Second Life: Photography Tools

On Flickr I came across an interesting image of a photographer’s viewer screen. I used the image in a previous article. But, in that article I didn’t say anything about the information Kerri Fegte included in the image description. You may not have seen the information, which I think is good enough it is a must read for any photographer shooting models.

Oh, Monday, you're such a Tool Meme 1.20.14

Oh, Monday, you’re such a Tool Meme 1.20.14 by Kerri Fegte, on Flickr

This is a wonderful collection of tools. Add some of these and the Black Dragon Viewer or Firestorm Viewer tools and your talent… you’ll be making pro quality snaps. You’ll have to find you own model with photogenic legs.


Evolution by Kerri Fegte, on Flickr

Kerri’s image and posting were inspired by one of Strawberry Singh’s Monday Memes.

IDOBATA 2.0 Freeware for Second Life

This is a tool for turning Skype and Second Life Viewer text chat to speech. The idea is that with this running you can multi-task and not miss business IM’s and chats in Second Life. This is apparently a two way chat.

Yuzuru’s English is a bit broken. But, way better than my Japanese, which I don’t speak.

This is freeware. You can get it here: IDOBATA 2.

Tatara by Yuzuru

If you are looking for an easy way to make mesh things, this is for you. Yuzuru Jewell makes a collection of tools for making things you can upload to Second Life™. A new version of Tatara is out. Inara has done a quick review of it. See: Tatara: a furnace for creating sculpts and mesh.

In same shop as Tatara

In same shop as Tatara – A PINK tank! Wow!

The collection consists of: TATARA and ROKURO Pro SOMATO, SHIBORI, NOMI, and KUMIKI Serial Box Shop. You can find them here: KANAE PROJECT. I don’t know if Yuzuru’s tools were used to make the tank. I just thought it too nice not to show.

There are versions for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Some versions come in both 32 & 64-bit.

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Help for realityPaint

I had never heard of realityPaint until I saw a posting in SLUniverse: 3D Painting for Second Life characters… This program is the descendent of Blacksmith3D-Suite. Both seem to be big in the Poser community.

realityPaint Site

realityPaint Site

It seems the developer of this US$99 to $199 program, depending whether you want standard or pro, is asking the Second Life™ community what they would like to see in the program for use with Second Life.

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