Second Life: HUD Bug

Enchanted lady bug

Enchanted lady bug

There is a bug in the new Firestorm 4.7.9 and Second Life 4.0.7. The bug is not much of a problem unless you play in combat games. Whirly Fizzle explains it:

Yep, it’s a bug on Firestorm 4.7.9.

I saw you already found the JIRA issue, but here it is for anyone else having the same problem:

Workarounds for this one:

If you are wearing an attachment using llTakeControls, take it off.  That’s the trigger for the bug.

It may not be viable to remove all attachments using llTakeControls though. This bug is mostly annoying combat people who use mouselook a lot & many weapons use llTakeControls in such a way that they will trigger this bug when they exit mouselook.

Switching to the LL viewer is a no go – although it doesn’t have this specific bug, it has a related bug which breaks being able to shoot pretty much all weapons in mouselook when an attachment is worn using llTakeControls or the weapon itself uses llTakeControls – BUG-11602

Best bet honestly is to roll back to 4.7.7 if this bug is annoying you too much. (Reference)

If you are playing a combat game, add your name and information to the JIRA’s.

Second Life Problem 2014-39

Every so often some body somewhere in the world changes something and it messes us up here in Second Life™. Well, there have just been updates to iCloud and it has thrown a kink into mesh and snapshot uploads to SL.

See JIRA item BUG-7343iCloud update causes broken mesh upload, “error encoding snapshot” saving snapshots to inventory, “Couldn’t convert the image to jpeg2000” uploading textures and broken UI colours.

This change affects only Windows users that use iCloud or possibly just have it installed. The update has yet to make it to Mac’s. But, it eventually will. Whether it will create a problem or not is yet to learned. Continue reading

Second Life Region Crossing Problems

This week we have seen region crossing problems pop up. Some are commenting about them and reporting details. The Lindens have acknowledged this is a problem. They have some idea of what the problem is and what to do about it. So, we should see a fix, hopefully, roll into an RC region next week.

See Deploys thread: 2013-03-04.

See: BUG-1814No object updates from vehicles after some region crossings. Filed by: Aeon Voom.

Problem Repo Description: Fly mesh aircraft with vehicle engine and relative high amounts of individual parts (~ >80). It also happens to sculpty vehicles and mesh vehicles with a low number of individual parts, but far less frequently.

While this is a possible crash mode it was hard to find out what is actually causing it.

Maestro Lindens explanation in BUG-1707 gave us a good idea where to look and search and we made some interesting findings through that.  Continue reading