Who is Winning – High Fidelity or Sansar?

Second Life™ people are interested in Sansar™ and High Fidelity. We just can’t tell how many and how intently. The VR hype is dying down. The realization that Sansar is NOT going to be the social app that Second Life is has started to set in. I’m realizing just how far Sansar has to go to get to a comparable fun state as Second Life. But, High Fidelity? I’ve found it… less than I expected.

So, while many of us are sort of keeping an eye on Sansar it isn’t a daily thing. But, every so often I look beyond just the headlines appearing here and there. I pay less attention to High Fidelity (HF).

Bad Hair Day - KEF

Bad Hair Day – KEF

Drax has an interesting podcast on the War of the Social Worlds… sounds familiar. This podcast contains a comparison between High Fidelity and Sansar. I find that interesting. I used to run an OpenSim server. That has left me with a sense of dread when I think of High Fidelity. But, how are things stacking up between the two big VR-Virtual Worlds?

Fortunately, Sansar News has summarized the highlights of the podcast: Galen Compares High Fidelity and Sansar.

My summary of the summary is now High Fidelity is ahead. One can do more in HF than in Sansar. But, Galen doubts both can survive in the future. He is putting his money on Sansar. He explains why and I’ll come back to that. I think Sansar and HF will be like Second Life and OpenSim (OS).  Continue reading

Second Life: Eclipse Magazine

Second Life™ has a collection of publishers with some interesting magazines. These tend to be online magazines. Eclipse Magazine is one. It is an interesting collection of information and opinions. The June issues is here: ECLIPSE Magazine June 2015.

Eclipse Magazine - June 2015

Eclipse Magazine – June 2015

This issue features Draxtor Despres as a Second Life evangelist… well, that is accurate use of the word, but I hadn’t thought of using the word with the name Drax. The article is kind to Drax, deservedly so, and I think may give one a new take on Drax. See page 42.

A section of the magazine is named Voices from the Grid. The section is described as a monthly survey of the ideas and opinions of SL residents on salient issues. Page 57.

Phoenix Welles, Tymmerie Throne, me: Nalates Urriah, Sands Leavitt, and Gorgeous Yongho (Juicy Bomb). We talk about what we hope and think Project SANSAR will produce. And did you know SANSAR is the Sanskrit word for LIFE?  Continue reading

The Drax Files – World Makers #27: Nylon Pinkney

Now we know who made the Starter Avatars. 🙂 I think they are pretty neat. But, the Lab’s implementation of them is a bit of a problem.

The region Tableau she mentions is a fun place to explore. I used images from my playing there in a couple of my articles: Machinimatrix – AvaStar Ticket System and Second Life News 2014-31 #3. It is a pretty neat place. Check it out.

Changing People’s Minds

I am always interested in why people change their minds, have epiphanies and suddenly see things many of us have seen forever. It isn’t just them, we all have such moments. Well, most of us do. Psychologists class any behavior that denies reality as psychotic. 

Challenging our beliefs, whether someone does it or we do it to our self, it is no small thing. People have emotional attachment to their thinking, ideas, beliefs, and especially their self-image. So, changing one’s mind on matters of importance is a big deal.

This week Draxtor Dupres published the second article on the Drax Files blog: one month to go but so much news. It is well and creatively written. His talent shows in the writing. Continue reading