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What’s with BoM and Heads?

My experience point is with GA.EG’s Jennifer head. The rest is hearsay. So, you’ve been warned.

Every Time I Breathe I Take You In

Every Time I Breathe I Take You In

There is a significant problem, IMO, taking the current Bento Mesh Heads into BoM compatibility. As the pre-BoM Bento Heads provide considerable control over makeup, at least GA.EG does, and I see no simple way to provide that control to the system layer style of makeup, I expect little change as BoM capability is added to Bento Mesh Heads.

Thus, the simple change is to add the ability to add BoM skin to a Bento-Head. GA.EG does that with an applier. A new head could be made that has BoM built-in. But, would it still provide a choice of applier or BoM skin? The applier does. A new head would have to add scripting to provide the choice. I find script weight already a problem.

I love the Slink Redux body because it reduces my script load by about 2MB. A BoM-Head that increases script load seems counterproductive.

With the current Bento-Head, I can set a transparency level for blush, lipstick, etc. I can get the subtle hints of makeup that I prefer. The slider control provides a huge number of settings. To get the same capability with system layers I would need a HUGE number of makeup textures.

Will these new heads be called BBMH, Bento BoM Mesh Head? Time will tell.

PS: I did talk with the GA.EG developer. For now GA.EG heads will go the applier route to adopt BoM. That gives users the most choice and control.

First Looks: Bellisseria Trailer and Camper Homes

Inara has a good article on the new homes almost available in Bellisseria. See it here.

SL Porn

For those that are interested in keeping up with SL Porn the Porn Second Life Adventures  (URL:12/30/20) website is pretty much required reading. This is a sister website to Caroline & Friends Sex Adventures.

If you follow the porn-sister you noticed it going quiet. They had some technical issues it took a couple of months to fix and do recovery. Now there is a big splash of new stuff. Things like the MARCH AWARDS and APRIL AWARDS had to be restored, which seems to have meant current events weren’t getting covered.

Human Mannequin

Human Mannequin

Whatever, there is lots to look at. The awards have some of the best SL Porn images you’ll see. If you follow Caroline and some of the other porn blogs for SL you know the quality of most SL porn is pretty low quality. Caroline’s have improved since I poked her about it… no, not that way.

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