Second Life Update 2020-10


There are reports of increased TP and other crossing failures. At this point some user groups have estimates 1 in 3 TPs fail. It is unclear if these are purely cloud-to-cloud, cloud-to-data-center, or data-center-to- data-center.

There are rumors that the problem is the Max Bandwidth setting in the viewer. There is no factual data to back that up. Since Max Bandwidth ONLY affects the UDP data transfer and the crossing information travels by HTTP channels this is highly unlikely. So, don’t go with the rumors.

The 1,500 limit for Max Bandwidth recommended by the Firestorm Devs since forever is getting updated to 3,000.

Legacy Profiles from the cloud are way slow. Oz Linden is recommending we try the RC Viewer

World Map has been way slow loading map tiles. Over the last month or so I have found it highly annoying. Maz says that should be fixed in this cloud-server version. My quick test today suggests that is true.

Script Timing is said to have changed for cloud servers. Not official and the Lindens will be looking at it.

Estate Bans are lagging, taking 60 to 90 seconds to kick in. If you are being griefed, that is a LONG time.

Things Fixed

From the release notes for this weeks update:

  • SL-14031 Provide Uplifted simulator name to the viewer
  • SL-13955 Objects fail to send HTTP requests on Uplifted simulators
  • BUG-229354 Cannot download navmesh to viewer from AWS cloud sim
  • SL-13807 Outgoing postcard emails fails on Uplifted simulator
  • SL-13751 Enable outgoing llEmail() traffic for Uplifted simulators
  • SL-13750 Alter version string used for Uplifted simulators to remove build time from version datetime
  • SL-13717 Rez attempts from agent inventory fail on Uplifted simulators
  • SL-13643 Uplifted simulator – don’t start region crossings if there are connectivity issues with neighbor
  • SL-13613 Unresolvable hostname in seed capability URL provided by Uplifted simulator
  • SL-13517 Object region crossing from Uplifted simulator to old simulator fails
  • SL-13388 Uplifted regions have trouble connecting to neighbors

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