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This page is the index page for my Second Life & Blender tutorials. Here I’ve listed my various tutorials for making clothes for Second Life avatars.

Some of the tutorials are obsolete. They still have good information, but there are better ways to do some things. I once upon a time tried to note those. I’ve fallen behind starting in 2014, so you’ll have to use your discretion in picking tutorials.

When I started this section I recommended, “If you are just starting out, begin with the older tutorials and work toward the newer ones.” Now you’ll have to be more selective. The SL avatar changed in 2016. See Bento for the history and nature of those changes. In 2013 the SL avatar also changed. See Fitted Mesh for the nature and history of those changes.


Mesh Bodies

Tutorial 2017: How to Make Slink Nails – 2017/01/05 – This tutorial explains how to make a texture and a Nail Applier for Slink hands. Once you make one Applier for one body part, you can make them for other body parts.


Mesh Clothing

Second Life Avatar UVMaps Quirks – 2013/08/15 – This tutorial explains the distortion that shows up in avatar skins, system clothes, and mesh clothes. It explains how to compensate for the distortion.

Second Life Shape Export – 2013/04/23 – This tutorial reveals the problems with shapes exported via the various viewers and how to get a shape that matches an in-world appearance.

Second Life Mesh Clothes Tutorials – 2013/04/11 – This is a set of links to Codewarrior’s tutorials in the SL Forum. These are exceptionally well done and deal with some of the fundamental design principles.

Second Life Mesh Clothes Blender 2.6 Setup 2012 Tutorial – 2012/05/20 – This tutorial covers setting up Blender for use with Second Life, getting the avatar models, and explains the difference between various avatar shapes.

Second Life Mesh Clothing Tutorial – 2011/09/2 – OBSOLETE – This is the previous version of the above tutorial that was rewritten and updated. It links to a number of videos made using Blender 2.49.

Working with #SL Male Shape – 2012/07/08 – This tutorial shows how to reveal the male shape hidden in most Second Life Avatar files. It includes the steps needed to export the male shape.

Second Life Advanced Modeling Blender 2.6 Tutorial 2012 – 2012/06/12 – This tutorial covers the tasks one needs to preform when modeling clothes and other objects.

#SL Blender Clothes Retopology – 2012/04/7 – Includes a good video on how to redo model topology.

Blender Retopology – Clothing Update – 2012/05/23 – This tutorial expands on the previous tutorial on how to use snap to move points that stick to another surface.

#SL Cloth Simulation Clothes – 2011/09/21 – this tutorial shows how to use the cloth simulator in Blender 2.5x. It is the same for Blender 2.6x.


Non-Mesh Clothes

Multi-Chan Hax – 2011/01/20 – A tutorial on useing special filters in Photoshop to work with templates for Second Life clothes in Photoshop CS3.

More Multi-Chan Hax – 2011/01/30 – An older process for working with template clothes in Photoshop CS3.


Second Life Wiki

Clothing Tutorial List – This is as an extensive list of tutorials on clothing making. Some are old and some are new.

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