2014-48

Server-Scripting UG 2014-48

Next week a new RC package will roll out.

This Thursday 11/27 there will not be a Beta Server User Group meeting. This is due to the US holiday, Thanksgiving.  Continue reading

Second Life News & Bits 2014-48


We haven’t had any server updates running in the RC Channels. We have had a version running in RC that has tweaks to CDN settings. Those tweaks are rolling out to the main grid tomorrow, Tuesday, Week 48.

According to the Deploys thread there are no new changes being made to any RC channel.

Blood Letters Slow Render Day - 3 to 4 minutes

Blood Letters Slow Render Day – 3 to 4 minutes

A no change window opens Wednesday 11/26 and runs to Sunday 11/30.

Cocoa Bugs

There are no Cocoa bugs for Mac users. Just ask Lindens or Apple engineers. Come on, who are you going to believe, them or your eyes?

But, there is hope. Cinder Roxley is working on those issues, retina resolution support for the viewer, mouse look, and second screen support. So, we may see a fix at some point. This assumes a fix is possible and Cinder seems to think it is. Continue reading

Drax Radio Hour #46

From time to time Drax and Jo have breaking news or scoops. In this show Drax interviews a number of Lindens. From them we get new insights. This makes the show well worth hearing. See: Radio Hour Episode 46.

For a quick summary see Ciaran’s article: Drax Visits Linden Lab HQ And Finds FIC Cups!

Blood Letters Office - Well Dressed!

Blood Letters Office – Well Dressed!

I haven’t tried to capture a summary or abstract of each section, just those that interested me and I think will be of general interest.

Show Index

3:30 ± Alexa Linden

4:40 ± Xiola Linden – Runs the SL Twitter feed, Facebook, puts out PR pictures… Continue reading

Second Life and SEX

We just saw the trashy article by Marlon McDonald that ticked off a number of Second Life™ residents. We aren’t prudes about sex. What was upsetting about the article was how poorly it was done. We have had that grip for some time and it seems to be an ongoing problem perpetuated by dysfunctional journalists and reporters that have no idea what either profession is about, even if they did go to school and major in the subject. Sad.

Inara Pey made an excellent response rebutting the lame article. Please drop by and check her article. It is here: The Strange Stories about Second Life that Totally Miss The Mark! Please leave a comment and have your friends stop by. We would like to see the blog clearly conveyed the idea that good writing draws more views than trash does.  Continue reading

Second Life News 2014-47 TPD

This past Friday was the Third Party Developers meeting. Chakat NorthSpring has a video of the meeting: Second Life: Third Party Viewer meeting (21 November 2014). These meetings are consistently getting shorter. This one is down 30± minutes or so.

Blood Letters #21

Blood Letters #21

A couple of extra Linens were in attendance Friday; Brooke, Xiola and Bazz.


Oz Linden did his usual recap of viewer devlopment. He says they have lots of stuff in progress. Continue reading

Second Life: Viewer Managed MP

We have known for a short time that a revised Market Place tool is coming to Second Life™. Yesterday the Lab posted that they have a Beta Version running in ADITI, the preview grid. The announcement is here: Viewer-Managed Marketplace Available on Aditi. (VMM)

There is a JIRA Project for reporting bugs and requesting features. More information on using the new Market Place is available here:  VMM Beta Knowledge Base.

The Merchant Outbox is out. We will now have a new management tool that opens from within our Inventory panel.

If you’re like me you are wondering how this affects existing items we have in the market place. According to the KB there is a way to migrate listings in the Market Place to the new system. It appears we are basically finding the UUID, or some kind of ID, of an existing listing in the Market Place and matching it to a folder in our inventory.

For information on how all this works, see the KB article.

Second Life: Week of Restarts Update

The Lab posted The Hardware Issues Behind Recent Region Restarts yesterday.

This is an excellent description of the problem. If you are unfamiliar with how rack servers are setup you may want a little more explanation.


The image above shows a classy looking rack server. If you have ever used a docking station with a laptop, you have an idea of the way they can work. Not all servers are so easy installed or removed from the ‘rack’. Continue reading

Blood Letters – Letters 19 & 20

Letter 19 was hard. The cookie was not bad. The hiding place for the clue was not surprising. The hint in the letter is right on. The problem was having to be supper zoomed in on the clue to see it. I looked at that the clue’s location a dozen times before I asked for a hint and a couple of times after. Then I finally opened up the Build Tool and started doing area selections and counting the items selected until I saw an anomaly. Then I started deselecting things until I had one item selected that I could not see. I finally got zoomed in close enough and it rezzed when my camera was in the right place. Frustrating.

Blood Letters 19

Blood Letters 19

The Mysterious Letter was hard to find. I spent a lot of time looking for it. It is well hidden. There is no problem with it not rendering, it is just very well hidden. But, as with most of the important clues, it is visible if you are looking in the right place. Continue reading