Second Life News Week #37

Destinations Video


Many of you will know Experiences have been borked. The Lindens have a fix, sort of… See their SL Blog post on their fix. See Experience Scripts Experiencing Trouble.

The bug is BUG-227526Issue with compiled experiences being lost when a script is copied in-world.

The Shrek Ears Thing

If you used Places Pages in 2017 then you noticed a problem back then. They were suddenly gone. Seems a developer ran a clear & reset script on the live database of Place Pages. Then they found out the database’s backups (plural) were scrambled.

The result was the database could not be restored. That data was gone. So, Place Pages had to be rebuilt by the page owner. It also meant ALL the SL backups were tested to make sure they would work if needed.

It was purely human error. A bummer. But, I bring it up now because from it we learned about Shrek Ears in the Linden offices. You’ve likely seen the movie or at least the trailer so you know what Shrek’s ears look like. But what they mean in Linden circles is unique and SL lore now. The full story is here, “Re-experience the fun of customizing your Place Page!” A Tale of Oops from Ops. Check it out to learn what the Shrek Ears thing is about. Then you’ll understand why some Lindens were recently wearing Shrek Ears… the recent problem with Experience scripts.

10 Top SL Scams

Virtual Bloke has an article on the top scams common in SL. See Second Life scammers and their tactics: A Virtual Bloke special post. If you are new to SL this article is a definite must-read.

Because merchants are updating to BoM models, we will see various updates coming. Along with that will come the scammers. Stay alert.

Skins, Tats…

Several skin makers are providing some update help for BoM. Unfortunately, not the ones I need. But, check your skin maker’s store over the coming weeks.


Lost Incoming Inventory

There is apparently a problem with scripted inventory-gives being lost when one is offline. BUG-227179

30-Second Sound Files

This is in the Top Priorities list of things to get done. Its release is being delayed due to legal issues. But, as of now, the Lindens think it is coming.

There were some trick workarounds previously used to get longer playing sound files. Those seem to fail now. It is unclear why those tricks fail.


Bellisseria is getting a railroad. Seems there is a train station now and some tracks.

No information on whether trains will be added. Will it be open to user rezzed trains? Or just an automated SL system? Time will tell.


The 2.80 version for Blender 2.80 is a work-in-progress. You can follow the documentation updates here.

Green Acres - May The Wind Take Your Troubles Away - 01

Green Acres – May The Wind Take Your Troubles Away – 01


This week main channel regions got the 2019-08-29T20:20:39.530516 update. It is listed as ‘Simulator component of deploy tooling and process improvements.’ The release notes show 4 fixes.

  • SL-11679Update release notes site to explain new simulator versioning scheme
  • SL-11641New rows not written to database table on Aditi during new roller procedure
  • SL-11201Update simulator release notes to the new format
  • SL-11039Use more specific version numbers everywhere for simulators

Some main channel regions got double restarts this morning (Tuesday). See BUG-134297.  The Lindens said there is a race-condition causing the multiple restarts and they are aware of and working on it.

In the Deploy thread, the RC channels are still listed by name, Blue Steel, etc. Those names are not provided to the viewers. So, for problem reporting, only the actual version number will be useful.

All three channels are apparently to get the same update, 2019-09-06T18:49:52.530700, is apparently what they think it will be. I can’t find any release notes today (Tuesday). From the Server-Scripting UG Rider Linden tells us he thinks the Script Run % partial fix is in that version.


The main viewer is version NEW this week. This is listed on the main download page. The first release of this version was in week #35.

The RC Viewers page lists version – Maintenance – NEW Thursday, September 5, 2019, and showing up this week #37. But it is listed as a DEFAULT version… Not an RC. So, we may have caught the various pages in the middle of an update. As best I can tell this is the follow on to version as it bears the same code name, Umeshu (梅酒).

Other Viewers

More of the third-party viewers have updated to include BoM support. Some are in Beta. So, for those you have to get the beta versions. Catznip and Firestorm are in this ‘beta’ stage. Alchemy and Singularity aren’t there yet.

I expect Singularity to get BoM pretty soon. Alchemy… its last real update was 2017. So, I have no expectation that it will happen any time soon.

Black Dragon 3.6.2 is a minor bug fix. Yes, it has BoM.

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