Second Life: What is Project Arousal? (Review-Tutorial)


I am going to do a second part about Project Sex… Watch for it.

I started out thinking Project Arousal was on the expensive side. Then I was a bit ambivalent about the cost. Now I think it is a decent price. We get a lot for our money.

Teasing the Boys

Teasing the Boys

I have found that few know how to do interactive sex in SL. At the height of Xcite! is was common to hit Ctrl-Alt-T to show the hidden stuff people were wearing. OR we just clicked on people to see if we got a menu. That no longer is true. I don’t remember the last time I met a clicker…

So, this 2015 system (with a series of and recent updates) while great fun has not taken off. That shows in the Xcite! (thousands – still) and Caeil’s (600+) group’s member counts. That may be because of the poor naming of Caeil’s Support group. If it had been named more intuitive, Project Arousal Support… Project Sex Support… (ya think?), I might have more confidence in the numbers.

I do know that in its day it was never hard to find someone wearing Xcite! I have yet to stumble into someone wearing Project Arousal.

Whatever the case, this is a rather fun toy.

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