Firestorm Viewer Tool Tip Tuesdays

Others are covering this new service provided by the Firestorm peeps. So, I’ll be brief.

The Firestorm Viewer is the power user’s viewer of choice. But, even power users can’t know all the features rolled into this pretty awesome viewer. Many of the features are things you would probably use if you knew about them. So… the team is making little videos to show you how to use the features. (6 min)

This one is an example. Lots of good stuff in a short video. They say there will be another one released next Tuesday. They first post on the Firestorm Viewer Blog.

Obviously these are primarily for Firestorm users. But, some of the controls work in other viewers too.

The Camera Tools are a Firestorm and Third Party Viewers thing, at least for now.

AvaStar’s Sparkles Sale Ending

Gaia Clary at is running a 50% off on Sparkles for AvaStar users. It ends February 15, until then Sparkles Pro: US$15 web* – US$7.50±/L$1,800* in-world, with 1 year of updates. (Prices are a bit unclear. I checked and the regular price is/will be $15.)

If you are not sure what Sparkles is… the video is a preview. But, read on…

Sparkles is a standalone tool set for building clothes and characters for Second Life. It is integrated with AvaStar, but does not require AvaStar to be used. The list of tools is: Continue reading

Blender 2.73a

A new version of Blender came out last week; 2.73a. Click for: Download Blender and changes overview.

Blender 2.73a Released January 2015

Blender 2.73a Released January 2015

This download is a 90mb file. I use the ZIP version of the install as it operates as a standalone version. That allows me to have multiple versions installed at the same time.

AvaStar will need to be updated to the latest update (avastar-1.3-18_blender-2-70) to work with Blender 2.73a.

SL Wiki 2015-05

Second Life Wiki is editable now. That changed a week or so ago. But, in the process we lost a lot of newer wiki pages. Plus lots of people were waiting to update information on various subjects in the wiki. So, far the last few days I’ve seen a lot of activity in the wiki. In the last 24 hours about 600 pages have been added or edited.

Release Notes for the Experience Tools Viewer (3.8.0-298001) popped back up today. The page includes a link for the viewer.  Continue reading

Myst-Uru & Devokan

I came to Second Life as part of a group of Myst fans migrating when Myst Online: Uru Live closed, again. That was 2008. By 2009 some of us were attempting to unite Myst fans across numerous games and platforms. There was a lot of contention about playing Uru Live anywhere but on official Cyan Worlds servers. But, as there were no official Cyan servers, fans were building parts of Uru in various games.

Sunrise in the Devokan Regions

Sunrise in the Devokan Regions (2009+/-)

One of the efforts was titled Devokan. Dot and Paislee were the main movers and shakers of that effort. I got to play in Devokan and enjoyed the RP and beautiful regions.  Continue reading

MADPEA: First Game Of 2015 – Buried

MadPea has made an announcement about their coming game/hunt that starts February 1st. An interesting aspect of the game is Geo-Caching, commonly now written as: geocaching. In RL these games are taking advantage of the GPS in the new generation phones of the last couple of years. GPPS coordinates are used to hide and find ‘geocaches’, things hidden somewhere on the planet.

MadPea: Buried

MadPea: Buried

MadPea is working out some way to have geocaching in Second Life. They will have an early opening for bloggers January 30th, a Friday. Not a good time for me. So, plan to check Inara’s blog. I am guessing she’ll make it to the RSVP event.  Continue reading

Second  Life News 2015-05


The main server channel was updated today with a maintenance package. Release Notes.

The three RC Channels will be updated to a single new package, another maintenance release. This one has fixes for the Experience Tools package. It is planned to roll out Wednesday. Release Notes.

The project requires a number of viewer side changes to see and use the new tools. Those are in the RC Experience Viewer version The download link is here: Alternate Viewers Second Life.

Second Life Photography 2015-05

Seems everyone is blogging something about photography in Second Life and how wonderful it is with SL Go. I’ve used SL Go and it is a great way to go, if…

If your computer is old, under powered, has a weak video card, or you need to be mobile then SL Go is the solution. You can get faster rendering and run on Ultra graphics settings. But, if you have a good desktop, SL Go offers faster scene rendering and that is about it. Textures load quickly and while I was using SL Go I never saw a texture fail to render leaving me with a gray something in the scene. These are big pluses and I am certain improve the SL experience for many.

However, there are two things that have made my photographic experience in Second Life more enjoyable and neither of those are available for SL Go users… well, actually one. The Firestorm Photo-Tools and SpaceNavigator are the two things that make my photography easier and better. Firestorm is available for SL Go (reference – Dec 2014). So, the Photo-Tools are available for SL Go users.  Continue reading