Second Life News 2017 w17


The main channel did not get an update. Bummer. I was hoping the increased population change would roll across the grid.

I looked to see if Fantasy Faire has the RC version with the feature running. Nope. I had a lot of trouble crossing regions so, I thought the new version might be the problem..

The County Girl

The County Girl

The RC channels Blue Steel and Magnum are being updated with a new version of the increased population package: Le Tigre is getting a package with internal tool changes:  Continue reading

Second Life: SL Main Viewer Update 2017 w16 – New Features

4/14 the main viewer updated to version If you have automatic update on, you likely already have the update installed. This version was the RC maintenance version. Release Notes

Garden escape...

This version will now remember if you want to Fully Render a specific avatar that exceeds your ACI setting. You can set an avatar to render as; Default, Always, or Never.

In Preferences->Graphics there is a setting to always render friends regardless of ACI setting. Plus, an EXCEPTIONS button so you can edit who you render or don’t. You can also add people using the + in the upper right. That opens a ‘chooser’ where you can search for a name, or another tab lets you pick from friends, and another tab to pick from nearby avatars. Continue reading

Second Life News 2017 w16


The main channel got an update Tuesday. This is the one with; several internal fixes and two new internal logging modes, another adjustment to fix issues with offline IM and Group Notice delivery reliability, and fixes an issue where large numbers of objects could be returned after a rolling restart.

Graveyard of the Butterflies - Monument

Graveyard of the Butterflies – Monument

The RC channels are getting two new packages. One is the one with increased population limits. That goes on Blue Steel and Le Tigre. The other has not been announced (TBD). It will be on Magnum.

At the Server-Scripting UG they claim the TBD is a top-secret project. You’ll have to decide if they are messing with us or being serious. Both are possible. Continue reading

Second Life News 2017 w15


This week there is no planned roll of the main channel servers.

Destination: Gates of Melancholy

Destination: Gates of Melancholy

The RC channels are getting a new package and will roll on Wednesday. According to the ‘deploys’ thread they all get the same package. This package includes:

  • Several internal fixes and two new internal logging modes
  • Another adjustment to fix issues with offline IM and Group Notice delivery reliability
  • Fixes an issue where large numbers of objects could be returned after a rolling restart

My understanding was the change for Estate Owner and Manager control of parcel access in a region was to be in this release but, I see no mention of it. Last week Oz, Grumpity, Caleb, and Mazidox Linden were all talking about it.  Continue reading

SL Third-Party Developers Meeting 2017 w/14

Pantera Północy has his 30+ minute video of the 4/7 meeting posted. I’m just getting around to watching it.

Viewer Pipeline

Maintenance Viewer – No new news.

Voice Viewer – Vivox is not providing changes for Linux so Lab is not changing their viewer, which is mostly unsupported by the Lab in any event.

On a better note, the Lab has given up the idea of disabling viewers with older voice packages. Continue reading

Second Life: New Estate Control

The server side of the new Estate Owner and Estate Manager (EO & EM) is on the ADITI (Preview) grid. It was being discussed at the Server Beta UG meeting Thursday.

Arcade Express ..Wonderous Love

Arcade Express ..Wonderous Love

This new feature is in server version DRTSIM-343 in ADITI. We know it as version in the main grid (AGNI), which is the current RC release running on all three RC channels. But, we don’t yet have a viewer with which to access the changes. That is ‘work’ in progress.  Continue reading

Second Life News 2017 w14

Caleb Linden sort of posts the new deploy information for server software. Those posts have gotten progressively shorter providing less and less information. We are down to it being a pasted in URL to the release notes.

Rustic Kitchen 3

Rustic Kitchen 3

This week we did get a roll to the main channel. The only stated change is a tweak to the ‘asset metrics stats’. I think this is for the change to deliver more assets by the Content Delivery Network (CDN). They are collecting information pre-change to CDN. You’ll see the new viewer needed to support this change in the viewer’s list.  Continue reading

Second Life News 2017 w13


There was no roll to the main channel today. A roll to the RC channels is expected Wednesday. The change is listed as;

All three RC channels are scheduled for 2017-03-29 update; RC Bluesteel, LeTigre, Magnum.

Changes: Added and tweaked asset metrics stats logging

Ed at Black Cat Island 03272017_006

Ed at Black Cat Island 03272017_006

I know the Lindens are working in updates to the render cost figures. They are also changing delivery of more assets to be via Content Delivery Networks (CDN). So, I’m not sure which effort is supported by the tweaks… both? Continue reading