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SL Travel

Ever wonder how the SL travel and places blogs find those awesome places?

It seems the Blogger & Vlogger Network has a list of them. (here) They also have a form one can fill out to add to the list. So, they find these places when people stumble-on or otherwise find them and add them to the list.

Only those who dream learn to fly

Only those who dream learn to fly

The list is titled Photogenic, Rezzable Sims. Rezzable? My first thought was griefers will LOVE this list. However, many of the locations require membership in a group to get rez-rights and a number of those groups have a Join Fee. About 20 of the 37 locations are listed as free. If there is a cost it is referenced in the listing. They also have the region’s maturity rating, PG, Moderate, and Adult. Nine are rated Adult, but not all 9 are hook-up places. And even those that are, look good.

The list apparently has some age. Several of the links landed me at places other than the obvious intended landing point but the correct region. However, a couple of regions were gone or repurposed.

I found Backdrop Cove (Map URL) in the list. Got some pictures. This place is not as crowded as Backdrop City. So, posing and setup was nicer. Also, you can rez stuff without having to join a group. They use a 60-minute return. It is a moderate region and the pose and animation stuff I saw was PG. Donations are appreciated. Please help out.

Not all the list’s regions are primarily for machinima and photography. Some are roleplay regions that allow rezzing. So, they are good for photography.


There are some people that have noticed a problem with their usual source of stats. The question ‘Wasup’ got asked here Concurrency Statistics no longer available? Several people had ‘I duno’ answers but supplied other sources.


GA.EG has come out with BoM Ready heads… GA.EG is using an applier to place the BoM texture on the GA.EG head.  It is free. But the vendor isn’t out, at least as I write (Tuesday).

I am looking forward to playing with this new feature. I am curious just how it works. My first, and supposition only, is that this transfers the BoM head texture to the GA.EG head. That should activate the BoM engine to hide the classic head, in my thinking. So, I could use my old classic makeup layers and hide the GA.EG head makeup layers.

Make compatible with bakes on mesh what is not

Make compatible with bakes on mesh what is not

I am not sure this will do anything for ACI or script load.

Also, of the 25 people attending the Server-Scripting UG Meeting today, 2 were wearing BoM bodies. With me using Firestorm, they looked messed up.

Another tutorial on BoM is Skell Dagger’s, of Virtual Bloke, Get Baked – A Quick Beginners’ Guide to Using Bakes on Mesh.

Skell points out that Omega has made an applier to enable the use of BoM system textures on non-BoM products. The idea is just as you apply a skin to a pre-BoM mesh body or head now so too you can apply the BoM-texture as a skin to a pre/non-BoM mesh body. See Bake on Mesh skin applier (Omega) Version 1.1. (L$125)

Skell’s is a good tutorial as it touches on some of the gotchas in BoM.

Lost Group Moderator Ability

A number of people have reported they have lost their moderator ability in groups they manage. That is reported as Bug-227565Lost group moderator abilities despite having multiple roles granting them.

If you hit the problem, visit the JIRA and click Watch.


There is a bug in Experience scripts. They stopped working. Currently, the only fix is to recompile all the scripts, rezzed or in inventory. Tedious. But it is faster than waiting for the Lindens to figure how to fix them and roll out the fix.

Simon Linden is working on a fix.


The Firestorm anniversary is coming: Saturday, September 14th, from 3 pm to 5 pm SLT! They throw a big party. The announcement is here, Firestorm 9th Anniversary.


This morning (Tuesday) I was exploring. As late as 11 AM SLT I was getting bounced out of restarting regions. :/

So far there is no new Deploy post. Monday was a holiday in the USA. So, the Lindens had Monday off. We might see a post yet this week.

The new Release Notes page hasn’t updated since last week.

From the Server-Scripting UG, Simon Linden tells us there was no roll Tuesday but the ENTIRE grid will roll Wednesday, main and RC channels. They plan to start the roll early.

The Cake channel will have the ‘script scheduling’ improvement that Rider Linden has been working on. There was a hard to reproduce region crasher in the previous version. They think they have it fixed. If all goes well regions will be moved into the Cake channel to increase the test load. As it is Cake is only about 100 regions and is on an update schedule they call when Rider Linden feels like it.

Rider will see if they can get a Cake Sandbox region setup.

From Grid Status:

Full Grid roll on Wednesday Sept 4th

Tue, Sep 03 2019 2:08:47 PM PDT

For this week only Second Life Server & RCs all get their deploys on Wednesday

Second Life Server begins 2:30am

The RC channel roll will begin at approx 10am, or  when the Second Life server roll ends. RCs will also be getting the new Server Version Formats


The main viewer is the new BoM viewer version Released week #35.

Other Viewers

There are now third-party viewers that support BoM; Black Dragon, Cool VL, Kokua, and RLV. Firestorm, Singularity, and I think Catznip have yet to release a BoM capable viewer.

Black Dragon 64x – Update 3.6.1 “Baking Dragon” – This is a maintenance release fixing some minor problems. It also includes a change to the Graphics Presets screwing any existing presets you may have. But you get more control over what is saved in the preset. I need that?

BoM support in Black Dragon came August 30 in version 3.6.0 “Baking Dragon”.

RLV (Bake On Mesh) – The only change in this update is the addition of support for BoM.

3 thoughts on “Second Life News Week #36

  1. “Cool VL”

    That’s “Cool VL Viewer”, please. Just like for “One World Trade Center”, the name describes the function and none of the words may be omitted from the name.

    Thank you.

  2. There is a free Omega BoM applier in the Omega store that describes itself as “very experimental”. It does not currently work properly. It apparently did until just a couple of weeks before BoM went gold; some LL update broke it.

    The one that you can buy from the Marketplace for L$125 does work – IF you wear a mesh head. Unfortunately it’s not usable if you still wear a system head because there is no option to not alpha out your head/

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