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With the Blocking of Emerald I’ll not be writing future Emerald Viewer Reviews. I’ll be concentrating Phoenix and Imprudence, which I expect to be my fav’s, and developments in the Second Life Viewer, Snowstorm Viewer (or in LL speak, the development viewer) and KirstenLee’s S20. As interesting things in other viewers comes up I’ll post about them too.

After just a few months of writing the Emerald Viewer Review and Updates, my posts were out of control and scattered across several months. I made this page to list all the posts I’ve written about the Emerald Viewer. This page should make it easier to find all the information about my Emerald Viewer Reviews. I’ll include links to other good sources of Emerald Viewer information after the list. Let me know if you find resources I don’t list.

Emerald Viewer Links

Emerald Viewer 2010 Site: http://EmeraldViewer.net

Modular links removed 8/26/2010

Nalates’ Emerald Viewer Reviews & Posts

Phoenix Viewer on the TPV List – 2010-09-07 – Part of Emerald Team forms new TPV team and releases an Emerald replacement.

Emerald Viewer Blocked – 2010-09-07 – Linden Lab blocks Emerald Viewer

Emerald Released – Last Version? – September 2, 2010 – New viewer released.

Emerald Viewer DEAD!!! – September 1, 2010 – Information of the disbanding of the Emerald Dev Team.

Emerald Viewer Beta Released – August 31, 2010 – New viewer released.

Emerald Viewer Scandal Continues – Part 1 – August 31, 2010 – Information from Rezzed.tv interview.

Emerald Viewer Released – Review – August 25, 2010 – New Viewer released

Emerald Viewer Update – August 24, 2010 – Linden Lab takes Emerald off TPV List

Emerald Viewer Interview – Arabella & Jessica – August 22, 2010 – Interview with new team leaders

Emerald Viewer Scandal – Recovery? – August 22, 2010 – Emerald Team Shake Up

Emerald Viewer Scandal Erupts… Again – August 15, 2010 – Emerald Scandal

Emerald Viewer 2439 Update – August 11, 2010 – Emerald Update on 2439 Removal

Emerald Viewer vs SLURL – July 27, 2010 – How to get SLURL’s working with Emerald.

Emerald Viewer Released – Review – July 25, 2010 – New viewer summary, bugs, and tips.

Emerald Viewer Build 2165 – June 18, 2010 – The LSL Pre-Processor is sort of working.

Emerald Viewer Build 2100 – June 9, 2010 – The exporter is back and working.

Emerald Viewer Update 2047 – June 4, 2010 – Another Beta version release.

Emerald Viewer 2012 Beta Released. – May 25, 2010 – New Graphics page.

Emerald Viewer Alpha Release – May 3, 2010 – An early release of the coming Emerald Viewer based on SL Viewer 2.0 code.

Emerald Update v1634 – April 20, 2010 – A little update to meet the new TPV Policy. The Export ability has been crippled.

Where is the Emerald Viewer? – April 13, 2010 – No new word since the SL 2.0 release. Added a couple if Emerald tips.

Emerald Viewer Released – Review – February 18, 2010 – New features and changes.

Using Emerald Viewer to get to Arda Grid and Beyond – January 12, 2010 – Quick instructions on setting up the Emerald Viewer for use with other grids.

Emerald Viewer Review – Update – December 2, 2009 – A short review update on the version 1101 Emerald Viewer and the low FPS (frame per second – jerky performance) many people are experiencing.

Emerald Viewer Fast Rez Tool – November 23, 2009 – This is a short review of an XStreetSL item made just for Emerald. It reduces rez time when you TP to a new region or any time you type a handy command.

Greenlife Emerald Viewer Breasts Review – October 15, 2009 – This update is rich in links to various Emerald Viewer issues and problems. It includes information on Emerald’s Animation Override (AO) with setup video, the Bouncy Breasts feature with a video, a link to more information on using IRC (Internet Rely Chat) in place of standard SL chat, a small section on Inventory loss and problems with links, info on the Vertical Chat Tabs, CryoLife detection, links to the Emerald Viewer Manual Wiki, the new attachment points and information on the Emerald Viewer loosing shapes, which related to inventory loss. See: Second Life Inventory Loss & Recovery

Archive – August 11, 2009 – This is an index page with the standard blog history of all articles. I added search links for each of the viewers I have written about. You can use it to see if this page is lagging and catch references to the Emerald Viewer in other articles.

Greenlife Emerald Viewer Review – Continued – August 9, 2009 – This update covers the issues coming up over whether or not the Emerald Radar (Avatar List) is causing lag and a link to Insilico’s information on lag.

Second Life Emerald Viewer’s Unverified Chat? – August 3, 2009 – An additional update to help with the encrypted chat feature (OTR – Off The Record), links to more info on the encryption system, builders having problems with the building edit camera position, link to Emerald bug tracking,

GreenLife Emerald Viewer Review – June 8, 2009 – This is the original post and the one referred to by Torley.

Other Sources of Emerald Viewer Information

Emerald Viewer

The new Emerald Development Team took over the web site, forum, and code management in August 2010.

Emerald Viewer Development Web Site

Modular Systems

Modular Systems hosted the Emerald Viewer Project and Team until August 2010 and Emeraldgate.


Is an active forum for SL residents. They have a large ongoing thread about the Emerald Viewer. If you are looking for quick answers, this is a handy place to ask. As I write this it is 29 pages long (12m/3d/09). See: Greenlife Emerald Viewer – page 29

For information and support on many other viewers see their: Alternative SL Clients

Second Life Emerald Viewer Group

GreenLife Emerald Users and Coders – This group is for asking questions and discussing the Emerald Viewer in world. It is probably the best source for information on new problems, fixes and work-a-rounds. Great where the heck is the control for … questions.

Second Life’s List of Alternate Viewers

Linden Lab has a wiki page of LL Second Life viewers and alternative or third party Second Life viewers.

2010 Third Party Viewers List

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