Catching Up in Second Life

I have survived CoVid-19. It took me down for about 15 days. Still recovering, I easily tire. My four-mile hiking is down to a half-mile.

What I learned about CoVid-19 is there is more confusion, contradictory information, and horrible reporting. The worst information and often deliberately injurious information is coming from California and New York. Even my doctors had little information and kept saying they would have to talk to experts and get back to me when I asked questions.

Being in California I was dealing with the state’s and country’s requirements and quarantine instructions. Most annoying was the followup contact tracing. It was obvious there is a political bias in the contact tracking. They only collect information related to those facilities the state wants to close down. Information for those facilities the state wants open is not collected.

I am convinced I picked up CoVid at the grocery store. Talking with friends at all the other places where I was around people, I find no others coming down with CoVid. But, grocery stores are excluded from the data collection.

SL Merchandise Store – This is currently popular news in the SL Blogosphere. You can purchase RL stuff with SL logos. Yay…

Halloween Ride – Halloween is coming. There are lots of Halloween related regions, sales, and hunts. The link takes you to Linden page of places and events for Halloween.


There is not a lot of information on viewers. Black Dragon and the Linden SL Viewer – Love Me Render (Release Notes) have updated to fix issues with EEP. Firestorm hasn’t yet updated their EEP viewer. I get crashes with their beta EEP viewer. The Linden viewer has a number of fixes related to EEP and how things render. It also seems slow.


Seems there is some issue in the current server version. People are noticing more rubber banding, slow loading of profiles (Have you updated your profile recently?), and some hiccups with Experiences repeatedly requesting you join after you joined.

New World Notes is on about how much better Elder Scrolls charters are than SL avatars. I think he misses the point and there is no balance in the article.

Scrolls does have nice character customization. The avatars are professionally optimized as are their clothes. Did you notice all the choices of genitals? Oh wait… no genitals. And those textures used for armor and clothes… a bit blurry when you zoom in? And choices of hair? About 20 per base character type. Skin colors are about the same number.

In SL our choices are basically unlimited. Plus, we have some way better-looking avatars.

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