Second Life: Third-Party Viewer Developers’ UG

This is the meeting of March 24, 2017. Not many people were there. Not much news. Some update on the RC viewers.

Normally I watch Pantera Północy’s videos of the meeting. But, he missed the last two meetings. So, I decided to video this one. But, Pantera was there and his usual video is here: Second Life: Third Party Viewer meeting (24 March 2017).

This is sort of a playing-in-SL-video for me. Probably a one time thing. I doubt I’ll video future meetings as long as Pantera is posting his videos.

AvaStar Update 2017 w/12

New RC

AvaStar 2 RC-6 is out. You can download it from your products page. Unless you spend time watching chat in the AvaStar-Blender and AvaStar Support groups you have no idea what changed. The change log was last updated in September 2016.

Update: Gaia & Eleanora decided to change where updates to release notes/change logs are kept. Seems I kept finding the one that WASN’T updated, while there was an updated one in another place: Change Log.

my winter house

my winter house

You have to download the new release. The AvaStar update process from inside Blender is NOT for RC updates. RC updates require a manual update.
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Second Life Bits 2017 w12

Second Life™ Photo Contest

Inara tells us about Filling the Cauldron, a photo contest open to everyone. See her article for the details.

City corners 3

City corners 3

In ‘cauldron’ related news Prim Dolls provides information of a more personal nature. Elicio Ember’s father is fighting to recover from a stroke. So, there is a benefit event. See: Ember’s Cauldron: Welcome! Stores from all over the grid are involved.  Continue reading

Second Life News 2017 w12


There is a roll out to the main channel today, Tuesday. This is the package described as: Added a new internal logging output and changes to increase stability and security.

Gräfin von Chenonceaux

Gräfin von Chenonceaux

At last week’s Beta Server group meeting they were discussing the next coming package. It will have the change to CDN (Content Delivery Network) of more assets. Something is causing it to fail to grant capabilities to users. I could cam into a failed region but, not enter the region.  Continue reading

Second Life: Interesting Forum Bits

As I learn my way around this new forum I am discovering odd little bits here and there.

Avatar History

Did you know there is an Second Life Avatar Vanity thread? It started in early 2011 and is 305 pages long today. It is an interesting collection of avatar pictures over the years.

2011 Avatars

Looking at the thread you’ll find the forum only allows you to jump ahead 6 pages at a time. To jump more you have to tweak the URL. Look for or add the text: /?page=300 to jump to page 300 – Oct 2014 or change the page number to whatever.  Continue reading

Second Life: New Community Site – How to Use

The SL Blog, Forum, Knowledge Base, Answers, and other parts of the “Community” web site are up and running. See: Welcome to Our New Community Platform! While this isn’t a tutorial, it will give you some tips and probably save you some time.

Community Site Home Page 3/2017

The thinking is the new HOME page provides more information about what is happening in the community. The Blog, Forums, Events, and more are supposed to be easier to find. Well, the Home page has a synopsis of the latest SL Blog post, the most recent SL Forum post, and the Flickr picture of the day… I don’t consider this page particularly revealing as to what is happening in Second Life™. I am curious how helpful you think the page is?  Continue reading