Rigged Mesh Tutorial Sans AvaStar

I don’t see many tutorials about rigging mesh for OpenSim. But, Hypergrid Business has a new one. See: Quick mesh rigging how-to. Of course the procedure will work for Second Life too. But, this is for ‘rigged’ mesh only, not fitted mesh.

-. InnocEnce .-

-. InnocEnce .- by Perhaps Twine, on Flickr

While they use the Machinimatrix base avatar, you do not need AvaStar. However, not having AvaStar means using the parts of the model included for working with fitted mesh is awkward and not at all intuitive.

I haven’t played in OpenSim since OSGrid crashed. So, I am not sure whether or not we can use fitted mesh in OpenSim. So, this tutorial is more than adequate for most of those making clothes in OpenSim.

Experience Tools & RLV

Last week the first phase of the Experience Tools feature arrived for Premium Members of Second Life™. I think by now most bloggers have covered the arrival.

Serenade for a Fae

Serenade for a Fae by Aelin Quan, on Flickr

According to Google we are the top three reporting on Experience Tools. There are plenty of links leading to the SL Forum and Wiki. So, finding information on how to use the Tools and what they can do should be easy. Continue reading

Second Life: Too Little Sex?

Canary Beck has done a great research piece on whether or not Second Life’s reputation is that of a home for sexual perverts or not. Her research provides objective data on how Second Life™ is perceived by the Google Search Engine, which is about as objective a source as one can find.

See: Should We Worry That Outsiders Associate Second Life With Adult Content?

Girls with attitude

Girls with attitude by Cherry mood, on Flickr

The short answer is, no. The research and proof is rather convincing, but not totally definitive. It is the best I’ve seen to date. I think it is worth a read and it got me thinking. As you read you’ll be exposed to the concepts of confirmation bias and illusory correlation as a possible explanation for why some believe Second Life has a reputation problem. Continue reading

Google Chrome Reverts Bookmark Manager

My Google Chrome has updated and the bookmarking and bookmark manager features, which have again drastically changed, again. The new system and manager are much more like the previous features in 2014. I think it is a major improvement.

Chrome Bookmark Manager 2015/07

Chrome Bookmark Manager 2015/07

I had been very unhappy with the features as they were designed and working during the first part of this year. See Google Chrome Bookmarks/Favorites ChangingContinue reading

Stitches Out – NOT

Well, they took out a couple… :( but, next week they’ll look again. Because of the location of the incision, my palm, they are being overly conservative.

I did get a soft bandage. I can bend my wrist and mostly use my hand. I am surprised at how stiff my hand is. I have exercises to do. I can type faster. But, my index finger is really weak and semi numb. They say that may take a few more weeks to return to normal.

Whatever, overall it is better.