Second Life: What is Project Arousal? (Review-Tutorial)

Visual signs of arousal are possible with some bodies. The idea with PA is that spanking turns the skin red. I think it does this by adding tats to the avatar applier body and changing the transparency. But I can’t get it to work with Slink Redux or Physique. So I don’t really know.

I think the problem is this is a project made in the Applier era of mesh bodies. It is for Avatar 2.0 (I think the link is to the right avatar body) and Kemono Body (old, old – newer?). I suppose it has built-in appliers for those bodies. As best I can tell there is no modification for BOM. If there were then the reddening would work on most new BOM era bodies.

Facial Expressions are part of the system too. It specifically mentions the M3 and M4 heads in note cards and the promo material. A search of the marketplace reveals there are plugins for a large number of head brands and head models (search). Most of these plugins for various heads are made by Drau, see Drau’s Little Store. Drau made the plugin for GA.EG, which has been tested with “Jennifer” (which I am using – L$250), “Mia” and “Barbara” Bento Mesh heads. I suspect it works well enough with all the GA.EG female Bento heads.

Drau has made addons for most of the major brands of heads. Also, many for the furry community.

There is also a set of animations for those with a penis, Optional Boy Parts v3.822. The Lower Body attachment for boy parts replaces the default Project Arousal – Lower Body – No Texture Layer v3.821 which is for females. You just wear whichever is right for your sex.

Expressive bento poses - Sense


The difference is in the menus that come up when one clicks on the avatar wearing the parts. They change from vagina-oriented items to penis-oriented. I don’t see another difference.

For those with Vibrators, there is an include script to link it to the Project Arousal system. If your vibrator is Mod-OK then you can add this script. It works with my Sybian. Big improvement.

You have a choice of clicking on the vibrator to change the level of arousal or using an included remote to control it.

The promotional material says there are more than 35 animations included in Project Arousal. It is not easy to find them as this isn’t the typical pose-ball or sex-bed type menu. The idea is you do things to your partner to get them aroused and the system selects the animation. When I get to the Project Sex item you’ll see the option to select animations, which also is not menu-driven.

In Project Arousal there are groping animations in the included touching system. There are 4 regular orgasm animations and the 4 super orgasm animations shown in the PA HUD. You can figure out 25+ animations in PA system are hidden or in the Grope dialog menu.

With animations, there is the challenge of getting your ‘fun’ parts lined up. Project Arousal uses its own automated alignment system. They include a Project Arousal – Animation Height Chooser v1.0. One puts on their PA system, wears the Height Chooser, sets the avatar height, 125cm, 155cm, or 185cm then saves and re-wears the PA system. Easy.

Setting the height is not about lining things up. It is about determining which size animation to play.

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One thought on “Second Life: What is Project Arousal? (Review-Tutorial)

  1. I’ve only just begun testing this system. It’s a bit distracting and tempting to fall into the trap of treating SL sex as a sort of “twitch” video game. You can click-and-hold on your play-partner’s goodies and rub or drag until your hand gets sore ; sending him or her into a paroxysm of climaxes. While this is fun once or twice, and you can certainly play like this all the time, your play partner will more likely be bemused than actually aroused.

    But the HUDs allow the players to set their arousal level independently, and this is a strength. Sex RPers can choose to emote their avatar’s arousal or their own through this tool and make RP more interactive.

    And then there’s the API available through the developer’s kits. This allows you to build devices that communicate with PA-equipped avatars and send information about stimulation from sit-on devices, hand-held toys, etc. Again, this can easily take control of an avatar’s arousal away from the player, but it can be used judiciously to make suggestions that inform role-play. I’ve used this to modify a few bondage devices my partner likes to automatically raise and hold her arousal level when she sits on them.

    I picked this up last night for my partner and she and I spent a few hours experimenting. It eats up four attachment points if you want an interactive avatar’s body, but I think, for some styles of play, you can use just the HUD. If it works well, I might try to put up affiliate vendors for it and deploy it around my sim.

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