How to Play Second Life… The Tutorials

Those experienced in using Second Life™ (SL) don’t think of SL as a game to play. You’ll find out it is not a game with points or levels. There are such games within SL. But, SL, the overall ‘thing’, is much more like real life with an amazing variety of things and things to do.

Also, it is like Adobe’s Photoshop® in that no one knows everything there is to know about either. This means there is a learning curve. Probably beyond any game you have played. But you can take your time learning as in general no one is trying to kill your character.

Second Life has changed considerably in 2020. New players and returning players are challenged by the learning curve. Fortunately, lots of people make tutorials. Here I have collected what I think are some of the better ones.

The Sign Up & Moving About Tutorial…

This is a 4-minute basic tutorial walking through how to signup, pick an avatar, walk, and fly. It is the first in a series of tutorial videos made by Strawberry Linden. The playlist for the series is here.

There are more in this series. If you want one thing at a time, this is an ideal set of tutorials. Also, if you are looking for a specific subject then the series is handy as the video are named things like; Getting Started with Bakes on Mesh, Finding Interesting Places, and Customizing Your Avatar Shape.

This is probably the best set of tutorials for the total newbie. Those that follow will be easier for those with some SL experience.

Flawless Appearance – BOM = Bakes On Mesh Explained… Tutorial

This s 73-minute video originally live-streamed. Lots of social chatter. Good explanation of BOM.

BOM is a new feature in SL. So lots of people, new or old, don’t understand it.

She provides some resources.

Things may look a bit odd user-interface-wise because she used the Black Dragon Viewer. If you are new I suggest you wait to try using this viewer as your main viewer. It is hard for people t offer help when you use this viewer. It is better for those with more experience. But, if you want to try it, definitely go for it. The world won’t blow up.

This is a fun video.

Looks… for FREE – Tutorial

This is a 90-minute video tutorial on looking good for free. The language is a bit crude but fun.

Comprehensive… Focus on Looks – Tutorial

This is an 80-minute video. The idea in it is you’ll buy what you need and just be done with it. The previous video shows how to do almost the same avatar enhancements for free.

The information is pre-BOM… meaning it is a bit out of date. BOM is a new feature that makes life easier. Learn about it in the tutorials above.

Also, they get a few things wrong… keep an open mind. This isn’t the gospel of Second Life…

Tutorial Summary

With these basic videos, you still get into some of the advanced stuff. Finishing the tutorials you should be able to function easily in Second Ife.

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