Second Life: What is Project Arousal? (Review-Tutorial)

I keep finding things I either haven’t known about or haven’t taken the time to… study… play with… whatever. One of these is a set of related toys all named Project something. I think Project Arousal is somewhat known. It is the core engine of a series of sex toys with a strong anime flavor, that supposedly makes SL sex more realistic. Sure. Of course. But, is it fun and what is meant by more realistic? What if you aren’t into anime?

When I started this a couple of weeks ago, SoCal was drowning in major rain like I hadn’t seen for at least a couple of years. It was a good day to stay in and play with sex toys.

Back off, humans. Finders Keepers!

What it is…

First, there is the Project Arousal Engine (L$1,000). This is the core of the Projects’ system and is mostly required for all the various parts to work. But some items in the Project family are standalone. This core mostly provides sounds and facial and body animations denoting arousal. The number of body brands supported for some features is very limited. But as a female with a Slink body, I haven’t found that to be a problem. I first suspected it might be for males. But as I learn more, I think it won’t be.

This core part of the system does not need to be rezzed. You simply wear it and your partner wears it. There is a guest HUD in the PA package you get. It is for your partner without Project Arousal. The PA engine can be used in No_rez areas. This is and isn’t true for some of the add-ons. Read the promo material carefully to know which is which.

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Second Life Bits …and Sex – 2018 Week #38

SL Gossip

New World Notes has a big (lots of words) article, big for NWN, about the SL Secrets website, the owners getting banned, and the Second Life™ Governance Team… maybe writing the word ‘system’ rather than ‘team’ would be more accurate.

This ‘secrets’ site is one of those sites with things on it where we can never know the truth. It is all unverifiable they said versus the others said and one side is bound by privacy laws and can’t speak in their defense. Just the drama prone scenario politicians love. Sway the emotional…

Gossiping about Sam

Gossiping about Sam

If you don’t know, SL Secrets is a website where bullies, haters, and gossipers can go to create victims and dox them and troll readers. Snowflakes show up to whine and cry.

There is no way to vet the claims that show up there. So, it is all drama. Unfortunately, there is a market for it.

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Hooking Up in Second Life – Lessons

Canary Beck is writing lots of Second Life related interesting stuff lately. Or maybe it is just that I’m following her blog now and seeing it now. Whichever, she has an article about how men can pick up women or at least how to approach them and improve their odds of success: How To Approach A Woman In Second Life.

Here's an idea...

Here’s an idea… by Canary Beck, on Flickr

There are mistakes guys make in Second Life that are not made in real life. Canary touches on most of those. She also has quite a collection of bad pickup lines to avoid using. Those alone make it worth a read.  Continue reading

Hogwarts Comes to Second Life

This article has been rewritten. I screwed up and mixed two different RPG’s and regions together. Coach McGuirk of Hogwarts:Your Story (H:YS) contacted me and pointed out the error. As to those accusing me of not researching… well, I did. But, obviously not well enough. So, while I found the misleading information and have asked it be corrected, the previous article was my mistake.

I mixed Hogwarts:Your Story and World of Hogwarts together. Sorry.

Now to the corrected article. – Corrected 8/23 8:00-10:00 PM SLT

Hogwarts Second Life

Main Hogwarts Entrance

In Second Life all the rage in the blogosphere (sounds like a Chicago thing) right now is the new Hogwarts build in Second Life, a Harry Potter fan thing RPG. The name Hogwarts:Your Story conjures up some interesting speculation for my Myst-Uru friends. I think my SL friends enjoying RPG in SL will find the ‘Your Story’ part interesting. Many RPG’s claim they are able to tell your story. But, in the end it turns out to be quite tedious and lots of work on your part to tell your story. In fact if it is not your full time hobby, the story becomes tedious to maintain and is eventually lost as people come and go.

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