Catching Up in Second Life

I have survived CoVid-19. It took me down for about 15 days. Still recovering, I easily tire. My four-mile hiking is down to a half-mile.

What I learned about CoVid-19 is there is more confusion, contradictory information, and horrible reporting. The worst information and often deliberately injurious information is coming from California and New York. Even my doctors had little information and kept saying they would have to talk to experts and get back to me when I asked questions.

Being in California I was dealing with the state’s and country’s requirements and quarantine instructions. Most annoying was the followup contact tracing. It was obvious there is a political bias in the contact tracking. They only collect information related to those facilities the state wants to close down. Information for those facilities the state wants open is not collected.

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Big Black Hole – How big is the picture?

It is making the news in various places that we have the first picture of a black hole… sort of. The part I find interesting is the size of the hole and of the picture, yeah, the size of the picture is impressive. More so than it looks

First Image showing Einstein predicted black hole. 4/2019

The black hole is in the constellation Virgo. The app Skyview (Android and iOS) or will help you find Virgo in the night sky. But you can’t see the black hole with your eyes. At 55 million lightyears away the hole which is 6.5 billion times heavier than our sun (10 billion kilometers in diameter – the diameter of Neptune’s orbit is 9 billion km) is too small to see.

To photograph it 8 radio telescopes located in Hawaii, Spain’s Sierra Nevada, the Chilean desert, and on the Antarctic ice sheet were used to create a huge virtual telescope. Each scope took images totaling about a petabyte of data (or 1 million megabytes). At that size, it was faster to fly the stacks of disks via FedEx to Massachusetts and Germany for processing by a supercomputer called a correlator rather than try to ‘upload’ the information. According to a petabyte of data would take 15,770 hours on an OC3 (155Mbps) connection (over 2 years). Continue reading

The New Green Deal

WARNING – You are going to have to do some thinking…

The New Green Deal (H-Res 109 – Feb 7, 2019) is the lifesaving plan of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), US Representative – Democrat. She cares about the planet, is tots smart, and has a plan. Obviously with something this important you have to read her words. Trusting Nancy Pelosi, US House of Representatives Majority Leader – Democrat or Mitchell McConnell Jr, Senate Majority Leader – Republican probably isn’t wise and listening to both might be confusing. So, you can find copies of the document in Various places.

Alexandria_Ocasio-Cortez - US Representative NY - D
Alexandria_Ocasio-Cortez – US Representative NY – D

On the Democrat supporting websites (NPR etc.) there were FAQ’s. Those have mostly been taken down. There are places where you can still find them. They are disappearing. You, however, can find commentaries that explain advantages and disadvantages of the ‘deal’. You can make assumptions about why those supporting the ‘deal’ would be taking down their FAQ’s.

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RL Glitter Bomb – Must See – Funny

The Glitter Bomb – I’ve seen friends and others picking up on this total-nerd invention. I think it is awesome and karmically hilarious. Details are in the video. Right at 42 million views as I write…

There was a snafu. Mark Rober the nerd building the glitter bomb did get punked. Showing you cannot trust anyone. But, still an awesome idea and implementation.

Second Life Bits …and Sex – 2018 Week #38

SL Gossip

New World Notes has a big (lots of words) article, big for NWN, about the SL Secrets website, the owners getting banned, and the Second Life™ Governance Team… maybe writing the word ‘system’ rather than ‘team’ would be more accurate.

This ‘secrets’ site is one of those sites with things on it where we can never know the truth. It is all unverifiable they said versus the others said and one side is bound by privacy laws and can’t speak in their defense. Just the drama prone scenario politicians love. Sway the emotional…

Gossiping about Sam

Gossiping about Sam

If you don’t know, SL Secrets is a website where bullies, haters, and gossipers can go to create victims and dox them and troll readers. Snowflakes show up to whine and cry.

There is no way to vet the claims that show up there. So, it is all drama. Unfortunately, there is a market for it.

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Lakefront Property on Mars?

If you listen to the news media you may be planning a purchase of lake front property on Mars. However, NASA and others involved in the search for water on Mars are WAY more reserved in what they are saying.



Long wave radar has found what may be… moisture… a mile or two below the surface. Whether it is a body of water or mud or something else has yet to be determined. The problem with knowing is from our testing on Earth. The radar returns on Mars look similar to those we find when looking at salty water deep in the Earth. But, we also know other materials return similar signals. More study will sort out what is down there. Study has narrowed the possibilities of what may be there with the probability high it is water in some amount and form.

Much of the NASA press release information is targeted at keeping Americans enthusiastic about space exploration. It is a funding thing. I think we should be funding NASA and space exploration. But, I also acknowledge the spin NASA puts in their press releases and what the media does with the news.

No one will be buying Martian lake front property, water skies, or lawn sprinklers in the foreseeable future.