Second Life News 2016 w51

I thought we would be in the no change window all this week. But, the Lindens have decided to roll last week’s RC update to the main channel… or they automated the forum posting like they did the status reports… naw.

♥ Believe in the Magic of Christmas ♥

♥ Believe in the Magic of Christmas ♥

The package rolling to the main channel is listed as having ‘improved internal server logging’. So, it makes sense to me that there is little likelihood of new bugs being introduced by adding and changing logging features. The week in testing probably revealed no performance change problems for this package. So, why not roll it out?  Continue reading

Second Life: Third Party Viewers and Project Bento

I don’t cover the Third-Party Viewers as much as I used to. I think Project Bento is a change that will make any viewer without Bento capability obsolete. Some Third Party Viewers are already Bento capable. Here is what I have found.



…and I may have made mistakes about which viewer does and doesn’t have Bento capability. If you see one please correct me.  Continue reading

Alchemy Viewer Beta 4

Maria over at Hypergrid Business has a write up on the latest Alchemy Viewer Beta 4.0.0. See: Alchemy viewer updates browser, chat bar.

The title tells you the big change in this version. Cinder Roxley, Alchemy developer, says they have surpassed the Lab in the implementation of the CEF browsers engine. Cinder is using the latest and greatest, I guess.

Word is this version catches Alchemy up to Linden Viewer 4.0.0.

Download Alchemy Viewer here.

Third Party Viewers Week 44

This is a brief round up of the Third Party Viewers for Second Life that I find interesting. Not in any particular order. The popular feature to be adding is: Restore to Last Position. I explain that in the section on RLV.

RLV 2.9.15 Update

Marine has updated the RLViewer she maintains. She is adding in the feature from Firestorm and Kokua: Restore to Last Position. This is a controversial feature the Lindens have omitted from the Linden made viewer. It apparently generates too many support calls.

What's that sound?

What’s that sound?
[Good facial expression]

The controversy centers around a problem the feature creates. Imagine you have a parcel in, say, Fishergate and it is in the northwest corner of the region. You build and rez stuff into that parcel. You then take them into inventory. You go to a different region, say Furball, and get a parcel in its south central area. When you use Restore to Last Position to rez those items they will poof away. You will most likely find them rezzed at the 0,0,0 point in the region. Continue reading

Alchemy Viewer 3.8.5

This week an Alchemy Viewer 3.8.5 update was released. The developers are busy will real life money making. So, updates are coming slowly. It has been almost 3 months since the last update. This update brings Alchemy to a level with the Linden 3.8.5 version.  The current Linden version is 3.8.6.

Alchemy 3.8.5 - Oct 2015

Alchemy 3.8.5 – Oct 2015

This means Alchemy has the 90+ fixes the Lab added with the promotion of the Maintenance RC Viewer. Plus Alchemy fixes. But, it will still lack the new Notifications Handling released in Linden version 3.8.6. Continue reading

Alchemy Release 3.8.2

A new release of the Alchemy Viewer is out. The announcement is here: Alchemy Release 3.8.2.

Serenity At The Beach

Serenity At The Beach

The highlights of this version are:

  • OpenSimulator Support
  • Build tools improvements
  • Second Life 3.8.2 Base and library updates
  • Update to the Visual Studio 2015 toolchain for Windows
  • Support for up to 2 gigabytes of texture memory

New features:

  • Add a means of aligning materials to texture
  • Add Script Options from the Build>Scripts> menu to the right click>build> submenu
  • Hypergrid support/multigrid support
  • OpenSim Varregion support

There are some other improvements and bug fixes. Release Notes.

Second Life Icon Textures

You may remember that weeks ago a point came up about how the little profile icons used in chat are never flushed from viewer memory. The more people that enter chat the more memory is used and never released until the user logs off or memory is consumed and you crash.

Um certo cais

Um certo cais – A certain pier

As tiny as they are they have a larger impact than one would suspect. The profile image has to be download and is the source from which the tiny icon is made. It is, as I recall, it is the memory for both images that is not released.

Last Friday word in the Third Party Developers meeting is Cinder Roxley started writing a fix. I would guess that we’ll see one this year, but I have no idea what Cinder’s schedule is like – which you should read as I have no real basis I can point to for that guess. I expect the fix would be tested in the Alchemy viewer before appearing in any other viewer.

For most, all this means is another memory leak is getting fixed and we will crash less often.