Second Life News Week #38

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Firestorm is getting a neat Discord feature. You will be able to connect to Discord. See Discord Floater. I expect it in Firestorm’s next release, but that is just me guessing.

New Discord Floater – Sept 2019

Everyone is waiting on Firestorm to release BoM. It is looking like Firestorm will be one of the last 3rd-Party viewers to provide BoM support. That is quite a reversal from the days when Firestorm lead in new features.

Firestorm has a quality issue… not a problem achieving quality, but a concern to assure quality. So, they have a lot to do to get stuff working to a level that satisfies their concerns.

BoM isn’t that big a deal viewer-wise. But I suspect EEP is a big change for Firestorm viewer-wise. EEP is on the tipping-point for release. It is way past the projected Linden release date plan. Yes, I know the Lindens don’t publish release dates but their conversations in the past indicate it was expected to roll before now. With the Firestorm Team’s goal of not releasing too many viewer updates or several releases in a short time frame, there has to be some debate going on about when to release the next version beyond just meeting their quality standards.

But this is one of those times when everyone is waiting on them. They are in the spotlight. So, do they release a BoM viewer now? Then have EEP release and have to release another update in a couple of weeks?

There is a version 6.3.2 hiding in the wings. Beta testers for FS likely are running it now. It is the BoM version. See Firestorm Beta 6.3.2. Prerelease.

OpenSim – There is an interesting article about Firestorm and OpenSim. For a time now there have been two versions of the FS Viewer, one for SL and one for OpenSim (OS). The article OpenSim. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly explains why the team is reverting back to a single viewer.

What this means for OpenSim is a disaster. As Second Life™ advances OpenSim will fall farther behind. Until OS can implement EEP they will have to do without environment-controls. Windlight is coming out of Firestorm. So, they update the servers or users get by with older viewers until the OS world can upgrade. Not a fun situation.

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