AvaStar Passwords

Don’t lose your AvaStar purchase information. Gaia has announced that starting now they will not be assisting people to recover their purchase ID’s. Apparently too many people were losing their keys and using up too much time.

Kaelyn's B-day party

Kaelyn’s B-day party

Gaia has provided various ways to recover your purchase ID. So, one really has to spaced out not to be able to recover their information. You have to have forgotten which email you used, which avatar name, and the purchase date. Continue reading

YouTube Gaming and Second Life

If you are wondering what YouTube Gaming is, click over to Ciaran Laval’s blog and see: YouTube Gaming Launches And Second Life Has Its Own Channel. The short explanation is this is Google’s answer to Amazon’s Twitch… and if you don’t know what Twitch is… well… you are hopelessly sheltered. To pop your bubble… Twitch is a site that allows gamers to stream their game play. People can watch a video stream of a person, in-game, playing in almost (?) real time.

The recent news is Jimmy Kimmel thought it was a funny idea and made fun of YouTube Gaming. As they point out, considering how poorly TV is doing these day he hasn’t much room to talk. But, I thought the video funny.  Continue reading

Second Life Fashion Week 35

Second Life™ has fashion. From outrageous high fashion to clubbing to street slut and into the depths of humiliating bondage there is fashion in SL… whatever your taste or lack of… I’m more into what Kate del Castillo or Jessica Biel might wear, Latino and an American actresses, respectively.  There is a look I go for… whether I achieve it or not is debatable.

Dolls and Demons - Feedly Page

Dolls and Demons – Feedly Page

So, while I’m not a fashion writer, I am a bit of a fashion follower. So, finding the blog Dolls and Demons is like finding candy. Alles Klaar is the blogger and says:

This [Dolls and Demons] is a place of virtual fashion dreams and the occasional nightmare, with lots and lots of quirkiness in between. It’s a place that I call home and one that I hope you will visit too.

Continue reading

3 Reasons VR is to Fail Challenged

The Road to VR has an interesting article challenging 3 common ideas about why VR will fail. Well written and with rational challenges to the 3 common ideas about VR. See: The 3 Most Common Arguments Against VR and Why They’re Wrong.

Possibly Maybe...

Possibly Maybe…

One common thought about VR that I think has some merit is ‘gesture based’ control like Kinect is going to fail because users do not have enough room/space… or patience.  Continue reading

Second Life’s Festival of Sin II

We have lots of events in Second Life and Festival of Sin II (SLURL) is another. Ciaran Laval and the Hottie Cootrati Experience have covered the festival.

Festival of Sin II - August 2015

Festival of Sin II – August 2015

It has rules… whaaaat?

  1. Have fun!
  2. Don’t be shy, we encourage debauchery of all kinds. We’re equal opportunity sinners.
  3. EXPLORE! There’s lots of hidden surprises lurking about the sim. Click things, look around corners.  Have a seat. >:}
  4. Don’t be a dick.

That is all.
If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact Shiloh Selene (Barbie.Glas).

If you are into Gacha’s, there are plenty of those. I’m not that big on them. Nor am I all that into shopping ‘events’. So, I don’t often cover them. But, this is a build worth visiting. Mostly mesh and very well done. See what SL can be. Plus there is lots of nice stuff to buy.

Climate Change for Thinkers

Every so often I have to write something for the Global Warmers that like to deny science, avoid thinking, ignore facts, and are susceptible to propaganda in mainstream media because they are too lazy to think. They typically only respond with Alinsky style ad hominem attacks.

everybody's clown

everybody’s clown

There are more and more under reported articles appearing to reveal the nature of those leaders supporting the Anthropomorphic Global Warming campaign. Principia Scientific International has run such an article: Man-Made Climate Change ‘Not About Science’ Admits Naomi KleinContinue reading

Second Life Servers Week 35

There was no roll to the Second Life™ servers’ main channel. The update running on Blue Steel last week had to be rolled back. So, it was not available for promotion.

So lonely . . . Neva River V

So lonely . . . Neva River V

This week the RC channels are all three getting the same new package. This one has some Simulator Fixes and a fix for BUG-9504 “Clicking on any object that affects the navmesh while in mouselook dirties the navmesh”. Remember, the Navmesh is a thing in Pathfinding.

Selling Second Life Experiences

At the Second Life™ Developers’ meeting a question came up about whether it would be possible to sell experiences, the kind made with the new Advanced Experience Tools. There was discussion about the idea at the TPD meeting.

The Well

The Well

The answer is: it has been discussed within the Lab, they would like for that to be possible, it is a complex add, and currently no one is working on it. So, a ‘NO’, but with hope. I would say, very very little hope. It is high hanging fruit.

What about grid wide experiences? The Lab is waiting to see how the land-based experiences go. There are several hundred experiences in the system. Not all of them are in use or that have scripts associated with them. So, it is a bit early to decide how well Experiences is going to be adopted by users.

As the Lab learns more about the feature’s popularity and how people use it, at some point they’ll decide if adding grid-wide experiences is worth the effort.