What is a ‘Slink Feet Switcher’?

Every so often I stumble onto something in Second Life™ I didn’t know about. Slink’s Deluxe Feet Auto Switcher is one of those things… and I’m a Slink fan.

Slink has five foot-positions in their main body HUD, Slink Physique (F) Utilities HUD (Redux) V4.0.0.

Slink’s Hand & Feet Controls v4.1.0

I’ve been putting on the HUD every time I needed to change foot positions. It can take a minute for the HUD to fully render. But the way I dress that usually isn’t a problem. I’m a top to bottom girl. By the time my dressing routine that I am picking out shoes the HUD has had plenty of time to rez.

When I change between existing outfits, going from a club to the beach, it can force me to wait on the HUD. However, there is a solution for the existing Outfit problem, the Foot Switcher. Makes the wait go away.

Shows location of item in store
Free Auto Switcher at Slink Store

Slink makes two versions of the Foot Switcher; Developer’s Foot Switcher scripts, and the User’s Foot Switcher attachments. In inventory these switchers are in a folder named Slink 2020 – Deluxe Feet Auto Switcher HUDs – FREE.

Most of us will be interested in the user’s (consumer’s) version. The idea for its use is to get your outfit put together and be ready to save. Just before clicking save, put on the appropriate Auto Switcher and then click save.

When you next wear the outfit the Auto Switcher will switch your body’s feet to the position you’ve chosen. If you are wearing the body’s HUD the Switcher will also update the settings there. You chose by adding the; Flat, High, Kitten, Mid, Pointed, or Hidden Auto Switcher.

These switchers automatically detach once they have done their job. Yay! No additional scripts hanging around to slow things down.

I think this is great. I teleported (poof – tp is so neat) to the Slink store to get my free copy of the Switchers. Back home I opened it up. I found the six I listed above plus 6 gestures and 10 more switchers that do feet and nails combinations.

The six gestures provide control for;

  • Fingernails Off
  • Fingernails On
  • Hand Animation Off
  • Hand Animation On
  • Toenails On
  • Toenails Off

If you open the gestures you find there are chat-commands inside that would allow you to do the same thing via chat. I’ll leave those commands for the people that have photographic memories.

The 10 additional switchers do the five foot-positions with a nails On/Off option.

For these switchers to work with nails you have to use the 15th May 2020 update or later of the Slink body, hands, or feet. Otherwise the nails On/Off thing doesn’t work.

The latest update as I write is June 2020 v4.1.0 Original and v4.2.0 Hourglass. You get those from the Redelivery Terminal in the Slink shop.

I’ll point out that, as best I can tell, the Hidden Auto Switcher is for those using separate feet. I didn’t test this. I just can’t see it doing anything with my

It is a bit of work to upgrade my outfits. I think this update with the switchers is worth the effort. Using the Inventory’s Replace Links makes that WAY easier. And the new outfits I make or update will have the Switcher included saving me time and effort when I wear an existing outfit.


As to things I haven’t previously noticed, there are those Stiletto Nails. I wear those. I just hadn’t noticed that while there are L and R nails in the update packages there is also a L&R nails as a single attachment. Using the L&R nails saves one attachment point over using an L attachment and a R attachment.

Also, on close examination my old YS&YS skin doesn’t have Bento fingers and toes. While the problem isn’t all that noticeable, it is easy to fix.

I got out the Slink Physique Female Skins, Brows, Toe&Fingertip Tats box and got out the Toe&Fingertip tats. Since the Toe&Fingertip tats are colored white, they are easy to tint. Most of our old color matching hassles came from a skin that had a texture with a color we needed to tint to match another color. Somewhere in this blog, I wrote how to do that… found it. Geez, 2011. Here: Color Matching in Second Life.

Use the menu’s Developer->Show Info->Show Color Under Cursor to get your skin color and put that set of RGB numbers into the tat’s Color/Tint.

Watch out for highlights and shadows when picking the color.

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