Blog Week 18

Today I am off to travel… I plan to be back May 3rd or 4th.

I am taking a laptop, so I might make a post or two. But probably not.

See you then, Nal.

Second Life News Week 17 TPD

The Third Party Developers met last Friday. This is the first of those meetings to run a full hour in some weeks. So, we have new information on several subjects. Some of that information I published on Saturday and Sunday as smaller posts rather than one gigantic post. This article will be the smaller bits of news from the meeting. But, it still went over a thousand words.


Balloons by Vitos Davi, on Flickr

Oz Linden announced the next TPD Meeting is next Friday May 1. This is one week away, out of the normal pattern. He will be gone the following weekend and is pushing that weekend’s meeting up one week. Continue reading

Philosophy: New Climate Problems

Philosophy is one of my interests. To discuss philosophy requires good debating skills and open minded skepticism.  Both things I find those recently educated in the public school systems lack. Skepticism also needs a good measure of critical thinking ability.

Climate Emergency - Families facing Climate Change

Climate Emergency – Families facing Climate Change by Takver, on Flickr

Every so often I am moved to point out the fallacies in subjects considered by many to be truisms. Man made global warming is a wonderful subject for dividing the thinkers from the gullible.  Continue reading

Second Life Login Failure Update

We currently have an inventory problem that prevents logging into Second Life. The currenlty frequent cause of the problem has been tracked down to having Flat Inventory.

Let the Magic Unfold

Let the Magic Unfold by Carthalis Rossini, on Flickr

A flat inventory is an inventory where thousands of items are in a single folder. Mostly the term denotes an unorganized inventory where stuff is mostly in the root or objects folders rather than being organized in folders and subfolders. As the viewer is downloading inventory folder by folder a folder with thousands of items can take too long to download and cause a time out. This jams up the login process and you get a failure message.  Continue reading

Second Life: Firestorm Viewer Release Eminent

At the Third Party Developers’ meeting  Ed Merry man said that the Firestorm Development Team is planning to the next version of Firestorm in 10 days (from Friday’s TPD meeting)… May 3rd.

Avilion Nexus 2

Avilion Nexus 2 by Johannes1977 Resident, on Flickr

This release is about 6 months after the last release. The normal release schedule is a new version every 3 months. The way things have worked out, that hasn’t been possible for the Firestorm Team.  Continue reading

Second Life Removing Snapshot-to-Email

In the Third Party Developers’ meeting Oz Linden mentioned that someone spotted a maintenance version viewer without the ability to send snapshots via email from Second Life. This omission of the feature Snapshot-to-Email from this RC version is deliberate. It will eventually be removed from all Linden and Third Party Viewers.

Blue Note

Blue Note by Marco Pagot, on Flickr

The way the system works, the images are sent TO whoever with the FROM address of the user-sender, at least when the Lab knows the sender’s address. But, the email is being sent from a Second Life server, so they are spoofing the FROM address. This ‘spoofing’ is a common practice of spammers and black-hat crackers. So, the SL servers are getting blocked by numerous ISP’s automated systems as spammers. That is affecting other email services the Lab uses to communicate with users. Continue reading

Linden Lab: Call to Third Party Developers

At Friday’s Third Party Developers meeting Oz Linden was asking from some specific help and changes in behavior from the Third Party Developers. I’ll get into the what and why with this post.

Fantasy Faire 2015 - Ravenshold, The Lost Land Hunt - II

Fantasy Faire 2015 – Ravenshold, The Lost Land Hunt – II by Caitlin ‘Caity’ Tobias, on Flickr

The Lab is making new ways of doing things and working to make all the Second Life™ system’s processes more robust, which I take to also mean more efficient and reliable. One way of accomplishing that is changing more and more processes to use HTTP and CDN (Content Delivery Network).  Continue reading

Second Life Losing the Linux Viewer?

The fate of the Second Life Linux version viewer is now up to the Linux community of Second Life. In the Third Party Devlopers’ meeting Oz Linden spoke about the Lab’s Linux support for the near term future. Basically the Lab is going to provide less Linux support.


Identity by Jewel Appletor aka Karalyn Hubbard, on Flickr

There are two reasons; one is the Lab’s limited resources and second the new projects they will be starting in the next months or so, which I take to mean late May or early June. Continue reading