RL Glitter Bomb – Must See – Funny

The Glitter Bomb – I’ve seen friends and others picking up on this total-nerd invention. I think it is awesome and karmically hilarious. Details are in the video. Right at 42 million views as I write…

There was a snafu. Mark Rober the nerd building the glitter bomb did get punked. Showing you cannot trust anyone. But, still an awesome idea and implementation.

Second Life Bits …and Sex – 2018 Week #38

SL Gossip

New World Notes has a big (lots of words) article, big for NWN, about the SL Secrets website, the owners getting banned, and the Second Life™ Governance Team… maybe writing the word ‘system’ rather than ‘team’ would be more accurate.

This ‘secrets’ site is one of those sites with things on it where we can never know the truth. It is all unverifiable they said versus the others said and one side is bound by privacy laws and can’t speak in their defense. Just the drama prone scenario politicians love. Sway the emotional…

Gossiping about Sam

Gossiping about Sam

If you don’t know, SL Secrets is a website where bullies, haters, and gossipers can go to create victims and dox them and troll readers. Snowflakes show up to whine and cry.

There is no way to vet the claims that show up there. So, it is all drama. Unfortunately, there is a market for it.

And SL banned the owners of the site… really!?!  Continue reading

Lakefront Property on Mars?

If you listen to the news media you may be planning a purchase of lake front property on Mars. However, NASA and others involved in the search for water on Mars are WAY more reserved in what they are saying.



Long wave radar has found what may be… moisture… a mile or two below the surface. Whether it is a body of water or mud or something else has yet to be determined. The problem with knowing is from our testing on Earth. The radar returns on Mars look similar to those we find when looking at salty water deep in the Earth. But, we also know other materials return similar signals. More study will sort out what is down there. Study has narrowed the possibilities of what may be there with the probability high it is water in some amount and form.

Much of the NASA press release information is targeted at keeping Americans enthusiastic about space exploration. It is a funding thing. I think we should be funding NASA and space exploration. But, I also acknowledge the spin NASA puts in their press releases and what the media does with the news.

No one will be buying Martian lake front property, water skies, or lawn sprinklers in the foreseeable future.

Unheard RL News

Every so often my irritation with the news media boils over. This is one of the cases that blatantly exposes there is some agenda in the mainstream media. Whatever you may decide it is, it isn’t about saving the planet.

Rainforest Light and Shadow

Rainforest Light and Shadow

You’ll already know many think/believe Anthropomorphic Global Warming is a foregone factual conclusion and everyone agrees it is a HUGE problem. You know, 97% of scientists agree… Whether it is or not, of note is the father of the American Warming side of the debate, James Hansen, has just written an article on Renewable Energy you’ll likely never hear talked about by mainstream media

If you bother to read the article, Thirty years later, what needs to change in our approach to climate change – Boston Globe – June 27, 2018, you might think Hansen worked for President Trump. Whaaat!?! Continue reading

Mystery Booms and Bangs Around the World

I am curious. So, my interests are wide ranging. For years I’ve heard of unexplained booms and UFOs. (Now renamed Anomalous Aerial Vehicles – AAVs.) But, I have yet to find people providing realistic explanations or even good evidence. So, it is easy write these reports off as part of the conspiracy crowd’s enchantment. But, good evidence is mounting. Mostly due to the proliferation of cameras and microphones around the world.

The number of booms reported and RECORDED is increasing. So, something is making noise. Booms are common in SoCal. We have Camp Pendleton and their artillery practice. But, that doesn’t explain it for most of the world nor even all the booms in SoCal. The marines do not practice every day.

This is one of the more ‘reasonable’ sounding videos proclaiming we do not know. However, if one looks at the collection of videos posted in this channel… if your skepticism doesn’t jump to the red zone, you you likely should be classed as gullible.   Continue reading

Facebook and Free Speech, Done?

Facebook has abandoned the ideas of free speech and diversity of thought. We know that from a recent speech given at a publishing and technology conference by Campbell Brown, Facebook official. He announced FB would be censoring news based on its internal biases.

Would they really do that? What might they decide to censor? Well, measured usage statics from numerous sites and sources show they already are and what they are censoring. Thinking is, FB is just getting started.

All Hail the King

All Hail the King

A good report on what is happening data-wise is on the hardest hit site, The Gateway Pundit’s coverage Zuckerberg’s Announcement.

The new media site The Outline started the reporting on the impact of Facebook’s changes. Once people started realizing how pervasive the impact is the excitement started. Continue reading

Second Life Bits and Pieces 2018 w01

Crap. I’m coming down with a cold… sniffle, sniffle, hack, hack… need more chocolate. So, I’m browsing through the Second Life™ related blogs finding things I think are neat.


Strawberry Singh has a nice article up titled 10 Years of Second Life Fashion. Damn. She has always looked good.

10 Years of Second Life Fashion

10 Years of Second Life Fashion

Click the image and jump over to Flickr. Read the comments. Check out her albums.

…and you do know she does videos from Sansar? HMSS Videos


Sansar News Blog has the article, Special Torley-Inspired Scavenger Hunt Edition of Atlas Hopping with Berry and Drax, Saturday, January 6th at 11 a.m. PST. Yeah, that whole thing is the title.

Seems Torley is connecting with Drax and Strawberry to pursue a hunt in Sansar. I suspect they will be streaming it to YouTube. Continue reading