Second Life: Performance Changing

As the Second Life™ system advances more of the content will be transferred to the viewer by HTTP protocol. This takes load from UDP and the region server-simulators and moves it to the Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Shadow Puppets!

Shadow Puppets!

We expect some degree of region performance improvement, especially in crowded regions with lots of avatars. But, there may be a cost for those on slow Internet connections. It is hard to estimate the impact on those with slow connections. But, there are things they can do if they see performance degrade. Continue reading

Second Life News 2017 w08


There seems to be a change in the Server updates side of things. Mazidox Linden is now writing the Deploys notice in the SL forum and conducting the Server Beta UG meeting. I like his style in handling the meeting.

Love can go to hell in a broken heartbeat minute

Love can go to hell in a broken heartbeat minute

The main channels are being restarted today. But, just restarted. No new package.

The RC channels will get a new package. But, as today is the first working day of this week, Mazidox did not have the release notes for the new package. We should see that later… today? this week?  Continue reading

Second Life: Third Party Developer’s Meeting 2017 w7

There are 2 Maintenance viewers showing on the Alternate Viewers page. One with render changes (Love Me Render Viewe), one everything else (Maintenance Viewer).

The non-render change viewer has about 44,000 hours of run time logged. It currently has a better crash rate then default viewer. But, it isn’t enough hours to know how stable it actually is or if problems are hiding. That usually takes about 100,000 hours.

The Hell`s Heaven 2.0-2

The Hell`s Heaven 2.0-2

But, if the viewer continues to do as well for the next couple of weeks, it may roll out.

Work is progressing on 3 fronts in the Alex Ivy 64-bit viewer; process management changes that alter how updates work, Work on the Mac side to get Havok (SL physics engine) support, and a new structure for updating CEF, the video player used in the SL viewer. Continue reading

Second Life News 2017 w07

No new stuff from the Server/Scripting UG.



There is no roll out to the main channel this week. Nor to the RC channels. However the RC channels are being restarted. Expect a new RC package next week.


Second Life Love Me Render Viewer version – No change, released late last week.

Second Life Maintenance Viewer version – This version has updated from

Second Life Project 360 Snapshot Viewer version – Still on hold.

Second Life Project Alex Ivy Viewer version – No change.

Black Dragon and Cool have new version out too.


Not much news coming out this week.

There is the Linden Valentine Party: Hug and Dunk Lindens on Valentine’s Day at Isle of View! There will be Lindens there again after 2 PM SLT.

Second Life: News, Bento…

There just isn’t much news this last week. There was no Server-Scripting (Tuesday), Content Creators (Bento – Thursday), or Sever Beta (Thursday) user group meetings. Seems the Lindens are tasked with being at internal meetings this week. Or… they are out protesting Trump…



We do have a new RC Viewer in Alternate Viewers, the Second Life Love Me Render Viewer version

According to the release notes: Continue reading

Second Life News 2017 w06


The main channel got an update today (Tuesday). This is the package that ran on the RC channels the previous week. With the changes:

  • Follow up to fix BUG-3286 “Can’t move object” fail notifications
    • More cosmetic fixes pending
  • Enhanced logging
  • Minor internal server enhancements

And Simon Linden told us there were fixes to chat IM’s. Those may have been made in parts of the backend of the system and not in the server/simulator. Hard to know.



The update and rolling restarts were done by 8:30 AM PST/SLT.

The three RC channels will get a new package Wednesday (2/8). The packages is reported as being almost the same as this week’s update:  Continue reading